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Creating Content on Instagram to Get the Most Likes

Creating Content on Instagram to Get the Most Likes

Creating content on Instagram is the backbone to a successful Instagram account. If your content isn’t good then your Instagram page won’t be good and vice-versa…

Everybody wants a great account, so in theory, everybody wants to create great content. What is great content though? I’ve watched countless videos and have paid good money to be in Instagram courses, and I can tell you from first-hand experience nobody tells you what good content is and how to create it. Well, that changes now. Read the rest of this article to find out 3 tips to creating content on Instagram that gets the most likes.

Content is the cost of entry for relevance in today’s society
Gary Vaynerchuk

Creating content on Instagram

Market Research on Instagram

Doing market research

I talked about this in a previous article. You can find that article here, which goes into greater detail about doing market research. Market research is an important and often overlooked step to creating a successful Instagram account.

Scrolling through explore page

The explore page is a great place to find out the types of content that perform well.

          1. Go to the explore page
          2. Scroll through it
          3. Make a mental note of all the posts you pause at, slow down to view or click on
          4. After you’ve jotted down these posts, ask yourself “why did these posts get my attention?”
          5. Try to identify traits within that post that made you want to engage with it
          1. Keep doing this until you jotted a few posts that caught your attention
        1. Use these insights to help you create content


Creating content on Instagram

Find pages with large followings

Find individual or curated pages with large followings

Influencer pages are a great resource for you to determine what type of content performs well.

  1. Find an influencer page with 100K followers or more within your niche
  2. Pull up a web browser and search “Instagram engagement calculator”
  3. Click on any result. Almost all engagement calculators are the same
  4. Type in the influencer’s Instagram username into the calculator
  5. The calculator will analyze the account. Make sure the calculator gives you “average likes” and “average comments” and make a note of what those numbers are
  6. Go back to that influencer’s Instagram page
  7. Look for posts that have a higher amount of likes/comments from the number listed by the calculator
  8. These posts are top-performing posts and you should model your posts to be similar
  9. For bonus points – Don’t just find one type of post that performs better than the average. Find 3 or more of the similar type of post and verify these type of posts perform better the average amount of likes

Creating good content on Instagram is the most important thing. Without having good content then any tip, trick, or effort you do to grow your account won’t work. It does take work and time to research content and creating content for Instagram, but I hope this process gives you a better understanding of how to create good content.