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48 Free Grunge Textures

48 Free Grunge Textures

grunge textures pinGrunge textures are becoming a huge point of focus in the design world. These exciting textures are known for adding a little something extra to your new designs. It makes it easy for you to add a unique textured effect for any kind of result.

Whether you are making a truly grungy work of art or you just want to add a little character, the right texture can help you. It is honestly amazing what applying any of these completely free textures will do for a good design.

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grunge splatter texture

Splatter Texture

—This fun texture is great for making a big splat on the page. It can help you to make some truly unique designs. It is one of many fun kinds of grunge textures. Splatter art is really in right now, so see how it can work for your design.

Basic Grunge Texture

—This is a perfect basic grunge texture for a variety of your needs. You will love just how easy it is to use and how many projects it can apply to. It is the best kind of starter grunge for those looking to experiment.

Brown Grunge Texture

—This grunge texture is perfect for all kinds of exciting projects. It is just dark enough to be a little intimidating, but light enough to be fun.

Grunge Wall Texture

—If you are looking for a proper wall texture to add something extra to your next project, look no further. This is one grunge design that is perfect for all kinds of exciting projects.

grunge cracked textures

Grungy Cracked Texture Pack

—This texture pack is amazing because it comes with all kinds of fun items. You will love seeing all of the variety in this high-quality texture pack.

Darkened Grunge Texture

—This is a perfect classic grunge texture covered in grays and other exciting looks. You will find that this works well for a lot of projects.

Light Grunge Texture

—Not all grunge has to be dark and scary. This is a grunge texture for those who are looking for something a little lighter.

vintage grunge textures

Vintage Grunge Textures

—These textures are perfect for a variety of different kinds of projects, particularly the ones that require a throwback. You will love to see these beautiful yet grungy textures liven up any project!

Grungy Light Textures

—Lights are beautiful, but they can still be grungy. You will enjoy seeing these amazing textures get put to good use on a project.

Wall Grunge Textures

—These grungy wall textures are a great collection for you to get to work with. They are perfect for a variety of needs on various kinds of projects.

Grunge Background Texture

—This is a perfect collection of grunge background textures to get you started. If you just want some good old-fashioned neutral grunge, look no further.

vibrant grunge texture

Vibrant Grunge Texture

—Sometimes you need grunge that sparkles and shines and this does both. As far as grunge textures go, this is certainly the most lively one around. Vibrant colors and a pop of spirit make this texture a fan favorite.

Gray 99 Grunge Texture

—If you want something that somehow looks grungy and modern at the same time, this is perfect. You can enjoy some artsy looking grunge for fun with many projects.

Grunge Wood Texture

—These grunge textures are perfect for helping you to get the most out of a realistic design. They balance wood with a grunge look to help you work on all kinds of projects.

grunge painted texture

Grungy Painted Texture

—This grungy look is stunning. It is high quality enough to be beautiful, but still offers plenty of grunge appeal. You get a delicate balance of both when working with this texture.

Down ‘n Dirty Grunge Paper Texture

—As far as grunge textures go, this one has plenty to offer. It balances a paper look with just the right amount of grunge. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with this one. It looks seriously great.

cloudy grunge texture

Cloudy Grunge Texture

—Some grunge textures are a little more unique. This texture offers an interesting look that balances grunge with abstract styles.

Grungy Bubble Texture

—This grungy look is perfect for so many things. It offers a unique bubble texture that brings something extra to the style. Everyone loves bubbles, and these bubbles are here to make your design pop.

Yellow Grunge Wall Texture

—In the world of textures, the right design can make a huge difference. This is one great looking texture. You will love the element of realism that it brings to your designs.

stone grunge texture

Grungy Stone Texture

—Nature is pretty grunge, and this texture shows it all off. You will love applying this to projects to see what happens. Stone is a surprisingly good look for a variety of project items.

Brick and Stone Grunge Texture

—Sometimes you need a little realism with your grunge. These amazing grunge textures offer you exactly that.

Light Grunge Textures

—There are many great grunge textures, but this set is surprisingly neutral. You will love this slight touch of grunge and what it can bring to your work.

Colored Grunge Textures Set

—Sometimes you want some grunge and a little bit of color. These amazing grunge textures are perfect for bringing you a grunge look without being too dark.

