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Hi I’m Jae Johns, and I’d love to take the time to chat with you.

In case you don’t know who I am, I’m a creative entrepreneur that is on a mission to empower other creative people. There are 2.1 million artists in the U.S. It would be amazing if I could help twenty-five percent of this percentage. I love teaching what I know and helping other creatives get that extra edge.

A few ways that I’ve helped creatives is by mentoring them to grow their audience, teach in-person classes, produce tips and tricks to help bloggers, designers, artists, and anyone who needs some extra motivation with my daily Instagram Stories, and my email newsletter that is jam-packed with bonus tips and insights to help you in your everyday creative struggles.

In addition to that, I’ve mentored other creatives grow their following from a few hundred followers to thousands of followers, and if that’s not enough I write blog articles about the creative industry to help give you an extra edge.

If you are a creative and struggling, I’d love to get to know you more or if you have a question I’d love to chat with you!

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