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19+ Best Sketchbooks to Help You Make Better Drawings

19+ Best Sketchbooks to Help You Make Better Drawings

Are you searching for the best sketchbooks that may help you make better drawings? According to Amazon purchasers, about 30% of artists who have a bad experience with a sketchbook get frustrated with the quality of how their sketchbook is bound together.

Getting the best sketchbook matters. Choosing a low-quality sketchbook will hurt your drawing experience and the chances of you getting better at drawing in the long term. If you do not want your sketchbook to get in the way of your drawings, then getting the right sketchbook matters in addition to using your favorite drawing tools. Check out these 20 best sketchbooks that will surely help you in your drawing journey. 

best sketchbooks

What to look for in choosing the best sketchbook?

There are a variety of sketchbooks available in the market that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best one. But there are a few factors that must be kept in view in choosing the best sketchbook. These include:

  • The size of the sketchbook
  • Orientation (portrait or landscape sketchbook)
  • Type and color of paper
  • Cover and binding
  • Number of pages
  • Price of sketchbook

Let’s get into the details of the top best sketchbooks!

1. Moleskine Art Sketchbook

moleskin art plus sketchbook

Moleskine Art Sketchbook is the best sketchbook and popular among a large number of artists and designers. It has a hard-bound book layout with rounded corners and is available in black and scarlet red colors. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you will love to draw in Moleskine Art Sketchbook as it may make you a better artist.

With a total of 240 thick papers, this sketchbook may give you plenty of space to draw your favorite things. As the papers are thick and smooth, they are perfect if you use dry media. The closure of Moleskine sketchbook is elastic. Plus, there are inner storage folders in the book so you can place several drawing projects or notes in it.

Although the Moleskine art sketchbook has more pages than other sketchbooks, it is still light in weight so you can easily carry it from one place to another. 

Another plus point? The price of this sketchbook is quite affordable, so if you have a limited budget, you can still buy the Moleskine Art Sketchbook!


+ The papers of this sketchbook are thick and robust

+ Its cover has a durable finish

+ It is a good-quality sketchbook

+ A good option for sketching, writing or drawing


– Not suitable for artists who use watercolors

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2. Leda Art Supply Sketchbook

leda art supply sketchbook

Another great sketchbook suitable for artists of all types is Leda Art Supply sketchbook. It comes with a soft cover which makes it quite flexible and suitable for storage. As it is available in three sizes, the smallest size of the sketchbook is really small and hence convenient to carry. The medium and large sizes of the book provide a suitable room for the artists who love to draw on large surfaces. The size of this sketchbook is so perfect that you can easily fit it into your bag or folder. No matter what the size of the sketchbook is, you can enjoy sketching in a total of 160 cream-colored pages.

Its quality is just as great as Moleskin art sketchbook. What makes it unique from other sketchbooks is its higher number of pages, softcover, and good-quality papers.


+ It comes with a waterproof cover

+ This sketchbook is available in small, medium, and large size

+ Suitable for artists, animators, and designers


– Due to the softcover, you can easily bend the sketchbook, so it is not good if you want to keep your pages straight

– Not a good option if you want to sketch with markers

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3. Strathmore 400 Series Sketchbook

strathmore 400 series sketchbook

Are you a professional artist looking for the best sketchbook to explore your drawing and sketching ideas? Why not use the Strathmore 400 Series Sketchbook? It is an amazing sketchpad with 50 smooth and creamy papers, each with a size of 9 x 12 inches and a weight of 60 lbs. Its papers can carry sketches made up of graphite pencils, pastel colors, and colored pencils. Moreover, the cold-pressed texture of the paper may allow you to even work on fine details. 

The cover of Strathmore 400 Series Sketchbook is made up of leather and is quite durable as well. 


+ It is perfect for professional artists

+ Suitable for structural sketches

+ Durable cover

+ The papers of this sketchbook are great for color blending or fine details


– It is a bit expensive if you want to practice every day

Check Price on Amazon!

4. Canson Artist Series Sketch Pad

canson artist series watercolor pad

Canson Artists Series Sketch Pad is one of the amazing sketchbooks that is loved by a large number of artists. It comes with a spiral-bound book layout as well as thick and robust papers each with a size of 5.5 x 8.5 inches. As the name implies, this sketchbook is perfect if you want to work with watercolors. The papers of this watercolor pad are perfect to withstand repeated washes, erasing as well as scraping. The papers are made in France and are heavy-weight and cold-pressed.

The Canson Artists Series Sketch Pad is not only suitable for watercolor paintings, but it performs beautifully with all other wet media. So, do not wait anymore and get this amazing sketchbook!


+ This sketch pad comes with thick and robust papers

+ Ideal for watercolor paintings

+ Cold-pressed and heavyweight papers


– This sketchbook is a little bit pricey

– There are fewer number of pages with small size

Check Price on Amazon!

