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Top 10 After Effects Logo Reveal Templates

Top 10 After Effects Logo Reveal Templates

If you want to add your marketing campaigns and branded videos with some spiced up effects, then using an After Effects logo reveal template to animate a logo is the best option for you.

This can come across as the best way with the help of which you can capture your audience’s attention as they will be scrolling down the newsfeed.

Hence it will help you to stand out differently in the middle of the uprising competition.

Importance of After Effects Logo Reveal Templates

Straight away from animated logos or either using animations in the videos, the utilization of motion graphics hence is considered to be one of the best ways with which you can increase your brand high awareness.

A medium of animated logo is also known as logo stinger or logo reveal. It is a simple method with which you can include identity and branding into each video you have created and shared online. It can be either the start or the end or even both of them.

Animated logos can come about to be so much effective for including a lasting impression on your brand story. You can even include motions in it. Through the involvement of logo animation, you can easily convey your brand meaning without using words.

Hence, all in all, you can reveal the whole brand style, value, or features. This will make it unique and recognizable. Choosing a perfect reveal logo can work as a visual identity in favor of your brand.

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List of Top 10 After Effects Logo Reveal Templates

You don’t need to be an expert in the motion designing for creating a striking animated logo. You can use any of such logo reveal template which suits your animation requirements at the best.

So here we have some amazing and top 10 best after effects logo reveal templates for you to pick the one which you think is the perfect one:

Light Glitch Logo Reveal

This amazing After Effects project is recognized to be one of the top famous andVideoHive’sbest projects. You can use it perfectly for the corporate, YouTube channels as well as cinema movies.

It is quite easy in customization and has some friendly features. You just need to drop the logo or any text straight into the place holder composition. It is one of the best templates available for you.

You can, later on, edit the whole text on the text layer. It is user-friendly and is available with the help file, which will enable you to get a complete step-by-step guide.

Besides, it is suitable for CS5.5 and much higher. It has the accessibly of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 18 seconds. It does not include audio.

Film Light Logo Reveal

This is another detailed form of After Effects project which has designed by author stevepfx. This template is known to be reminiscent of the Fox searchlight. You can easily customize it according to your theme and logo.

This template has been included with the style which is quite a lot suitable for the television or some cinematic effects. Hence almost all the Stevepfx’s projects are quite easy in terms of customization.

It is user-friendly and is available with the help file, which will enable you to get a complete step-by-step guide. Besides, it is suitable for CS5.5 and much higher. It has the accessibly of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 13 seconds.

Classy Logo Reveal V2

This best classy after effects logo reveal template has been included with the entire major hallmarks of any Hollywood blockbuster. You can include your favorite shooting star effects in it or can also bring some change in shades or colors.

Plus it has been further included with black and white options as well. It works best for the Adobe After Effects CS4. It has the accessibility of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 17 seconds.

This superhero reveal has been included with some brilliant and distorted transitions that are to be held in between various superhero best icons. This will end with the icon of your brand.

It is quite easy to edit and you can also add some real superhero logos in case you desire it. Also, it is available with distortion audio which you can use in the demo. It has the accessibility of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Quick Logo Reveal

This amazing quick cartoon logo reveal is unique and fun to work with. It can work with any sort of logo. As it is just 5 seconds long, so it will stick into the minds of the audience.

It is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5 or even higher and has the accessibility of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 13 seconds. In addition, it includes sound effects.

Platinum Logo Reveal

If you are looking for something a little bit prestigious, then choosing Platinum Logo Reveal is the best option for you. It has been settled with a premium quality of tint designing.

It is adjusted with 6 premade backgrounds where some of the new ones have been included in the latest updates. Also, it has the accessibility of 1920 x 1080 full HD and can run for a maximum of 13 seconds. It also includes sound effects.

Air Traveler – Logo Intro

This Air Traveller project is excellent for travel agencies and services or any such thing which is all about global reach. All sorts of monument images have been included. But you do have the option in which you can replace them with your favorite cut-out photos.

As this project is fully aimed for the travel agencies, therefore, you can re-appropriate it according to your brand requirements and suitability. Hence the colors and background can be changed to suit your styles and requirements.

This project is fully compatible with Adobe After Effects CS4. You can even look for some additional plugins as well. No demo music has been included. iSpy as well as Smooth Transition Logo, both of them are available at the platform of AudioJungle.

