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25 Best iPad Pro Accessories for Artists

25 Best iPad Pro Accessories for Artists
ipad pro accessories

The transition from everyday pencil and paper art to digital art is making waves within the community. Though some might find the change from paper to a tablet to be awkward, but it’s not all that bad, especially with many iPad Pro accessories available. 

The future includes a fully lit display, and it is beautiful. With the introduction of Apple’s iPad Pro line, more artists are moving their office into the digital realm.

There is plenty to be said about the iPad Pro, the functionality of the newly upgraded Apple Pencil and other iPad Pro accessories. However, the market for iPad Pro accessories is vast.

It is with all kinds of iPad artist accessories that are perfect for helping any artist take their next big step. This is why we have compiled a list of the five best iPad Pro accessories for artists!

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Quick Price Comparison Table

ipad pro accessories
Image from Apple

1. Apple Pencil Tips

The Apple Pencil itself is one of the top-rated best iPad Pro accessories for artists. This is true for its original versions for the iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 10.5 inch models.

The true magic of this device is built upon its ability to mirror an actual writing utensil. The trick to making this possible is dependent largely upon the tip of the Apple Pencil itself.

The tip of the Apple Pencil is designed to take all of the pressure that you load into it as a writing device. It then relays that information to the Apple Pencil technology. This is, in turn, passed onto the Apple device.

If it sounds like a lot for a single item to be done almost instantaneously, it’s because it is. The pencil is a force to be reckoned with.

For an everyday artist constantly on their iPad, the tip of your Apple Pencil is going to wear down. The tips of the Apple Pencil are regarded as being particularly durable, but not immortal.

How long to Apple Pencil tips last?

Apple Pencil tips can last for more than a year if you use it a lot. I use mine several days within a week, and I’ve had mine for a few years now.

If you don’t know when you need to replace your Apple Pencil tips, all you have to do is feel the tip. If it feels really rough, like sandpaper, then it’s time to replace it. You’ll also know to replace your tip if it’s not working correctly. Feeling the tip and noticing if the pencil still works are two of the main ways to determine if you need to replace your tips.

After prolonged use or if you accidentally drop the pencil, having additional tips on hand is incredibly important. This will help you be prepared.

Fortunately, getting additional tips is a simple $19 purchase (on Amazon) for a pack of four. This can keep you making those trendy comics for Instagram for years to come. These tips will work for either Apple Pencil generation 1 or 2. 

You might notice that the tip of your Apple Pencil is getting dull, rough, or just isn’t responsive enough. It might be time to head over to the store for a pack of these to keep you drawing!

ipad pro accessories
Image from Lynktek

2. Digital Artist Brush Stylus and TruGlide Pro Fiber Tip Artist Bundle

There will likely never be a time that you want to take your actual paintbrush to your iPad screen. However, there are other painting options. A painter can enjoy the wonder that is digital art created with the best iPad Pro accessories for artists. With the right stylus and painting techinques, you can even improve your digital painting ability. 

This brand set out to bring painters into the digital realm by providing them with a new kind of stylus. It is also a magical digital paintbrush.

This stylus has a completely authentic paintbrush tip. It is responsive enough to paint using digital painting tools in your favorite app.

In addition to giving you the ability to paint with this creative tool, it also is a traditional stylus. This can also be used for all of your needs that don’t include splashing digital paint across your canvas.

You might have been watching your friends who favor drawing or calligraphy run about with their iPad Pro tablets. It is finally possible for painters to enjoy a complete experience for the price of $24.99 on Amazon.

It might be difficult to take your favorite painting supplies with you on a trip. Using this accessory alongside your iPad Pro lets you enjoy your painting experience without having to pack your smock.

This handy device is quite a bit less in price than the traditional Apple Pencil. You might very well find that you are the envy of the town. Paint in the real world is expensive, so it’s great for experimenting.

With the simple purchase of this brush, you can paint all day and never run out of supplies! It might not be quite the same, but it’s still pretty awesome.

3. Adonit Jot Pro 4

The iPad Pro itself can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the configurations. It makes sense why you might not want the accessories for your iPad Pro 12.9 inch to cost more. Fortunately, Adonit is known for its efforts to make sleek and precise styluses.

