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7 Best Papers for Ballpoint Pen Drawing

7 Best Papers for Ballpoint Pen Drawing
ballpoint pen drawing

For artists who like drawing with ballpoint pens, finding the best paper for ballpoint pen drawing paper is crucial.

If you use the wrong paper, your ink might bleed or smear.

The last thing that you want is for your masterpiece to end up with a horrible misshapen.

This is why finding a high-quality paper that is designed for drawing with ink is so important. Your work deserves the absolute best.

More importantly, it deserves something that will last.

This is why I brought together a list of ink-friendly drawing papers so you can start making the magic happen.

Arteza 8×10 Drawing Pad Durable Acid Free Drawing Paper

—Finding the best paper for ballpoint pen drawing is a matter of understanding what you need as an artist.

Everyone has different preferences for their artistic needs, and many find that they have to try a few different papers.

The paper in this set comes with a collection of helpful traits that make it great for pen drawing.

First, it is acid-free paper. This means that it will not yellow over time and will maintain its overall integrity.

It is also a bright white color, making it great for creating contrast when you get to work with your pen.

The paper is thick, which will support you as you draw, and it is perforated for helping you to easily tear out the paper.

It is lightly textured, which some artists prefer, and others do not.

If you are looking to enjoy a quality drawing experience at an affordable price, look no further.

This amazing set provides you with two drawing pads for a total of one hundred pages that is perfect for you.

When you use this paper, you can enjoy a variety of helpful features that will make it easy for you to enjoy a quality drawing experience.

Not only does this provide you with plenty of great paper for your ballpoint pen drawing, but it even comes with Amazon Prime shipping.

For the artist who needs a great product quickly, this set is perfect.

ballpoint pen drawingPhoto by Allef Vinicius

Bellofy 100 Sheet Sketchbook

—This sketchbook is ideal for a variety of different artists and even brings the benefit of being eco-friendly.

The paper provided by Bellofy is completely recycled, which allows you to feel good about your purchase.

Further, they provide you with acid free and pH neutral paper that is great for your art.

It preserves the integrity of the piece over time, making it great for framing and other presentation methods.

This best paper for ballpoint pen art is smudge resistant, which is ideal for a variety of drawing utensils.

You can expect a quality experience with this paper that will help you to store your art well.

Since their paper is also easy to tear without damaging your artwork and perfect for left-handed and right-handed artists, you really can’t go wrong.

The most impressive thing about this product is undoubtedly the low price.

You can enjoy ballpoint pen drawing on this paper for a nearly half the price of other products.

If you have any hesitations about whether or not the cheap price means cheap paper, don’t.

Bellofy believes in their products so much that they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can try this paper out risk free and find out if it is the paper that you have been looking for!

When you consider what a great deal this paper is, it can feel almost impossible to say no!

Strathmore 400-3 Drawing Pad

—Strathmore has had a reputation among artists for years now, with many people absolutely loving their products.

The primary reason that people love to go with this brand is because of their commitment to quality.

They offer a variety of products designed to suit all kinds of needs.

This variation of their popular drawing pads is absolutely perfect to get the best paper for pen drawing as well as other kinds as needed.

You can enjoy this paper’s many benefits, and they make other kinds to suit different art styles.

You will love the weight and size of this paper, which is perfect for making sure your ink stays where it should.

They offer a medium surface that is great for preserving the integrity of your art.

When you add on the fact that their paper is designed to be non-reflective, you have the perfect basis for your artwork. You can easily frame it or scan it as needed.

Since Strathmore is known for their high-quality products, it comes as no surprise that their pricing is a little bit higher.

This drawing paper is more than some of the cheaper alternatives, but most artists are fine with it.

When you want a quality paper to keep your ballpoint pen drawings on, it can be worth it to pay extra.

Fortunately, Strathmore is a known and trusted brand that is ready to help you get the most out of your work.

This product even comes with Amazon Prime shipping to make your life that much easier!

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ballpoint pen drawingPhoto by JJ Ying

Canson XL Series Recycled Drawing Paper

—Sometimes you want the best paper for ballpoint pen drawing that you can feel good about.

For artists who love the planet, the paper situation can be rough. As an artist, you need something to draw on and paper is always the best option.

However, excessive paper use is known to be bad for the planet in a lot of ways.

Fortunately, many paper creators are starting to recognize that they need to play a role in reducing pollution.

This is why Canson XL has created this recycled paper that is absolutely perfect for your ballpoint pen drawing purposes.