Form – Logo Ident

The form is a logo reveal design that is related to the concept of logo reveals. It is based on a large group of particles which is forming a logo as a frame zooms out.

You can look for the intuitive and smart panel which enables the form to stay easy in customization. This will allow you to easily switch between dark and light versions in between the plain and logo text.

You can freely use your favorite background colors no matter even if you are using the logo’s original colors for your particles. This project is fully compatible with the After Effects CS5 or even higher.

You would require a plugin known as Trapcode Particular v2.2. The demo music track used here is Elegant Logo by Cyrill_Luzin.

Minimal Logo Reveal

This is a form of short logo reveals which is quite a lot easy in customization. It is an excellent quick reveal which is included with a bunch of features. The project is available in two different versions such as square and circle.

It is accessible in both HD (1280 x 720) as well as full HD (1920 x 1080) resolutions. You won’t be getting any extra plugins. It does not include music, but it is accessible at Hi-Tech Logo.

Magm a Glow Logo Reveal

This project is available with three different logo reveal animations alongside the metal textures. This reveal simply simulates various metals in the middle of a hot molten core that is shining through.

Every single animation is around 15 seconds long. It is one of the best templates available for you. This whole project is around full HD (1920 x 1080 resolution) and is compatible with CS5 or higher. The demo soundtrack has been produced by FruityAudio. You can easily download it separately.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Logo Reveal After Effects Template

Hence there have been quite a few important considerations that you should know when it comes to the selection of best and reliable Logo Reveal after Effects Template. Let’s discuss some important elements for you given below:


The first and most important element is about template compatibility. Make sure your selected template has massive compatibility with the version of the Adobe After Effects. All the templates that are created in the versions which are older of the After Effects just as CS5.5 or even CS6 are completely compatible through the latest updated one.

All the new versions of the after-effects should easily read the files of the old version. But the opposite one is not possible. But still, there is one way left for you with which hence you can open the older versions as well. So try to make sure that your selected Logo Reveal based Template is fully compatible with the copy of your Adobe After Effects.

Offers Tutorials with Developer Support

To help you learn about the editing, importing or exporting of the Logo best Reveal, almost all the template creators include a guided tutorial for you in a form of video or PDF. Videohive is working as an online-based marketplace through which you can acquire 6 months of reliable developer support as you will purchase your After Effects form of a template. Hence if you want, creators and developers will also provide you with some specific solutions and let you rectify issues and bugs.

The Need for Third-Party Based Plugins

There are few of the basic set of templates that are required upon the third party plugins for working perfectly. Before you make any sort of purchase, try to be sure that whether you are looking for any third party plugin or you do not need it.

The easiest way is to look at the product descriptions as well as features. You can also ask your developer through the posting of comments or sending them an email.

Sales or Rating and Reviews

By checking the ratings, sales as well as the review section, you will be able to acquire complete details about the logo reveal template. Try to look for the product with a five-star rating from previous customers.

Don’t neglect the comments or reviews from the existing customers. This will help you to get a clear view of what you are expecting from the template you wish to download.

License Information

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the license details of the specific template you want to purchase. Try to pick the fully royalty-free one. This means that you are paying for the one which is legal and right to use in the market. There is no need to pay for extra amounts or fees every single time you use it.

Above all, there are so many more incredible and best After Effects logos that reveal templates which you can download for yourself. We have elegant glossy edge reveals as well which is an excellent option to bring a glossy shiny effect in your animation background.

It is fully compatible with Adobe CS4 and is available with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. You can also look for adventure titles with logo reveal as well. This project is highly recommended for animation videos and business branding.

This template is extremely effective for creating a completely realistic sand form of the fly-away effect. It is divided into six amazing looks and offers four different series of styles.


If one template is best for you then obviously it will have some drawbacks as well. You have to search for the one which is according to your needs and project requirements. All the After Effects logo reveal templates which we have discussed right here for you are best-selling and highly recommended.

They are all best rated on the Videohive marketplace. Do a complete research work before you choose to purchase any logo reveal template. Look for the project file which is compatible with After Effects having a good rating, as well as satisfactory customer reviews.

If you had a logo motion project deadline in 3 hours, which template would you use?