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How travel photographers make money on instagram
Social Media Strategies,

The Secret that Travel Photographers Are Using to Grow Their Instagram Following And Making Money

What you have before you is an amazing travel journey. You are traveling to the most exotic location. It’s an allure that you know will captivate the hearts of many people. You will capture the most epic and wondrous sights with your travel photography. There’s one problem though. You only have 16 Instagram followers and half of them are your friends and family.

how musicians make money on instagram
Social Media Strategies,

How Musicians Can Grow Their Following & Make Money on Instagram

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” – Jay Z

You’re not only a music talent. You are a music brand, and that brand is a business. Using the power of Instagram, you no longer have to dream of producing music. Getting paid while producing music can be a reality! The days of going through a middle man in order to make a living with your music are long gone. Instagram is a great platform to catapult your music career.