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100 Beautiful Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

100 Beautiful Christmas iPhone Wallpapers

For plenty of people, when that special time of year comes around, the fun begins. Christmas is known for its endless collection of store merchandise, movies, and music. For some, the holiday spirit just brings a certain level of cheer.

Even the lowliest and angriest Grinch is certain to perk up a little bit at the sight of a delicious candy cane. Assuming that you celebrate Christmas, you will have absolutely no excuse to dodge getting in the spirit. This is what makes your search for Christmas iPhone wallpapers so very important.

Finding the right wallpaper sends a message. It tells people that you are not only in the spirit of Christmas, but dedicated to it. Depending on your personality type, different wallpapers might seem more appropriate than others.

This is why we have gone out of our way to make sure that you can enjoy Christmas in style. With the right wallpaper, you are sure to meet someone under the mistletoe!

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christmas iphone wallpapers

  1. A Beautiful Blue Christmas

    —This stunning image is perfect for someone who wants to celebrate with class. As far as Christmas iPhone wallpapers go, this is iconic.

  2. A Beautiful Christmas Tree with Hearts Ornaments

    —Everyone loves Christmas trees, and this one is worthy of admiration.

  3. A Merry and Bright Christmas Lettering and Wreath

    —Want a cheeful message to perk you up? Get this “Merry and Bright” Christmas lettering designed with a Christmas wreath. 

  4. Cute Santa and Snowflakes Floating Through the Air

    —Nothing says Christmas cheer quite like a cute Santa and a flurry of snowflakes. Elsa would be proud of this one!

  5. Breathtaking Blue Christmas Ornaments

    —Christmas ornaments are a very important party of this cheery holiday. Add some classy style to your phone with these!

  6. A Red and White Merry Christmas

    —Nothing says Merry Christmas quite like saying Merry Christmas. Say it loud and proud with this one!

  7. Beautiful Red Christmas Ornaments

    —Ornaments can make or break a Christmas tree. These iconic red ornaments will bring you Christmas glee!

  8. Thrilling Gold Christmas Tree Ornament

    —A perfect Christmas always requires a little bit of gold. It’s the color of the Christmas spirit!

  9. The Loving Spirit of Christmas

    —This darling Christmas tree was made with love so you can share it with those around you!

  10. An Exciting Winter Forest Path

    —If you are looking for something a little more mystical, this spirited path might take you there.

  11. A Photo of a Photo of a Christmas Tree

    —Nothing says a modern Christmas quite like a photo of a photo. Enjoy this trendy look!

  12. Crimson and Snowflakes

    —This is one classy Christmas iPhone wallpaper that you will not want to miss! It’s perfect for showing your family how mature you are.

  13. Your Classic Christmas Tree

    —If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This classic Christmas tree is perfect for your holiday spirit!

  14. Your Very Favorite Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

    —Ugly sweaters have rampaged Christmas for too long. Make a statement with this cute and fun wallpaper!

  15. Christmas Star Ornaments

    —Even if your Christmas tree is small and fake in your studio apartment, this one has you covered.

  16. The Wonder of Pirate Ship Santa

    —There is no better Christmas than the one that involves Santa on a pirate ship. We won’t know why it exists, but this Christmas iPhone wallpaper is clearly winning.

  17. Classic Santa and His Trusty Penguin

    —You might not know the story of the Christmas penguin because it hasn’t been written yet, but look how cute he is!

  18. A Very Sparkly Christmas

    —If you are the kind of person who loves a bit of flash and flair, this wallpaper has your name on it!

  19. The Very Last Ornament

    —In many households, traditions are built around placing the last ornament. Enjoy this moment forever!

  20. A Window For Christmas

    —There is nothing that says Christmas more than a frosty window, so enjoy this iconic image!

  21. The Christmas Bells

    —Can you hear the Christmas bells ringing? If not, it might be your cell phone. Bring them both together here!

  22. A Portrait of Santa’s Cottage

    —The place where Santa lives is meant to be filled with cookies! You might not be able to visit, but at least you can stare at it.

  23. A Cute Puppy For Christmas

    —There is not a person alive who hasn’t wanted a puppy for Christmas. Unless you don’t celebrate Christmas. Or you hate puppies like a crazy person.

  24. Pure Instagram Christmas Aesthetic

    —For the millennial Christmas lover out there, this wallpaper is sure to be the envy of your friends. Don’t worry, we won’t tell them you where you found it so you can be original.

  25. A Christmas Tree In The Night

    —’twas the night before Christmas and there was a tree. That is literally it. Send Tweet.

  26. Child Catches The Coca-Cola Santa

    —The good news is that mommy wasn’t kissing Santa Claus. The bad news is that this kid isn’t getting any presents.