They are not only reasonably priced, but will get the job done. More importantly, they will do it in the same way that their more expensive counterparts will.

Adonit has created the Jot Pro for all of your digital writing and drawing needs. This unique and one of the best iPad accessories for artists is perfect to write, draw, or work on calligraphy designs.

With over 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, you’ll gain so much control when creating various lines and brush strokes. 

Better, you won’t have to pay both an arm and a leg for a good digital drawing experience. Coming in at a mere $29.99 on Amazon, you can get an amazing iPad artist accessory for a reasonable price.

The feature that makes this iPad Pro accessory perfect for artists is that it isn’t done until you are. This device does not have a battery and does not rely on Bluetooth. Before you panic, it still works. The device itself is equipped with a unique circular disk.

This tip gives you a clear view of your drawing, and interacts with your touchscreen with startling accuracy. Since you are not limited by battery, you can draw for as long as you want.

It also comes as an added perk that this great stylus is available in colors for you to enjoy. It makes the entire experience feel very custom.

In addition to being a great tool with excellent reviews, it also comes with protection. This device includes a clip that allows you to store it easily on a case or bag. The stylus also includes a nifty little magnetic cap.

It will keep the tip of your stylus safe so that you can draw for years to come. It even works with any kind of touchscreen device. If you are a digital artist, this digital pen might just be what you have been waiting for.

How to Charge Adonit Jot Pro?

  1. Plugin your USB charger into a power source.
  2. Place charging base of your stylus into the USB charger.
  3. Wait about 90 minutes for a full charge. 
ipad pro accessories
Image from PaperLike

4. PaperLike iPad Screen Protectors

This is one of the best iPad accessories for artists that you never knew that you needed. Now, you will never be able to unsee it because it is so uniquely genius. Artists love paper. This means there is a good chance that you have an almost disturbingly sentimental attachment to paper.

For many artists, the hardest part about transitioning from paper to a tablet is that it doesn’t feel right. Your iPad Pro 10.5 inch tablet has a glassy, glossy screen. That is not at all what a traditional drawing experience calls for. PaperLike can help with that!

That issue is what makes the PaperLike iPad screen protectors such a brilliant accessory. For anyone struggling to write or draw on an iPad Pro because of its slick surface, they are great.

These screen protectors are custom designed to deliver the same feeling of friction as paper. They were created with a stylus in mind. It perfectly recreates the sensation of paper for you so you can feel a little more at home.

You might be an artist on the fence about whether or not digital artistry could be right for you. This amazing iPad Pro accessory would be perfect to help you make the big leap.

PaperLike loves all iPad Pro models equally, so you can get it for all of your iPad Pro models. This gives you the ability to enjoy a paper experience on your digital platform.

This protector even protects your screen from scratches, dust, and fingerprints. Any digital artist knows the horror of turning off your iPad screen and realizing that it’s all smudges.

The added fingerprint protection will defend your honor and handwashing habits for some time. This product comes in packs of two for around $36 (on Amazon). It gives you the chance to enjoy the experience and replace it with a backup if you need to. If you are a complete disaster at applying screen protectors, you will have a second chance.

ipad pro accessories
Image from DokiWear

5. DokiWear Mazo V2 Series CG Art Glove

For plenty of artists, wearing a glove while working on art can be unbelievably beneficial. There is no ink or lead to stain the side of your hand when you draw on a tablet.

However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the beneficial experience of using a glove while you draw. For digital artists, an accessory like the DokiWear Mazo V2 Series CG Art Glove is an invaluable tool.

This glove helps with keeping the drawing process completely smooth. Using a glove while you draw on a tablet is an excellent way to dodge any palm rejection issues.

It can allow you to let your hand glide across the surface while you draw your next masterpiece. This iPad Pro accessory is a must-have for any career digital artists who regularly spend hours drawing in their favorite drawing app.

There is nothing more troublesome than how filthy your screen can get while you drag your hand across it. DokiWear got ahead of this issue with their glove. Part of the glove has been fitted with a microfiber cloth. This allows your hand to glide across the screen easily and cleans the screen at the same time.

