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Best Place to Buy Copic Markers for Cheap

Best Place to Buy Copic Markers for Cheap

If you’re looking for where to buy Copic Markers then you can get them cheap in Japan or online stores like Tool Web Shop or Dick Blicks. 

Copic Markers are quite the trend of the market nowadays.

Because of the flexibility that Copic Markers provide in colors, nib styles, and everything else, they are the most desirable ones for artists around the globe. 

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Copic Markers and their types

Manufactured by a Japanese Company, Too Corporation, Copic Markers are high-quality markers that are double-sided with numerous nib-style choices and a lot of colors to choose from.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Copic Markers of different types can satisfy your needs. 

There are mainly three types of Copic markers – Copic Classic, Copic Sketch, and Copic Ciao markers.

All these types of Copic markers may allow you to satisfy your artistic needs.

Using the best paper for Copic Markers will also help you get the most out of these marker types. 

How much would it cost to buy every Copic Marker?

While going out to buy Copic Markers in Canada or America, keep in mind that you will be spending a considerable amount of money.

Because they are not very common in Canada and America, they are available with short supplies and at higher prices. Another reason for them to be pricier is because they have to be imported.

As is depicted in the following sections, you can find Copic Markers in every major store and online store across the country. 

Copic Classic Markers and Copic Sketch markers might cost you anything between $5 and $7 or even more than that.

The price of the Copic Markers keeps fluctuating because of the shipping costs and then constantly being out of stock.

If you are lucky, you might find a discount offer on them, and they will cost you $4 or less apiece.

Ciao Markers are relatively cheap because of the simple make and fewer colors.

You can find them at $3-$4, which is still pricier when you think about their prices in Japan.

Type of Copic Markers Price
Copic Classic Markers $5 – $7
Copic Sketch Markers $5 – $7
Ciao Markers $3 – $4

Is it cheaper to buy Copic Markers in Japan?

The simple answer would be yes, Copic Markers are cheaper in Japan than in any other country because of many reasons.

Because Too corporation, the manufacturer of Copics, is based in Japan, they can be found very easily in every shop, store, or online.

When compared to their prices in Canada, they are half the price.

Because they are widely available in Japan and there are no shipping or transportation costs applicable, they come at $2-$3 and even less if you find them on sale.

Why buy Copic Markers?

With a lot of brush systems and other cheaper brands out there, why stick to the costly Copic Markers? 

Here’s why!

  • Smooth and luminous application
  • Non-toxicity
  • Permanency
  • Long term
  • Durability, reliability, and uniqueness
where to buy copic markers

Where to buy Copic Markers?

Now that you have made up your mind about the type and accessories of Copic Markers you want to buy, it’s time to dive into the different sources where you can buy Copic Markers for cheap prices. 

All your questions about where to buy Copic Markers, where to buy Copic Markers online, and where to buy Copic Markers for cheap prices will be answered in the following context.

Where to buy Copic Markers Online?

  • Copic Official Store
  • Amazon
  • Tools Web Shop
  • Dickblicks

Copic Official Website – best place to buy Copic Markers online

copic tools shops

Do you want to buy Copic Markers online by sitting at your home?

Here, I have a solution for you.

You should visit Copic’s official website.

Yeah, it is right! If you are living anywhere in Japan, you can buy the markers very easily, and they are cheaper over there. 

If you visit the official website for the Copic Markers, you will find out where to buy Copic Markers at cheap prices in Japan.

There is a list of local stores available on the website that carry the different types of Copic markers and accessory ranges at different prices. 

Because they are made in Japan, they are cheaper than Canada or America as there are no additional shipping costs.

If you click on a specific store, you will be redirected to a page where you can view all the information related to that.

These include the location of the stores, sales or discounts available, and shipping details if you want to get them shipped to your location.

How to get specials offers for Copic Markers

Moreover, by visiting the Copic official website, you will get to know about the new and limited additions for the markers.

Each product is mentioned separately along with the relevant details. 

For example, you can buy Copic Sketch Markers that comes with a brush and medium broad nib and includes a variety of colors.

There are Copic Ciao and Copic Classic markers as well.

Copic Classic markers are used by professional artists from all over the world while Copic Ciao markers are available at a cheaper price and they offer the same experience as that of the sketch. 

If you want to color large areas of the paper with a consistent stroke, hold on.

Copic’s official website offers Copic Wide markers.

In short, if you want to buy Copic markers online, visiting the official website of Copic is the best option!

Amazon – the easiest place to buy Copic Markers

copic markers on amazon

Copic markers a now available on Amazon with the official company brand offering great prices on the markers.

Because most people have bought something on Amazon before, you don’t need to go through any steps to create a user profile, set up your payment options, or shipping information.

This makes it extremely convenient and makes the order process fast.

You can benefit from all the benefits of Amazon; like one-click buying, one-day or even two-day shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member, etc.

Tools Web Shop – another great place to buy Copic Markers online

tools web shop

If due to any reason, you are not able to go to the local stores yourself and you want to order them online, that is feasible too.

You can visit the official website, and there you will find a link to the Tools Web Shop, which has all the Copic products on shelves at affordable prices.

Tools is basically an art store with a wide range of art supplies. 

Once you get the Tools Web Shop, you can search for the type of Markers you want, or you can browse.

After finding the desirable marker, you can add it to your cart, and the rest of the process is self-explanatory.

The benefits of buying from this online store are that it is affiliated with the official website, so there are no doubts about its authenticity.

Moreover, you can buy the marker at the original prices, and if you are lucky, you might even find a discounted item too.

