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fix watercolor painting mistakes

5 Easy Ways Fix Watercolor Painting Mistakes

Art is something sacred, and it doesn’t need any direction. When one sees the unimaginable sight of colors being mushed into one another to create something beautiful; it is indeed a curious sight for them.

remove watercolor paint from clothes

9 Ways to Remove Watercolor from Clothes

Colors are indeed a significant part of our lives; from art to colorful rainbows, it is pretty zealous when we admire something colored. Unless it is spilled on a shirt by a child, that’s a painful sight to see. Well, no worries, we have studied some methods that will help you get rid of the stains that are ruining the look of your attire.

how to draw an eagle

How to Draw an Eagle (Step by Step with Pictures)

Do you think drawing a bald eagle is hard? Many people are initially hesitant on learning how to draw an eagle because they think it’s not easy.

Did you know you can become a master at drawing a cool eagle in no time by following these simple step by step pictures?

how to draw a frog

How to Draw a Frog (Step by Step with Pictures)

Do you think drawing a frog is hard? Many people avoid drawing animals because they think it’s not easy.

Do you know you can be a total pro at drawing a frog and it only takes 10 extremely simple steps to do so.

how to draw an eye

How to Draw an Eye (Step by Step with Pictures)

To draw an eye the real key is shading, so we’ll go over that as we build out this drawing together. Use a soft grip on your pencil, or if you are digital, use a round brush with good pressure sensitivity.

can you earn money from digital art

Can You Earn Money From Digital Art?

In the current era, digital products are one of the easiest ways to generate extra money. When it particularly comes to digital art, creativity and innovation have an extensive market base.