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Procreate Marker Brush Pack

Procreate Marker Brush Pack

Are you looking for a Procreate marker brush that gives a traditional marker effect? These custom made Procreate marker brushes are the perfect solution! There’s no need to go to the store and buy an endless supply of different color markers. With this marker procreate brush you will get incredibly realistic marker effect.

What You Will Get In This Procreate Marker Brush Pack

9 HIGH QUALITY Procreate Brushes – Procreate Dry Marker Brushes

  • 9 high-quality Procreate brushes
  • Dry Brushes
  • Splatter Brush
  • Decor Brush
  • Perfect marker brushes for Procreate

With this set you get 9 high-quality hand lettering brushes for Procreate App on your iPad Pro. With these beautiful marker Procreate brushes you’ll create outstanding lettering art with ease, even if you are new to this field.

You can create stunning mockups that have a personal touch by adding hand-drawn words with these brushes. These brushes will help you create something distinct and memorable that will surely leave a lasting impression on your designs!

Take a look at the usage example to get a feeling of what YOU can create with these gorgeous brushes.

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Please use a laptop or desktop to download if you have difficulty downloading on a tablet.

Make sure you click on the “Click to download” button on the payment confirmation screen to get the files .

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