Spray Painted Wall Textures

—These grungy textures are great for helping you to add something exciting to any project. The spray-painted look is just grunge enough without overdoing it. Everyone loves a beautiful burst of graffiti in their design.

hi-resolution cracked grunge texture

Hi-Def Cracked Grunge Texture

—You are going to love experimenting with this texture. It makes any project look cool immediately. It might be a little hardcore for some projects, but for others, it is perfect.

Grunge Bokeh Inspired Textures

—Sometimes you just need a little bit of bokeh. Somebody made these textures for you. They are just trendy enough to make any design look super cool. You will have so much fun experimenting with them to see what they can do.

Grunge Pack I

—This is an amazing pack of textures for you to enjoy. If you are looking for something that is going to be fun and cover many kinds of projects, this is perfect.

Grunge Paint Set

—These grunge paint textures are an absolute delight to look at. You will love the way that these fit into just about any design. They offer a very modern feel.

Foggy Water Textures

—This is one set of grunge textures that is seriously cool. The foggy water texture is not only great to look at, but awesome to use.

Grungy Mountain Textures

—Every once in a while you need a mountain texture with some grunge, and this pack is for that. You will love how this can easily fit into many projects.

floral grunge texture

Floral Grunge Texture

—Who said flowers can’t be grunge? This is a great texture for all kinds of fun works of art!

Grungy Ground Textures

—This selection of grunge textures is perfect for so many different kinds of projects. They bring something extra to the background of any project.

Hi-Def White Cracked Grunge

—This white grunge texture is perfect for helping you with a variety of lighter projects. Not all grunge needs to be dark!

Croc Grunge Textures

—Every once in a while, you need something a little more crocodile-like. This has so much to offer you when it comes to certain projects. It might not be for every design, but it works exceptionally well for some.

worn out grunge texture

Worn Out Grunge Texture

—This is a grunge texture that you will love using. It brings something truly special to a design. If nothing else, it makes them look cool.

Cracked Mud Grunge Texture

—Mud can be grunge. Mud is nature’s grunge. You’ll love this one.

Grunged Up In The Woods

—You will have so much fun with this exciting set of textures. It is the perfect addition to all kinds of fun projects.

galaxy grunge texture

Galaxy Grunge Texture

—This is grunge, but it is also kind of amazing and space-like. You will love seeing what you can do with this one.

Rotten Wood Texture

—These textures are great for a variety of projects. They add a degree of complex realism to all kinds of projects.

Heavy Grungy Paint Textures

—You will love seeing what you can do with these exciting textures. They might not be right for every project, but they are great for some. The ones that they do apply well to are perfect for helping you to make awesome art.

distressed grunge texture pack

Distressed Texture Pack

—This is one simple grungy texture set that will bring plenty to some of your projects. You can have a blast experimenting with these textures to see what you can create. Since they are fairly neutral, they can apply to more projects than most.

Rough Textures

—You can’t have grunge without some kind of rough look being applied. This rough texture pack makes it easy for you to add some character to any design. You will love how well these can be used.

Wood Chip Texture

—There aren’t too many ways to use these textures, but they are still seriously cool. As far as unique grunge textures go, these probably take the cake. It is a great way to pass some time when experimenting with new techniques.

Paint Dabs Texture

—You will love seeing how this stunning paint dabs texture can be applied to a variety of designs. It is neutral enough to be used in quality marketing material. However, it still applies a fair amount of edge to many designs.

Dripped and Drizzled Paint Texture

—This is a seriously unique take on texture designs. They might not be easily used on every project, but they can do work on some others. Don’t hesitate to play around with this one for fun.

Mottled Paint Texture

—This fine print is amazing at adding character to a good design. You will have a blast experimenting with it to see where it can be applied. As a whole, it is a fairly versatile texture.

rust spot texture

Rust Spot Texture

—Rust spots aren’t something that we normally think of as a good thing, but these are. You are going to be amazed by just how cool these look when applied to a design.

Satellite Textures

—Space can be grunge and these satellite textures kill it. You will love seeing these amazing textures when applied to your work. They can bring a seriously cool look. More importantly, people will be amazed when you tell them what they are.


When you want to make something a little more edgy, a good grunge texture can go a long way. You will be amazed by how these textures can change the look or feel of just about any piece. It makes it easy for you to get the most out of them when you are working.

It might feel a little odd at first, so don’t hesitate to experiment a bit. When you learn how to master a good grunge texture, you will realize that you have so many cool projects to create.

What type of textures do you like you use?