The result is that the more you draw, the cleaner your screen will get. This can help with any buildup that you might deal with while drawing on your iPad Pro. This means that your screen can stay clean while you work. Even better, you can always use the glove to wipe it up as needed.

In addition to cleaning up your act, this glove offers compression technology. It is designed to help your hand to continue working for hours on end.

Drawing is one of your primary forms of athletics. It makes sense why you should benefit from athletic grade technology to get the most out of your body. For an easy $16, not buying this product seems like a waste, if anything.

6. Apple Smart Cover for iPad

The official cover for the iPad, the Apple Smart Cover is solid and effective at its job, making it one of the best iPad accessories.

Its one problem is the cost, but if you are willing to bite the bullet, it does the job perfectly. 

Highly protective and flexible, it attaches easily to the iPad magnetically and protects your screen. 

When you open and close it, it’ll conveniently turn your iPad on and off. 

It can also be used as a helpful stand, making it one of the essential iPad pro accessories for artists, available in many unique colors.

7. Tomtoc Portfolio Case for iPad Pro

If you are looking for a more robust, all-in-one case for your iPad, Tomtoc’s Portfolio Case lets you store a wide assortment of art accessories with your iPad. 

It’s protective, premium, and waterproof, with compartments for all your cables, accessories, power banks, etc. In addition, it works for different iPad sizes among iPad pro 12.9 accessories for artists.

This is more for those planning to bring their whole art kit while traveling, but anyone can use it. 

It really does hold everything you could need as a digital artist.

8. Sketchboard Pro

The Sketchboard Pro is essentially a large case for your iPad that gives you more room to use your arms and hands around the device. 

It clicks in easily into a rubber recess in the center of the case, leaving the iPad screen flush with the extra-wide surface.

It has four pop-out legs that allow it to tilt up to 20 degrees for a drawing desk feel. 

Also, it is a bit heavy for travel purposes but does its job exceptionally well. 

This makes it among the better accessories for artists on this list, specialized for their needs.

9. AirPods Pro

Simply put, these are the best wireless earbuds for the iPad. 

The Apple AirPods Pro has stunning sound quality, are very easy to use, and sport high-level noise cancellation. 

As a result, they are perfect for drowning out the world around you as you work on your art, whether at home or anywhere else.

Its one downside is its relatively short battery life, but it is still respectable. 

There’s little to say about these, except that they just work. 

They’re a joy to use, look great, pair with an iPad, and have outstanding active noise cancellation. 

They’re expensive, but so are most wireless earbuds. 

For the quality you’re getting, they’re worth the cost.

10. Apple Magic Keyboard

While not specifically geared towards artists, a great keyboard is always a worthwhile investment. 

This is especially true when you don’t want to switch between desktop and iPad when you need to get some typing done. 

As a keyboard choice, it’s comfortable, aesthetically gorgeous, and easily hooks into the iPad with a USB-C connector. 

However, it is quite expensive amongst iPad pro 12.9 accessories for artists.

11. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Ipad compatible keyboard that’s easy to store and use. 

The Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is spill-resistant, highly portable, and compatible with all devices. 

While not explicitly for iPad, it’s among the better accessories for artists.

This is the perfect keyboard if you use multiple devices, including phones and tablets. 

It’s also very easy to pair it with various devices simultaneously, allowing you to switch between them easily. 

This is especially helpful for artists who need a keyboard that will travel between a workstation and on the go.  

12. Parblo PR 112 Soft-Touch Stand

The soft-fabric stand of the PR 112 is perfect for avoiding scuffs and allowing you to fine-tune the stand as often as needed without damaging it. 

This makes it one of the best iPad accessories for artists looking for an all-around great drawing stand.

This is one of the most premium-built stands on the market with a metal interior wrapped in soft fabric, sporting many different adjustment angles for perfect customization. 

When you need to pack it away, it simply folds down into a thin metal sheet and can slide easily into your bag. 

One of the best stands for artists using an iPad.

