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TypeMaker Custom Procreate Brush

TypeMaker Custom Procreate Brush

Do you love hand lettering on your iPad? Do you want to create letters with ease and more quickly? This TypeMaker™ Procreate  custom brush will help you create amazing sans-serif letters every time in mere seconds! Yes, that’s right. You will get perfect letters and save so much time creating the letters with the TypeMaker Procreate brush.

What the TypeMaker download includes:

  • TypeMaker™ brush
  • TypeMaker™ brush guide for step-by-step visuals to help you draw each and every letter in the alphabet.


  • Ipad Pro
  • Apple Pencil
  • Procreate App

How To Install the Download:

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file.
  • Put all the unzipped brush files onto your Google Drive, iCloud, ect.
  • On your iPad you can then navigate to which ever drive you chose.
  • In Google Drive you press the a brush file, then press Open In, then choose Procreate.
  • In iCloud you press a brush file, press Share, then press Open In, then choose Procreate.

You can view a video of this brush in use here: TypeMaker brush in use!

For other Procreate custom brushes, click the following link to the Jae Johns store.

*Please use a laptop or desktop to download if you have difficulty downloading on tablet. 

Make sure you click on the “Click to download” button on the payment confirmation screen to get the files .

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