5. Pentalic Wirebound Sketchbook

pentalic wirebound sketchbook

Another incredible sketchbook that may help make better drawings is Pentalic Wirebound Sketchbook. Measuring 8.5 x 11 inches and made from acid-free papers, this sketchbook works great whether you want to draw with pencil, ink, markers or you want to paint with watercolors.

The cover of this sketchbook is just amazing. It has a solid front and back cover which do not bend while sketching. The cover is not only durable and looks elegant but also prevents damage to the paintings. The paper quality is good, the overall construction is sturdy, and the cover is strong and long-lasting. 


+ It works great for pencil sketching or watercolor paintings 

+ Its pages do not get damaged because of the solid cover

+ Convenient to carry


– Most users claim that the paper of this sketchbook has very little texture

Check Price on Amazon!

6. Canson XL Series Sketchbook

canson xl series sketchbook

If you are looking for a sketchbook on which you can try many drawing and sketching techniques, then Canson XL Series Sketchbook is the perfect option. It is great to use whether you want to sketch using graphite pencils, inks, markers, acrylic paints, watercolor paints or colored pencils. It comes with fine-textured papers that are suitable for even fine details. 

Moreover, the spiral binding allows maximum flexibility as you can easily fold it and sketch.


+ Easy-to-fold double-wire binding

+ Suitable for sketching with multiple media

+ Paper quality is good and allows easy blending

+ Each paper allows easy erasing


-There are only 60 sheets of paper in Canson XL series sketchbook

Check Price on Amazon!

7. Pentalic Pocket Traveler Sketchbook

pentalic traveler pocket sketchbook

The Pentalic Pocket Traveler Sketchbook is the perfect choice for artists who want to draw and sketch different things while travelling. It is a small sketchbook that may easily fit into your pocket. 

It comes with a set of 160 acid-free pages that are suitable for every type of drawing or sketching. The Pentalic Pocket Traveler Sketchbook also includes an elastic enclosure which makes it easier to carry.


+ High-quality sketchbook

+ This sketchbook is suitable for artists who love to draw while travelling

+ All papers are acid-free and recycled


– Most users claim that the binding of this sketchbook is poor

– This sketchbook does not lay flat when you open it

Check Price on Amazon!

8. Pro Art Spiral Bound Sketchbook

pro art 8 spiral sketchbook

Do you want to keep your doodles organized? Are you looking for a sketchbook that you can take with you while travelling? Try using Pro Art Spiral Bound Sketchbook. 

The quality of the paper is good, and each paper comes with a light texture. In this way, whether you want to add large strokes or you want to work with fine details, you can easily use this sketchbook.


+ Available at a cheap price


– There are only 80 sheets of paper

– This sketchbook does not work well for watercolor paintings

Check price on Amazon!

9. Masterclass Premium Hardcover Sketchbook

masterclass premium spiral sketchbook

Another high-quality sketchbook in my list is Masterclass Premium Hardcover Sketchbook. What makes it unique is its strong wire binding, long-lasting hardcover, and high-quality thick acid-free papers. Moreover, it is suitable for all kinds of sketching techniques, including drawing with pencils, markers, crayons, pastel colors, inks, etc.


+ Its papers allows easy erasing as the paper texture is relatively light

+ Comes in a hardcover

+ Durable binding that allows drawing pages to lay flat

+ An ideal sketchbook for travelling


– It does not work with watercolors

Check Price on Amazon!

10. Strathmore Spiral Toned Sketchbook

strathmore tan drawing sketchbook

If you are searching for a toned sketch pad, the Strathmore Spiral Toned Sketchbook is a good choice. As the size of this sketchbook’s paper resembles the standard A4 size paper so if you are used to creating drawings on the copy, you can easily use Strathmore Spiral Toned Sketchbook. And the best thing is you can get plenty of pages at the best price. In short, Strathmore Spiral Toned Sketchbook is well worth the price!


+ Acid-free tan toned papers

+ It is suitable for different sketching techniques

+ Its paper quality is good


– Its paper is a little scratchy

Check Price on Amazon!

11. Bellofy Artist Pro Sketch Pad

bellofy sketchpad artist pro

Do you love painting with watercolors? Most sketchbooks work well for all types of sketching and painting techniques, but they are not good for watercolor paintings. At this point, the Bellofy Artist Pro Sketch Pad works very well. How? Because it is one of the top choices if you want to work with wet media!

The Bellofy Artist Pro Sketch Pad comes with 100 sheets of A4-sized sketch papers that are held together with a sturdy and durable hardcover.


+ Perfect for watercolor paintings

+ The papers are thick and have a smooth surface


– It is not suitable for markers

Check Price on Amazon!