13. ELECOM Aluminum Drawing Stand

One of the best drawing stands we’ve found and, therefore, one of the better iPad Pro accessories, the lightweight aluminum makes it easy to carry the ELECOM around. 

It’s optimized to deliver a well-engineered experience optimized for using the tablet for drawing. 

It delivers plenty of stability while giving you four well-thought-out angles to draw from.

One of the more solid all-around iPad art accessories, it’s simple and no-nonsense support for your drawing hand and angle. 

The only concern might be the look and feel, on which other stands may have it beat. 

Take a look and compare to find the right one for you.

14. Elevation Lab DraftTable Kit for iPad Pro 

Another option for a drawing stand is the DraftTable Kit by Elevation Lab. 

This is one of the iPad drawing accessories most suitable for professionals, coming with an ultra-wide-angle range and extreme stability. 

It has a space for your Apple Pencil and an armrest. 

Built with strong hinges and a comfortable front lip, the DraftTable Kit has everything you need for a proper artist’s station setup with your iPad. 

In addition, it simply folds flat for easy storage when not in use. 

Of course, for many people, it’s overkill, but if you are looking for the ultimate stand, this is one of the best iPad Pro accessories for artists.

15. Mindreader Lap Desk

Look no further if you’re looking for something to work on while on the couch or your bed. 

The Mindreader is one of the better lap desks out there, especially for the price. 

It adjusts to many different angles and feels very comfortable to work off of, making it one of the more solid iPad Pro accessories.

It works for typing and drawing set-ups, making it quite versatile for whatever type of work you need to complete with your iPad. 

Also, it works to help ventilate whatever device is on it, which helps give it a place among the best iPad pro artist accessories.

16. Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD

Storage is a big deal for iPads, especially if you are keeping an archive of high-quality animations, video, or renderings. 

Sandisk provides many highly portable solutions to your storage needs, making them some unexpectedly nice Apple iPad Pro accessories. 

This is especially true if you’re looking for something less expensive than upgrading the storage on your iPad. 

Their Extreme Portable SSD is compact, durable, and has both water and dust protection. 

It connects easily with high-speed data transfer and is available in sizes ranging from 250 GB to 4 TB for every different storage need. 

Of course, you can always use cloud storage as well, but for this amount of storage, it can get quite expensive.

17. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

If the portable SSD is too much, you can always go for the tried and true flash drive, one of the simple yet best iPad Pro accessories you can have. 

Extremely easy to carry around, the iXpand connects using either USB-C or lightning, making it highly versatile as it works with essentially all modern devices, including Apple, Android, and Microsoft. 

In addition, it comes in sizes ranging from 64GB to 256GB. 

Sometimes, you just need something that works for carrying your projects from device to device, or works without he need for wifi. 

The cloud will satisfy a lot of smaller project needs, but a flash drive can always come in handy as a back-up. 

This fills that need, making it one of our best iPad pro accessories for artists.

18. Anker Powercore – Powerbank Portable Charger for iPad

If you find your power is running out too quickly on the iPad while traveling. 

With casual usage, an iPad can usually last a day on its battery, but if you are using it for more intense applications, the battery can drain quite quickly. 

A power bank simply connects to your iPad along with your iPad pro drawing accessories to give them a big store of extra power that charges in the background – it’s that simple. 

Of course, you can also use it for your smartphone, giving it dual purpose.

19. AstroPad – Screen Mirroring Device

A great tool for artists, this plug-and-play device allows you to mirror your desktop or laptop onto your iPad, making this one of the more excellent iPad drawing accessories. 

In addition, this will enable you to use massively more computing power on your iPad for artists by using your home computer’s performance instead of your iPad’s more limited computational power.

It also allows you to use all the software only available on your desktop on your iPad instead, all of which will work with your Apple Pencil. 

While it does take a little setting up, the AstroPad is beloved amongst many different artists for the power it lets you wield.

20. PenPad 

If you’ve been using Wacom tablets and miss the shortcut features on the iPad, the PenPad has you covered. 

This is especially true with Procreate, which often has you clicking down their dropdown menus more often than actually drawing, making this one of the great procreate accessories and being amongst the solid iPad Pro art accessories.

