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Whether you’re a drawing professional or somebody new to drawing, Jae Johns shares tips and knowledge to help you improve your drawing ability much faster.

drawing backgrounds

Top 10 Tips to Drawing Backgrounds Like a Pro

Want tips to drawing backgrounds of your artwork like a pro? Saying yes? No worries, just read this post till the end as this post says it all!There are a lot of things that artists can draw. For example, artists can draw a house, a landscape, mountains, fruits, a cityscape, galaxy, or a portrait. Do you know one thing that all artists draw in their drawings or sketches? The answer is simple: Drawing Backgrounds!

stuff to draw

75 Fun & Easy Stuff To Draw

When you are looking to practice drawing, you need fun stuff to draw. Not everyone is an artist straight out of the gate, but that doesn’t meant that you can’t make cool things. With this fun list of tutorials, you can draw all kinds of exciting things to practice. Just make sure that you have fun and challenge yourself!

beginning drawing

The Ultimate List of Skills You Need to Begin Drawing

I have often heard people who wish they could draw better. The answer to this is simple: Draw. Drawing is a slow activity. You cannot just draw something and move on to the next image. It takes time. It takes time to observe an object, analyze it, and then reproduce it. If you are beginning drawing from scratch, it is better to learn the skills needed to get at the basics and then focus on specific areas one by one. 

colored pencils for artists

Top 10 Best Colored Pencils for Drawing

Every artist deserves a great set of colored pencils. Even if you normally work in black and white, colored pencils for artists are a window to another world. You can dream in a bold and vibrant fashion when you use colored pencils. They take you back to childhood and allow you to look at your art differently.