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How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

Have you ever wanted to make money on Instagram by posting pictures, videos, or stories? I want you to imagine posting your art on Instagram and getting paid for it…

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you decide to pull out your phone and post your art onto your Instagram account. You write a meaningful caption that highlights the insights you had while creating the content you are going to share. Soon after you hit the publish button on your post, your followers begin to see it, the image gets their attention and the caption resonates with them. Your followers begin to press that heart button one by one and comments begin to roll in. The thing is that this post is a collaboration between you and the art supply manufacturer you love. This post is a sponsored post, and not only did they send you free supplies but they also pay you to post content to Instagram.

I make more money from posting a single selfie than doing four days’ work
Gabrielle Epstein

I want to briefly outline the steps it takes to make money on Instagram. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, and this is one way to do it; however, every way to make money requires these first three steps.

make money on instagram

Having great content is the backbone to every successful Instagram page

Create great content

Out of all the following steps, creating great content is the most important one you shouldn’t overlook. Great content is the backbone of any Instagram account that has a large following, great engagement, or a relationship with a brand.

Build a following

As mentioned in the previous paragraph having great content is the start to building a following. As Instagram gets more and more popular new Instagrammers need to have a super-targeted niche account. The more specific your account is the better it will appeal to a niche group and thus resonating with them. Find creative ways for your content to provide value to your audience, and as you do this consistently your account will attract more people.

make money on instagram

Engaging with others is essential on Instagram

Have really good engagement

For you to have good engagement, you need to be proactive and be a good engager. It’s all about depth versus width. Having depth means that you engage with your followers and your targeted demographics. Talk to them like your friends. Having a deep relationship with your followers and community will bring in more followers and get you more likes and comments for sure. Don’t always focus on having a large number of followers, which is the width. Depth versus width.

Reach out to brands

Collaborating with brands is only one way to make money on Instagram, but it can be a very rewarding one. You could end up working with a brand that pays for your travel and hotel in hopes that your posts help the brand you’re collaborating with. To work with brands you want to make sure you have great content, have a meaningful following which could be anything above 1,000 followers depending on your account and level of engagement, and of course have a great engagement usually something at 4% or above.

The power of Instagram is incredible! It gives you an unbelievable opportunity to change your life for the better. You can go from having zero exposure on your art to your art being seen by people all around the world in an instant. In addition to that, you could be making money on Instagram from posting content. It takes hard work and patience, but if done correctly it can be the way you make money on Instagram and a living as an artist.

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