12. Crescent Creative RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook

rendr hardbound sketchbook

The next top sketchbook that you may use as an artist is Crescent Creative RENDR Hardbound Sketchbook. Hence, it comes with a hardback if you do not find a surface to draw on, no worries as this sketchbook is the best choice.

Although there are a total of 48 pages in this sketchbook, each paper is durable and is made up of good-quality paper.


+ This sketchbook is great for Copic coloring

+ Its pages can be removed easily

+ Available at a reasonable price, so perfect for daily practising


– It may bleed when markers are used

Check Price on Amazon!

13. Art Alternatives Sketchbook

art alternatives giant sketchbook

Are you on the lookout for a sketchbook that you can use for quite a long time? Art Alternatives Sketchbook is the best choice!

This sketchbook comes with 600 pages on which you can practice different sketching techniques, from drawing with graphite and colored pencils to using pastel colors, markers or watercolors. And the best thing is the price is not too high!

This sketchbook is mostly preferred by professional artists.


+ A huge sketchbook with 600 pages

+ The pages of this sketchbook lay flat when you open it

+ This sketchbook is available at a good price (despite its size)


– Most users claim that this sketchbook is too big to handle

Check Price on Amazon!

14. Travelogue Sketchbook

travelogue drawing book

Travelogue Sketchbook is another top sketchbook with buff-colored drawing paper. An elastic enclosure, long-lasting and finely-made hardcover, and the rounded corners, all these characteristics really make Travelogue Sketchbook stand out among others.


+ There are a total of 128 pages so you can easily practice your drawing skills on it

+ Sturdy construction

+ Elastic enclosure which makes it a great travel companion


– According to most artists, the quality of this sketchbook is not so good.

Check Price on Amazon!

15. Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Sketchbook

stillman and birn zeta hardbound sketchbook

Do you want to make your drawings interesting? You must use Stillman & Birn Zeta Series Sketchbook. It is a perfect sketchbook if you want to add depth and dimension to your sketches as it can handle every type of media.


+ You can try different art media on this sketchbook

+ It is suitable for both beginners and expert artists

+ It comes with heavyweight papers with a smooth finish


– Its pages do not lay flat

Check Price on Amazon!

16. Stillman & Birn Alpha Series Hardbound Sketchbook

stillman and birn alpha series hardbound sketchbook

Another great sketchbook by Stillman & Birn is its Alpha Series Hardbound Sketchbook. This sketchbook is crafted for mixed media and contains heavyweight papers that can easily hold both dry and wet media.


+ Durable and sturdy construction

+ It can easily handle wet and dry media

+ A good choice for beginner artists


– It is a little bit pricey

Check Price on Amazon!

17. Speedball Hardcover Sketchbook

speedball art watercolor journal

The Speedball Hardcover Sketchbook is another great sketchbook in my list that may help you make better drawings. Whether you are a beginner or a proficient artist or want to play with dry or wet media, this sketchbook is a good option.


+ It comes with cold-pressed watercolor papers

+ All papers are made in the USA and are acid-free


– Not a budget-friendly option

Check Price on Amazon!

18. Maruman B6 Sketch Pad

maruman b6 sketchpad

So, here is another good-quality sketchbook and that is Maruman B6 Sketch Pad. It is not only good for artists whether they are beginner or professional, but it is a perfect option for students and children as well.


+ Good-quality paper

+ The texture of the paper is light

+ Comes with a string binding


-It is a little bit expensive

Check Price on Amazon!

19. Koh-I-Noor Drawing Paper Pad

koh i noor drawing paper pad

The Koh-I-Noor Drawing Paper Pad is suitable for drawings with graphite pencils, markers, inks, and watercolors. Made in the USA, the paper quality of this sketchbook is good. It is a good option if you have just entered the field of drawing and sketching.


+ It is a wire-bound sketchpad

+ Long-lasting papers that do not bend easily


– The paper of this sketchbook has very little to no texture

– It is not good for professional artists

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20. Leuchtturm Pocket Sketchbook

leuchtturm1917 344990 pocket sketchbook

The last sketchbook in my list of the best sketchbooks is Leuchtturm Pocket Sketchbook. As the name implies, it is a perfect sketchbook that you can take with you on the go as the paper size is small.

There are a total of 96 pages that are all white in color. If you want to practice sketching every day, the Leuchtturm Pocket Sketchbook is a good choice!


+ A brilliant drawing pad with extra strong papers

+ This sketchbook is a great travel companion


– The number of pages is less

Check Price on Amazon!


Choosing a sketchbook that may best fit your needs is not an easy task. There is a wide range of sketchbooks available in the market that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

For example, if you are an artist and want to use watercolors and markers, a sketchbook with thicker paper is a good option. However, if you love to work with dry media, you should go for a sketchbook with lighter paper.

All the sketchbooks mentioned above are the best in terms of quality, durability, strong cover, and the ability to work with different media. So, do not wait anymore and grab any of the above sketchbooks. Enjoy!