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What Are the Tools Needed to Make a Canvas?

What Are the Tools Needed to Make a Canvas?

Are you tired of investing a large sum of money in canvases every time you feel like painting? Does the cost of canvases stand in the way of your limitless creativity?

Do you wish to know how to make your own canvas so that you can customize how you want when you want to? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place!

While there is nothing wrong with buying canvases from an art store, the practice can sometimes be heavy on the pocket, especially if you want a large canvas. The solution: Learn to make your own canvas.

Making canvases requires tools that may be more expensive than the canvas itself, but this one-time investment can save you from future troubles. In this article, we will discuss the supplies you need to make your own canvas.

What are the tools needed to make a canvas print?

Canvas prints are photos mounted on stretched canvas.

They are the final product of displaying frames, formed by a combination of fine digital printing over a premium canvas fabric that is stretched over a wooden frame.

To make one at your home, you will need the following tools:

  • The photo or print that you wish to mount on the canvas. The picture should be printed on a regular photo paper
  • A gel medium such as a glue. You can either use a combination of glue and varnish or simply get a decoupage glue
  • A pre-made canvas panel over which you will apply your canvas fabric. The size of the canvas panel should be compatible with the photo you want to mount. If it is larger, the photo will look shrunken, and if it is smaller, you will have to cut the edges of the photo to make it fit
  • A cut-out of canvas fabric to make the canvas look more textured
  • Foam brushes or rollers to use the glue
  • Acrylic paints if you want to paint the edges of the canvas yourself

You can get these items from any crafts store, hobby store, or even departmental store near you. 

What are the tools needed to make a canvas painting?

If you are an art enthusiast or wish to become one, painting on canvases is a rite of passage for you.

While getting started on a new hobby is always exciting, it is crucial to know how to start and what you need to start. 

We have divided the tools needed to make a canvas painting into essential supplies and extra stuff that you can use to make the process easier or better.

Essential accessories

  • Acrylic paints or oil paints. Usually, canvas paintings are best in collaboration with acrylics since they are easy to use and dry out quickly. You can pick the colors, get them in tubes or jars, and choose the quality – student’s or professional’s
  • Paintbrushes. This is a tough choice. Over time you will learn to pick and care for your brushes on your own. For now, get the starter’s pack.
  • A canvas to use as the painting surface
  • Rags or towels to clean the mess
  • A color palette 
  • A container for water
  • Varnish for a good finish
  • Soap for cleaning up the paintbrushes when you are done

What are the tools needed to make canvas art?

To create art on canvas, you need tools similar to that for making a canvas painting. 

  • A medium: the medium could range from acrylic to oil paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Color palette
  • A canvas
  • Towels
  • Bowl of water

What are the tools needed to make a canvas frame?

For an artist, making a canvas frame is a great project as it allows them to own their canvas panel as well as the art itself.

Moreover, it allows them to make customized canvas according to their needs whenever they want!

Plus, they don’t have to worry about the costs of the canvases from the stores.

If you want to learn how to make your own canvas frames, here are the tools you will need:

  • If you choose wood as the base of your frame, get an art canvas that is long enough to serve as your ideal canvas size.
  • Stretcher bars. These are the essential tools you need for a canvas frame. You can get these at any crafts store – they are wooden blocks with notched ends. Get four of them, two for the width of your frame and two for the height.
  • A heavy-duty staple gun 
  • A hammer
  • Gesso which acts as a substrate and a base of paint
  • Paintbrush to apply gesso
  • Scissors to cut the canvas according to your size
  • Sandpaper
  • Palette paper

What are the tools needed to make a canvas bag?

The first skill that anyone dealing with canvases needs to learn is how to make a canvas tool bag.

A functional tool bag can help you carry your painting and building accessories in a single bag. So, what tools do you need to make a canvas bag?

  • A 1-yard canvas material. Since the bag will have two layers, one inside and one outside, it is essential to have sufficient material to cover all your bases.
  • Sewing machine. The most crucial part of making a canvas bag is to stitch the top of the bag and then front and back. Then you will use the sewing machine to sew the front and back pockets.
  • Rotary cutter 
  • Iron to straighten out any wrinkles before starting the hemming process
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape to stay on track with the pre-defined measurements
  • Heavy-duty thread to ensure that the layers can stick well together
  • A ruler and a pencil for measurements
  • Pins
  • Triangle


Making a canvas is a lot more hard work than simply getting them from the store. However, personally built canvases have their own charm. The options are countless, and the costs are relatively much less in the long run. So if you are looking for tools to make a canvas, here is where to begin.

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