You can enjoy high-quality paper and feel confident knowing that you are going to do right by the planet at the same time.

This paper offers a smooth surface and reliable thickness that you will love.

Despite the fact that some natural products are known for their higher price tag, this is not one of them.

Canson XL makes it easy for you to switch to their eco-friendly product by providing you with a great price.

This unique product is perfect for artists who have a budget and love the planet at the same time.

It is a purchase that you can feel good about making.

As an added bonus, it can even be shipped through Amazon Prime if you realize that you are low on paper today.

Bellofy Artist Pro Series for Mixed Media

—Bellofy offers a variety of amazing paper products, but this best paper for ballpoint pen art is a cut above the rest.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get the most out of your ballpoint pen drawing needs, look no further.

This paper is of premium quality, meaning it comes with absolutely no hassle.

While their cheaper versions are great, this is the kind of paper you want to use for your nice projects.

If you plan on giving your artwork out as a gift or you just want something that looks exceptional, start here.

This premium sketchpad offers one hundred sheets of A-4 fine art drawing paper.

It is ideal for a variety of different art styles and mediums, making it good for mixed media artists.

If you want something that will hold your ink and show off your quality, this is it.

The paper is acid free to preserve it through aging and is made to absorb colors.

This means that your art stays where it should every time.

Even though this is Bellofy’s Artist Pro Series, the price is still unbelievably reasonable.

In fact, considering the quality of paper it is actually exceptional for the price.

Compared to comparable equivalents, the price is pretty low.

Just like with Bellofy’s other products, you can enjoy easy and quick Amazon prime shipping.

This is one reasonably priced and durable drawing pad that will help you to make great products.

Whether you want to sell your work or gift it, this is the perfect tool to do so.

ballpoint pen drawingPhoto by Kelly Sikkema

Canson XL Black Drawing for Opaque Inks

—Since every artist works differently, I wanted to include this product in the list.

This drawing pad provides all of the benefits of the Canson XL series.

You can enjoy fade resistant paper that is designed to help you make great works of art.

However, it comes with an added twist.

This style of paper is perfect for all of the artists out there who like to use lighter ink options.

Not everyone likes the signature black ballpoint pen look, and I think that is great.

With this black drawing paper, you can use your vibrant colors or white ink pens to make magic happen.

Not only does this drawing pad provide amazing quality, but it is perfect for your white ballpoint pen drawing needs.

Gone are the days or using crappy construction paper to play with contrast.

With this high-quality paper option, you can have a great time making amazing projects and more.

Though this product does cost slightly more than its basic equivalents, it is still a great price.

You can easily purchase this high-quality black paper for barely more than traditional alternatives.

Since it is resistant to fading and comes with a promise of quality, you can trust in it for the long term.

This is great for making projects that you want to last or share, and that is what makes the price so amazing.

When you add on the Amazon Prime free shipping and the fact that you will make amazing things, it is an easy sell.

You might be amazed by how many great things you can make with it!

Bienfang R230742 14 by 17-Inch Drawing Paper Pad, 50 Sheets

—This is another best paper for pen drawing.

Though this best paper for ballpoint pen art is lightweight, it is surprisingly durable for ink drawing.

All it takes is one quick look at the reviews to hear people talking about just how great this paper is.

Its porous texture is perfect for absorbing ink and forcing it to stay where it belongs.

You can enjoy a quality ballpoint pen drawing experience and rest easy that it will stay put.

In fact, this paper is great for preserving the integrity of your work as you draw.

Just like with other products, it offers a simple and easy acid-free paper experience to make sure your artwork lasts.

As an added bonus, Beinfang uses 50% recycled components for their paper.

This makes it easy for you to feel better about how much you go through when inspiration strikes.

The pricing on this paper is really great, making it a good option for those looking for something new.

You can feel good about how much high-quality paper you will get at a reasonable price.

It is also available as an Amazon Prime product, making it great for quick turnaround time.

Sometimes you just can’t get out to the store but you don’t want to pay for shipping either.

This product makes it easy for you to get your product with no surprise costs.


When it comes to getting the best paper for pen drawing, everyone has their own preferences.

You might not like one paper and you might love another.

Your fellow artists might feel the opposite.

That is completely okay.

Paper has a lot of different qualities, so don’t be afraid to try a few and find one that is right for you.

There are plenty of amazing products that are ready to help you create some truly great works of art.

Learn about what works for you, and enjoy making beautiful creations!

Do you have a favorite type of paper you use for drawing? What tools do you use to draw?


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