The PenPad is a Bluetooth-enabled shortcut panel that gives you buttons for all the essential functions, offloading navigation to the most used features to your offhand and making your workflow way more efficient. 

With more than 20 shortcuts, it’ll save a lot of time and effort. 

21. BERSEM Paperfeel Screen Protector

If you are looking for a solid, paperlike screen protector, BERSEM has you covered. 

The most crucial element for an artist is how the protector feels with a stylus, meaning you’ll want a paper-like one. 

This is one of the best ones we’ve tried, smooth and paperlike without feeling scratchy. Its ultrathin 0.17mm thickness probably has something to do with it. 

In addition, it works well in the midst of a general setup of Procreate accessories.

Plus, it comes in an inexpensive 2-pack, and it is very easy to put on. 

Sometimes screen protectors can be a bit frustrating to install, but not in this case.

22. Whoosh!

When your iPad screen gets oily and gross, it’s time for a good screen cleaner. 

Whoosh! Is one of the best iPad accessories for artists simply by getting off smudges with the least hassle. 

It comes with a microfibre cloth and together they are easy to use and effective at keeping your iPad clean.

While not exactly an accessory for artists alone, its everyday use makes it one of the most essential iPad pro artist accessories.

23. Huion Artist Glove for Drawing

When drawing on an iPad for artists, our smaller fingers and side of the hand can get in the way of the tablet’s touch sensitivity. 

Plus, they can get sweaty, making the tablet surface sticky and oily. 

For those whose hands have these issues, a drawing glove can help.

Furthermore, the glove can help reduce friction between the palm and the screen, allowing the hand to glide. 

This pair of gloves are comfortable enough to wear for a long duration. 

To help give you the best grip, the index finger, middle finger, and thumb are uncovered, making it the perfect balance.

24. UPPERCASE Apple Pencil Grip

Another of the best iPad Pro accessories is the UPPERCASE Apple Pencil Grip, which helps you keep a grip on the stylus. 

Many people find styluses, even good ones, hard to keep a solid grip on, which is what this is here to remedy. 

The unfortunate downside of the grip is that you have to pull it off every time you want to charge the Apple Pencil, making it one of the more awkward iPad pro drawing accessories. 

If it weren’t for that flaw, it would be one of the best iPad accessories.

25. Apple AirTag

Finally, to prevent losing all your iPad accessories for artists, you can grab an Apple AirTag to keep track of your iPad and all the iPad art accessories you’ve just purchased. 

One of the most well-known Apple iPad pro accessories, the AirTag is simple, effective, and helpful.

It’s waterproof, dust-resistant, and has highly precise tracking. 

It uses its connection with other iPhones to keep track of your iPad’s position, allowing you to find it no matter where it ends up.


Getting the most out of your brand new artist studio courtesy of the iPad Pro is crucial. Having the right accessories can make or break your experience when you make the shift. With these kinds of useful tools created with artists in mind, your transition will be easy.

The best ipad accessories for artists will help you be ready to pursue your dream of digital artistry in absolute comfort. The jump from paper to digital can be a bit intimidating. However, with the right tools, you might just be surprised to see how comfortable you are with switching platforms.

Also, if you want exclusive tools that will help you create art no matter where you are and/or services that will help you grow your art business, go to my Recommendations page.

Is there an iPad accessory that you like and not on this list?

iPad Artist Accessories FAQ

What accessories do I need for iPad pro?

There are only two-must have accessories you need. A stylus (if you’re an artist) and a charger for your stylus and your iPad. After that, you should get a iPad case that functions as a stand, a cloth to clean your screen, a keyboard to hookup to your iPad, and screen protector.

What keyboard is best for iPad pro?

Logitech’s Slim Combo is the best. It’s a keyboard and case combo, and when you attach the keyboard to the iPad, you get a longer battery life on your iPad.

What are iPad accessories?

iPad accessories include chargers, styluses, cases, keyboards, gloves, nibs for a stylus, cables, or any other device that makes your iPad perform better in some way.

What does iPad Pro come with?

It comes with an USB-C Charge Cable and 18W USB-C Power Adapter.