  27. A Cute and Cheery Christmas

    —If you’re a happy person or trying to be, give this Christmas iPhone wallpaper a go!

  28. Iconic Christmas Nook

    —There are some things that just make you envy the spirit of Christmas. This happens to be one of those things.

  29. Totally Adorable Minimalist Santa

    —Nobody ever said that Santa had to be a weird old guy. This cute Santa Claus is here to bring you cheer!

  30. A Cute and Swirly Christmas Tree

    —This fancy Christmas tree is an excellent addition to any phone!

  31. Santa’s Favorite Villain

    —You might be getting coal for Christmas, but that’s still something, right?

  32. Sparkly Red Christmas Ornaments

    —A sparkly Christmas ornament is sure to help you get ready for the big day!

  33. A Very Mike Wazowski Christmas

    —Mike Wazowski deserves a good Christmas after all that he has been through. Let him celebrate it with you!

  34. An Icy Blue Christmas Tree

    —For those who are channeling some serious Elsa vibes, this wallpaper is probably a good match.

  35. A Christmas Puppy To Melt Any Heart

    —If this was your present, you would absolutely die. Don’t deny it. Just look at him!

  36. A Cute Little Crafty Baby Reindeer

    —This adorable little reindeer is perfect for bringing a subtle pop of Christmas to your phone!

  37. A Totally Modern Merry Christmas

    —Sometimes you have to take a step back from the classics and do it in style.

  38. The Many Faces of Santa

    —Santa is a complex guy. You might think that he is all milk and cookies, but he is really a complicated bringer of cheer.

  39. A Little Girl and Her Reindeer

    —Forget ponies, this little girl wanted a reindeer for Christmas, and we totally approve.

  40. Santa and His Reindeer Flying Past the Moon

    —It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Santa and the crew! He is delivering presents so you can wake up and still complain about not getting what you want.

  41. The Perfect Snowflake

    —Every snowflake is unique, and this one just so happens to be perfect too.

  42. Christmas Comes to Town

    —You no longer have to go to the mall to see all of your Christmas decorations. This Christmas iPhone wallpaper has you covered!

  43. Cute Minimalist Christmas Tree

    —Minimalism is very in this year. Show your dedication without compromising your holiday spirit!

  44. Beavis and Butthead Christmas Throwback

    —If your mom tells you to get a Christmas wallpaper and you want to piss her off, we have you covered.

  45. Snowcapped Golden Christmas Ornaments

    —This beautiful image is sure to awaken the light of Christmas in the darkest of hearts!

  46. Cool and Simple Christmas Lights

    —If you’re a cool and simple person, this little dash of spirit might be perfect for you.

  47. Christmas Ornaments Make Great Presents

    —There is an entire industry built around this concept, so celebrate capitalism in style!

  48. That Blurred Christmas Light Aesthetic

    —There are going to be so many variations of this on your Instagram feed. You can enjoy it on your phone!

  49. Abstract Christmas Tree Design

    —If you’re not that average Basic B, you probably want a little something extra. Here you go.

  50. Christmas Ornament Embroidery

    —Embroidery is a fancy tradition that was almost lost until Pinterest. Enjoy.

  51. Colorful Christmas Ornament Box

    —This delightful vision is sure to light up any phone!

  52. They Said Not To Lick The Pole, But…

    —As far as Christmas iPhone wallpapers go, this is the most likely to be used by frat boys.

  53. Welcome In The Polar Express

    —All aboard! It is time for a journey to an exciting place. Unlock your phone. The place is Twitter.

  54. A Totally Starry Christmas Tree

    —If you like stars and trees, this should be absolutely perfect for you.

  55. Santa’s Trail of Presents

    —It’s not easy keeping track of all of those presents, but Santa sure does his best!

  56. Shockingly Minimalist Glowing Christmas Tree

    —It’s minimalistic and it’s glowing. It’s your new phone background!

  57. Blue Glitter Christmas Ornaments

    —Blue might not be an official Christmas color, but you have to admit that it fits in.

  58. A Totally Attractive Mrs. Claus

    —If you want to celebrate Christmas but not give up your hot girl wallpaper, we have you covered.

  59. A Jake and Finn Christmas

    —Finn and Jake are best bros, and they want to celebrate Christmas with you!

  60. Simple Minimalist Santa Hat

    —If you want to be a little more low key, might we suggest this awesome Santa hat wallpaper?

  61. A Merry Christmas To You

    —Sometimes you just have to say it in a wallpaper!

  62. Christmas Night in the City

    —No matter where you are, Christmas will hunt you down and find you.

  63. The Perfect Christmas

    —Everyone dreams of the perfect Christmas. You probably won’t get it, so have this instead.

  64. The Best Christmas Fireplace

    —Remember kids, don’t leave the fire on or Santa will light your presents on fire.

