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Top 20 Things to See in the Los Angeles Art District

Top 20 Things to See in the Los Angeles Art District

Have you been planning to go on a holiday trip this year? If yes, then visiting Los Angeles Art District is the best option for you! Los Angeles is the destination that is crowded with the charming beauty of beaches with mesmerizing areas of having dinner under the sky set. Los Angeles is also famously known as “City of Angels.”

It is positioned in a large basin that is surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean and huge mountains. This city has become so much famous for its Mediterranean climate, and highly-ethnic diversity. The bustling metropolis makes this destination to be a romantic place for you to visit with your partner.

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Los Angeles Art District

Right here we have a rundown list for you to let you know about the famous 20 things which you should see in Los Angeles Art District:

Griffith Observatory

If you want to experience heaven like beauty in reality, then visiting this place is an ultimate option for you. This is an iconic landmark that gives you a golden chance to admire the beauty of the sky.

This observatory is around 1,134 feet above sea level. It is offering some fantastic and romantic views all over Los Angeles, which will make you fall in love with this place. It is free to enter in Griffith Park or even inside the observatory.

Universal Studios Hollywood

There would be no single person who would not be fond of visiting Hollywood in real life. Los Angeles Art District gives you a sole chance to experience Hollywood from reel life to real life through Universal Studios Hollywood.

It is worth visiting this destination with your partner and exploring some marvelous sights of Hollywood films. It is a complete theme park or film studio which is crowded with some famous Hollywood movies and its behind-the-scenes. Its entry fee is around $105.

Hollywood Bowl Museum

If you are searching for some romantic places in the Los Angeles Art District, then don’t forget to visit the Hollywood Bowl Museum. This is an ideal destination for you if you are visiting Los Angeles for your honeymoon.

This museum is a 1920’s leading amphitheater which commences amazing music performance throughout the whole year. The ticket cost of this museum will depend upon the event you are attending and seat category. The lowest price is $20 and reaches $1000 maximum.

El Matador State Beach

This beach is all over surrounded by beautiful and small rocky outcrops. To enjoy the beauty of this beach dawn set, you either have to arrive early or visit this beach in the evening time. This beach is known out to be one of the best and famous beaches in Los Angeles.

The Getty Centre

This fantastic complex is located in the Santa Monica Mountains. It was constructed by Richard Meier. The whole museum is so much pleasantly designed that you will desire to visit it all the time.

It is flooded with the collection of different artists’ work in which we have Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Renior. In the significant display work, the museum features some modern sculptures, ancient antiques, as well as illuminated manuscripts. You can enter this museum free of cost.

Exposition Park Rose Garden

This garden in the Los Angeles Art District is such an excellent place for the couples to visit around. It offers visitors with a mesmerizing backdrop of photography in complete bustling city life. Near this park, you can also visit the Natural History Museum, California Science Center, and so many more attractions. You can visit this park from 9 am to 5 pm.

Disneyland Park

Los Angeles Art District brings for you the entertainment of Disneyland Park, which is not just meant for kids but even for the old age people as well. This destination is one of the happiest places in Los Angeles.

It is not only romantic but also fun to visit, which is surrounded by thrilling rides. Its Disney theme work impact is the main attraction. Its ticket is around $90.

Beverly Hot Springs

It’s time to pamper yourself in an amazing natural hot springs spa! Yes, we are talking about Beverly Hot Springs in Los Angeles. This spa destination is offering the best massages and a wide range of Balneotherapy treatments. It is surrounded by waterfalls, blooming flowers, and rocks. On weekdays its cost is $30 and on weekends its price is around $40.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood

The best destination of Sunset Ranch Hollywood in Los Angeles will be taking you into the experience of incredible horseback riding. You can even avail of their service in which they offer two hours of long evening ride to Mount Hollywood. For us, this place is worth visiting for horse riders. For different tours, its price starts from $50 to $125.

The Grove Shopping Centre

The next on our list is “The Grove Shopping Centre.” If you want to win your lady’s heart, then don’t forget to take her shopping. This shopping center is known out to be one of the biggest shopping complex centers in Los Angeles. It is included with bar centers, clubs, shops, stores, and boutiques. It’s a complete universe of beauty products and stylish furniture.

Electric Dusk Drive-In

Do you have a wish to see your favorite movie with your partner at a cozy place under the stars? If yes, then here we have a romantic destination for you in the Los Angeles Art District, which you should not miss out on visiting with your partner right now!

Electric Dusk Drive-In is an ideal location that is ideal for dating couples. It is offering some fantastic and romantic views all over Los Angeles, which will make you fall in love with this place.

