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100 Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorials Anyone Can Do

100 Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorials Anyone Can Do

When you want to get into watercolor painting, the best way to do so is to watch a watercolor tutorial and practice for yourself.

These amazing watercolor tutorials are perfect for helping you to get started.

These tutorials will help you create easy watercolor paintings.

You will enjoy learning how to paint and making amazing creations at the same time.

These are great for beginners, and you will surprise yourself with just how many great things you can make and easy watercolor ideas you can do!

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watercolor tutorial pin

watercolor tutorial - watermelonSummer Watermelon

—You can have a blast painting this adorable and delicious fruit with this watercolor tutorial.

It is an easy watercolor painting tutorial.

Pond Sunset

—You won’t believe how easy this watercolor tutorial is, particularly when you see the end result.

Sunset Fields

—This is another amazing sunset tutorial that you will love.

Beginners can easily make something great with their watercolor paints.

4 Trees

—This watercolor tutorial teaches you how to paint four different kinds of trees.

You will love them all!

watercolor tutorial - flowersWatercolor Flowers

—If you are looking for some absolutely adorable flowers to paint, you will love this tutorial.

Flowers are a great place to start a watercolor painting for beginners.

A Rose Watercolor Tutorial

—Everyone loves roses and this easy tutorial will have you painting them like a seasoned pro.


—Sometimes you just want to paint a good bird.

This tutorial is helpful for making these adorable feats of nature.

Aurora Sky

—If you want to make an absolutely stunning sky scene, you will love this tutorial.

It has a beautiful final product.

Beginners using watercolor paints will be amazed by the stunning scenes they create.

watercolor tutorial - pink beachPink Beach

—The beach has been the perfect inspiration for painting for years now.

You can capture all of the magic of it here.

Lavender Flowers

—Lavender is a comforting scent, but it is also beautiful to look at.

Learn how to paint a stunning lavender scene here.

Flowers and Leaves

—People love painting flowers, and this will be an excellent addition to your interior design.

Have fun with it.

Misty Mountain Landscape

—This is one stunning scene that you will love to create.

It is a great way to pass time, and the end result is great.

Sunflower Bouquet

—Everyone loves a little pop of color.

These sunflowers are fun to make and will liven any room.

watercolor tutorial - lionLion Watercolor Tutorial

—This beautiful lion is not only fun to make, but an absolute delight to look at.

You will love this easy tutorial that is perfect for beginners.

Garden Door Painting

—This is one scene that is common in classic paintings.

You will enjoy working on this and the stunning end result.

Underwater Turtle Scene

—You will love this water scene and watching it evolve with each stroke of your brush.

This is a great project for beginners.

Foxy Fox

—This adorable fox painting is something that will really add to your interior design.

This is an exciting and easy watercolor tutorial that you will enjoy.

watercolor tutorial - northern lightsNorthern Lights

—As far as watercolor tutorials go, this is one people seem to love.

You will enjoy making these beautiful strokes for a wonderful end result.

A Seascape

—It is always fun to paint something scenic, and this tutorial definitely delivers on that.

It is a great and calming way to pass time.

Roadside Scene

—This is a great way to practice your watercolor techniques.

It is something that a painter of any level can do, but you’ll enjoy how much it improves your existing skills.

Flower Tree

—This is a tutorial that lets you make a beautiful nature scene in no time at all.

watercolor tutorial - coastal watersCoastal Waters

—There are some nature scenes that are a cut above the rest.

This tutorial helps you make a breathtaking scene as you follow along.

Red Fox Cartoon Watercolor Tutorial

—If you are looking for an absolutely adorable painting opportunity, look no further.

This fun tutorial is not only easy, but gives you an end result that is perfect for decorating a child’s room.

Rainbow Elephant

—Something you want to paint something unique and fun.

This is perfect for that.

Sea Turtle

—Enjoy making a beautiful sea turtle!

Summer Sky

—This helps you make a beautiful scene for summer!

Skies are a wonderful beginner watercolor painting project that is easy and great to illustrate the vivid colors of a scene.

watercolor tutorial - koi fishKoi Fish

—You will love making these vibrant koi fish.

It is an easy and fun watercolor tutorial!


—This is a quick tutorial to make beautiful flowers!

Tulip Jar

—Enjoy these easy to create flowers in no time!

Single Sunflower

—Sunflowers are the perfect pop of color for any room.

Enjoy making one here!

Summer Stream

—Sometimes you just need a little blip of nature.

This lets you create one.

watercolor tutorial - galaxy forestGalaxy Forest

—It is amazing how easy and great this tutorial is.

You will love the end result.

Halloween Scene

—Sometimes you want something spooky.

This watercolor tutorial is perfect for it.

Snowy Winter Scene

—If you’re looking for a bit of chill, this tutorial has what you need.

Beautiful Tree and Door

—This is a perfect scene for beginners, and it looks great too!

Fall Lake

—This is a perfect scene for the Fall.

watercolor tutorial - sunsetSunset Evening Landscape

—This watercolor tutorial is great for beginners.

You will love improving your techniques with this one, and it is an easy watercolor idea to paint.

Solar System

—This tutorial makes it easy for you to paint all the planets in style!

Easy Sunset

—This is an easy tutorial that will help you get started. It is perfect for people who have no experience painting!

Misty Forest

—This is an exciting scene to paint!