  65. Snowy Little Christmas Tree

    —This little tree is doing its absolute best and we are so proud of it.

  66. Merry Christmas From Cute Little Santas

    —Sometimes you just need a few extra Santas to get in the spirit of things.

  67. The OG Santa Clause

    —The man, the legend, the bringer of presents and devourer of cookies.

  68. The Coca-Cola Christmas Bear

    —Coca-Cola has basically owned Christmas since they released that. Old people have collector’s shelves and things.

  69. Mesmerizing Christmas Tree Closeup

    —Look into the tree and you might be able to see what you’re getting for Christmas this year!

  70. Feel The Christmas in the Air

    —The spirit of Christmas is all around you. In the very least, it’s on your phone.

  71. A Very Blue and Gold Christmas

    —This beautiful Christmas color scheme is certain to make you wish you had more money and good taste.

  72. Stockings By The Fireplace

    —We all know that stockings are where the best presents come from anyway.

  73. A Very Special Christmas Tree

    —This Christmas tree is special and it knows it. Enjoy this delightful Christmas iPhone wallpaper!

  74. A Christmas Tree Made of Ribbons

    —Ribbons are all kinds of fun. You can use them to make a lot of things. Like Christmas trees, apparently.

  75. The Perfect Christmas Present

    —We’ve found it: the one. This is undoubtedly the perfect Christmas present.

  76. A Stylish Red Christmas Tree

    —When fashion meets function, a look is born. Now put this in your phone and enjoy.

  77. Cool Modern Christmas Tree Photo

    —If the classics just aren’t your style, you can enjoy this option for the modern Christmas fan.

  78. A Quaint and Ideal Christmas

    —This is the kind of Christmas that we all expect, but life happens.

  79. The Littlest Christmas Candle

    —This Christmas candle is here to light up your phone and bring joy to all!

  80. An Adorably Android Christmas

    —Most people are surprised to find out that this little guy celebrates Christmas, but here’s proof.

  81. Cute Little Christmas Drawings

    —When in doubt, you can marvel over how well people can draw because you can’t.

  82. Stunning Christmas Bells

    —The bells are ringing, the people are singing, and it’s time for Christmas!

  83. A Totally Modern Merry Christmas

    —The time is now, the season is here, and the wallpapers are abundant!

  84. Happy Little Hardworking Elves

    —Elves never seem to get enough credit for all that they do. We see you elves. Respect.

  85. Adorably Happy Little Snowman

    —Considering the fact that they know they are going to melt someday, snow people do a great job of staying happy. Good thing humans don’t—Oh, wait.

  86. The Street is Alive With Christmas

    —You can see the Christmas spirit filling the streets. Basically after the last day of April, amiright?

  87. A Beautiful Christmas Display

    —This scene is absolutely beautiful. If you’re into that kind of thing.

  88. Cute Christmas Pattern

    —Christmas can be cute and still be worthy of praise. We love you Christmas!

  89. Choose Your Own Christmas Message

    —This wallpaper was made to be edited. Add in your favorite holiday phrase!

  90. A Candy Cane Christmas

    —Everyone loves candy canes. They’re just messier lollipops, but for some reason they are a hit.

  91. Adorable Christmas Cookies

    —Is Christmas even Christmas without delicious cookies? Our stomachs don’t think so.

  92. An Awesome Christmas Ice Skate

    —If you love ice skating and Christmas, this wallpaper has you covered.

  93. A Cute Christmas Tea Pot

    —For the person who loves tea and Christmas, this is a once in a lifetime find.

  94. A Cute and Delicious Gingerbread House

    —Gingerbread houses are a ton of fun to make and to eat. Download this now.

  95. Rudolph and His Trusty Penguin

    —Since those other reindeer were being jerks, Rudolph found his own chilly friend!

  96. Precious Baby Rudolph

    —Is there anything more on brand for Christmas than a baby Rudolph? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

  97. Realistic Christmas Ornament and Tree

    —A Christmas ornament in the foreground with the Christmas tree in back. Check out the glowing lights in the background.

  98. A Happy Little Santa Claus

    —Despite the fact that he has an impossible and stressful job, Santa always seems to be happy to see you!

  99. Adorable Icon Christmas Tree

    —Cute and artsy Christmas trees are officially the only form of decorations that we are willing to accept.

  100. A Big Hero Six Christmas

    —Sure the beginning of the movie tore your heart out, but it worked out. And look, they still celebrate Christmas!

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When that time of year comes around, you will be more than prepared. Whether you are looking for a single wallpaper or a new one every day, we have you covered. There is no better way to share the spirit of Christmas in the modern age.

Just try changing your wallpaper to something festive and feel the spirit around you. Download your favorite image from our list of Christmas iPhone wallpapers and enjoy!

Are you ready for Christmas?

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