It is all surrounded by sparkling lights of the city where you can meet the silver screen. Visiting this place will cost you around $12. This location is at a distance of approximately 10 to 14 minutes through CA-110.

The Greek Theatre

Greek Theater is a public place that is constructed beautifully closer to Griffith Park. This theater presents the world’s best performances the whole year. It has a seating space of around 5900 spectators, which makes this place to be top-visited by tourists from all over the world.

You can enjoy classic masterpiece performances with your partner at affordable prices. The ticket cost of this performance will depend upon the event you are attending and seat category. It starts at $13 and reaches around $450. This location is at a distance of approximately 20minutes through I-5 S.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Once you visit Ritz Carlton Hotel, you will be fond of visiting this place all over again. This place is counted amongst the top romantic destinations in Los Angeles. It is located near West Olympic Boulevard as a 5-star hotel. It is a perfect example of romance and luxury.

You can grab the excellent services of club rooms, classy suits and much more. Rooftop, amazing spa center, outdoor pool, and best dining center are few of their primary services for the visitors. All in all, it is an attractive accommodation option for a romantic destination. Its accommodation cost starts from INR 40,000.

The Carbon Beach Club Restaurant

Be the part of the Carbon Beach Club Restaurant to check out some romantic views of Los Angeles. It is located on the sands of Carbon Beach in the area of Malibu. This club restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy a fancy luncheon or have a dinner date out with your partner.

This restaurant is connected with the luxurious Malibu Inn hotel, which is surrounded by the beauty of Pacific Ocean waves. Visiting this place is not less than a dream come true as it gives you the feel of heaven on every single step. The restaurant offers freshly cooked natural seasonal menu in its dining.

Its culinary experience is a complete package of delight, which makes this place a worthy destination to visit around. If you want to enjoy the beauty of ocean waves, be the part of this destination right now. It is fully designed in the English furniture style. Its accommodation cost starts at $31 and ends at $50.

Gondola Amore

On the 15th spot, we have the name of Gondola Amore! Taking a gondola ride at the Redondo Beach will give you an incredible experience of Venice in Los Angeles. This place becomes even much more exceptional at night time.

Enjoying a glass of wine with your partner under the moonlight and admiring the natural beauty is breath-taking. This place is even known to be the best locations for photography as well. This destination is just 40 minutes away through I-110 N.

Santa Monica Pier

If you are visiting LA with your partner and wish to do something fun and exciting, then Santa Monica Pier is the ultimate place for you. It is a complete luxurious destination to feel the essential beauty of nature.

Besides admiring the destination beauty, you can also do countless fun activities to make your whole LA trip even much more memorable. It is worth visiting this destination with your partner and exploring some marvelous sights. Don’t forget to take carnival rides at Pacific Park. You can reach this place through Colorado Avenue.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you have been to LA and you have not visited Walt Disney Concert Hall, then you have probably missed the big thing on your trip. Book your show and check out some amazing and best melodious tunes played by some incredible musicians.

It also offers a dining service at a nearby restaurant located near to it. Some of the famous musicians are part of this concert hall, such as L.A. Philharmonic, as well as international orchestras, and L.A. Master Chorale.

Marina Del Rey

While you are on your honeymoon, the best thing you can do for your partner is taking him or her on a romantic dinner cruise. Well, we have Marina Del Rey for you as a top romantic cruise in LA.

You can catch fantastic wine tasty options along with a three-course dining meal. It is offering some astonishing and idealistic views of Los Angeles. Melodic tunes will be part of your cruise tour to make the whole night special for you and your partner. Are you ready to visit it?

Cicada Club

Cicada Club is another bright spot to see on your trip to the Los Angeles Art District. This place is a worthy option to experience the beauty of nightlife in LA. The club is entirely based on a retro theme with the décor styling inspired from the 1920s.

The whole atmosphere of the club will take you back to the time of the old architectural beauty of LA. Visit it now! Don’t forget to enjoy tasty food and your favorite drinks. This club has always remained the main center of attraction for tourists.

Sunset Flight Tour

Last but not least is the sunset flight tour! If visiting LA is your lifetime dream, then experiencing the beauty of the sunset tour should be on your main list. This flight tour will be giving you the ultimate experience of catching superb views of the whole city.

Hold a glass of champagne with your partner, and enjoy the scenic beauty of Los Angeles. It also offers the services to drop you at a high-end restaurant. All in this entire destination is a perfect example of a romantic and luxurious feel. Are you ready to be part of this tour?


Well, we are sure that after checking out all these destinations, you will book your next flight tickets to Los Angeles. Above all, there are quite a few more incredible and best things which you should not miss to see on your trip to Los Angeles Art District. So are you ready to catch the beauty of Los Angeles?

Have a safe flight!

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