—Enjoy making this adorable insect!

Cherry Blossoms

—When you want a classic scene, this tutorial has you covered.

Modern Misty Forest

—This fun tutorial gives you a trendy take on a painting classic!

Easy Beach Scene

—This painting is so nice you’ll want to step into it!

Floral Bunch

—This is a quick and easy tutorial that you will love!

A Beautiful Treetree

—This will help you to make a stunning tree in no time!

River and Mountain Landscape

—This one has a truly great end result!

Fall Landscape

—If you have some time, this is a great way to spend it.


—Don’t be fooled by the silly name. These flowers are beautiful!

watercolor tutorial - blue skyBlue Sky

—You will love this delightful scene!

Spring Stream

—This is a truly beautiful scene you will love painting.

Northern Cardinal

—This is a beautiful bird to paint!

Prairie Sunset

—You will love this scenic creation!

Negative Space Treesnegative space trees

—This is a truly cool technique and design!


—Everyone loves this fruit and you will love painting it!


—Making these exciting underwater creatures is a great way to pass time.

You will love using them as decorations!

Christmas Candle In The Window

—This is a great scene for the holidays.

It is easy and quick to create!

Frankenstein Painting

—This is an exciting painting that is surprisingly easy.

You will love it!

Green Scene

—If you are looking for a classic watercolor scene, look no further.

Still Life of Pears

—When you want to paint a classic fruit, this watercolor tutorial is here to help.

Snowy Night Landscape

—This is one scene that is great for your holiday cards.

This is a truly beautiful scene!

Olive Branch

—Sometimes you need to extend an olive branch and sometimes you need to paint one!


—If there is one flower that is great for painting, it is the tulip!

Lightning Storm

—You will love working on this amazing scene!

Yellow Flowers

—This is one watercolor tutorial that is easy and cute.

These yellow flowers are amazing for a quick warmup!

Orange Landscape

—You will love the way that this landscape looks almost as much as you’ll love painting it.

Simple Leaves

—These simple leaves are absolutely perfect for beginners.

They are fun to make too!

Realistic Rose

—This is a tutorial that will help you make something truly amazing.

Your friends will be so impressed when they see how well you can paint!

Skull and Backgroundskull

—Whether you are channeling Hamlet vibes or just want something dark, this is perfect for you.

You’ll enjoy making a stunning skull as you follow along.

Watercolor Style Rose

—There are so many rose options available, and this one is great for beginners.

It looks great and makes for an amazing design piece with a modern feel!

Lotus Flower

—This is one tutorial that we absolutely love!


—These adorable flowers are so fun to paint!


—Sometimes you just want to paint some good clouds!

watercolor tutorial - stylistic birdStylistic Bird

—This bird tutorial has some truly great flair!


—You’ve never seen a goldfish quite like this!

Beginner Tree Landscape

—This is the perfect place to start for a beginner!

Abstract Tree

—This amazing tutorial has some seriously unique results!


—These adorable flowers are so fun to create!

Tiny Nebulanebula

—These adorable nebulas are so fun to paint and great to look at!

Halloween Hat

—This adorable and festive tutorial will give you an amazing decoration for the season!

Ocean Water

—This isn’t the easiest watercolor tutorial on the list, but it sure looks amazing.

Trust in your skills and get to work!

Lively Pine Trees

—These trees have plenty of spark. You will enjoy painting them and impressing those around you with your skills!

watercolor tutorial - black catBlack Cat

—This adorable cat painting is great for beginners.

The end result is great for lovers of painting and cats!

Middle of the Ocean Water

—This is one painting of water that beats the rest.

It looks stunning and you’ll be amazed that you made it.

Watercolor Style Koi Fish

—You can enjoy using this watercolor tutorial to make a great modern design.


—You will love painting these adorable flowers.

They are great for an engaging painting opportunity that will improve your skills.

Cotton Flower

—You won’t believe that cotton flowers can be this beautiful.

These are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room!

watercolor tutorial - house and autumn treesHouse and Autumn Tree

—This is one tutorial that is absolutely adorable.

You will love how simple it is.

Vibrant Night Sky

—You will absolutely adore just how great this final product looks.

It is vibrant and stunning in a modern way.

Speed Boat on Sea

—You will love this easy and beautiful tutorial!

Bird of Paradise

—This simple and beautiful flower is so fun to make!


—This is one beautiful flower you will enjoy painting.

Rose Bouquet

—This is a surprisingly easy but impressive watercolor tutorial.

Watercolor Fireworks

—This is a fun and easy tutorial.


—You will love this unique tutorial option!

watercolor tutorial = waterfallWaterfall Landscape

—This is a beautiful and easy tutorial!

Paint A Tree

—This is a beautiful and easy tutorial with a great end result!

Jersey Cow

—Sometimes you want to paint a cow, and this has you covered.

A Cactus

—Everyone loves cacti.

Paint one of your very own!

Aspen Tree Forestaspen tree forest

—This painting leaves you with an amazing decorative piece!


There are so many amazing tutorials available online for you to begin your watercolor journey.

Enjoy learning from these seasoned professionals as you make some truly amazing creations.

This is an excellent way to build up your skills and make something beautiful at the same time.

Remember, focus on enjoying yourself and have fun with it!

What easy watercolor tutorial would you try?