Dickblicks – where to buy Copic Markers for cheap prices

buy copic markers at dick blicks

Dickblicks is another online store that ships Copic Markers (Dick Blick store) to Canada and America at very cheap prices.

So, the question “where to buy Copic Markers in Canada” is answered here. 

All you have to do is click on the link above to the store and you’ll be taken to Copic Markers you can buy online.

Whether it is a Copic Sketch Marker or Copic Classic, you can find them all and very cheap prices.

Once you get the product you want after browsing, you can see the shipping details, and after adding them to your cart, you can proceed with the payment, and they will be shipped to you in no time.

Almost every major store in Canada and America carries a wide range of Copic supplies.

In addition to that, they also have coupons, sales, and discount offers that make them very popular among the people who want to buy markers at cheaper prices.

If you want to find a local store nearby, you can also do that by visiting Dickblicks site and clicking on “find a store.” 

Where to Buy Copic Markers in Canada?

  • Walmart
  • Michaels Art Supplies
  • Amazon
  • Delta Art & Crafting

Walmart  – where to buy Copic Markers in Canada

buy copic markers at walmart

Walmart is one of the best online stores that offer Copic Markers to Canadian artists.

Buying Copic Markers from Walmart is very easy and reliable as this online store is one of the most trusted stores among the people.

All you have to do is visit the online store and look for the Copic Markers that you want to buy.

On the landing page of the store, you will find a search tab.

Upon searching for Copic Markers, you will be shown several choices which you can buy.

The benefits of buying from Walmart are that there are no or minimum shipping charges.

In addition to that, they also have gift cards, and discount offers that you can use to save some money while buying Copic Markers.

Michael’s Art Supplies – another place to buy Copic Markers in Canada

buy copic markers at michaels

Michaels is another online store offering a huge collection of Copic Markers to everyone at reduced prices.

Upon visiting the Michaels online store, you will find different categories of the markers in different capacities.

A lot of different sales and discount offers are there to choose from, which will come in handy for people who have budget problems.

The shipping process is very easy and on-time delivery is assured by the officials.

On special occasions like Christmas, you can also get exclusive deals.

If you have a code or a gift card for this store, you can use that while buying Copic Markers to get 20% off or even more.

Amazon – third option to buy Copic Markers in Canada

buy copic markers on amazon

What platform could be more trustworthy than Amazon, the highest-ranked online store in the world?

If you want to buy Copic Markers, don’t forget to look for them on the official online store of Amazon in Canada.

In addition to all the other types of supplies, they deal in Copic Markers too. 

Visit the official Amazon store and search for the Copic Markers you want to buy.

If you find the set that you want in the search results, add them to your wish list.

In addition to that, you can also find additional information about the accessories provided with the set and shipping and transportation costs.

Process the items from your wish list, and they will be delivered to you on your doorstep.

You can opt for the payment on delivery option if you have any doubts.

DeltaArt – fourth option to buy Copic Markers in Canadabuy copic markers at delta art

Delta Art & Crafting is a well-reputed online store that provides dedicated art services, as the name indicates.

They have all the different types of Copic Markers in stock every time.

You can just go to the official website and search for Copic Markers.

It will provide you with a list of different products; all you have to do is add the set that you want into your cart.

After adding it to the cart, you can pay for the markers and fill out the shipping forms, and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

Just like every other online store, Delta also provides discount offers so you can buy Copic Markers for cheap prices.

Where to Buy Copic Markers in Japan?

  • Tools Shop
  • Art and stationery stores 

Tools Shop – where to buy Copic Markers in Japan

tools web shop

If you are based in Japan, another physical store from where you can buy Copic Markers is Tools Shop.

Although the webshop of Tools is also available (explained earlier in the article), if you want to visit the store physically, you can visit it in Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama.

With a comprehensive range of art supplies, the Tools Shop also deals in Copic Markers.

Whether it is a Copic Sketch Marker or Copic Classic, you can find them all here. 

Art and stationery stores – where to buy Copic Markers

Art and stationery stores in Japan are some other locations where you can find the Copic Markers.

Although they don’t offer the discounts and offers that online stores do, they are affordable, and you can customize them according to your budget.

In addition to these stores, every selected outlet and stores also have the Copic supplies that you can buy from.

Be sure to look around in your neighborhood stores and online before losing all hope.

If you are not able to find Copic Markers, or they are out of stock from the stores that you regularly buy from, do not lose hope.

Just google “where to buy Copic Markers,” and you will be provided with a lot of local and online stores that you can explore.

It is for sure that you will find the right local store or an online store that will offer exactly what you are looking for.

Why are Copic Markers so Expensive?

copic markers

It is apparent the Copic markers sale is at a higher price than its counterparts, but we’ll look at some of the reasons why this is so. 

While it might seem impossible to find a marker that can last for years or decades, Copic markers have outstanding longevity. 

They come with a refillable ink design that ensures you won’t have the problem of the ink draining in the middle of a project. 

Most other markers out there are disposable.

Also, Copic markers are made with safely formulated premium ink quality. You get to work with a unique color system with a wide variety of colors. 

This gives you an edge while working on multi-colored artistic projects. 

Because of this, the Copic markers sale is at a higher rate than others.

What is the Cheapest Place to Buy Copic Markers?

copic marker with color swatches

If you are looking for where to buy Copic markers, then you should know there are many ways to get the markers you need. 

You can buy markers online and you can get Copic markers from many stores. 

But, if you are looking for where to buy Copic markers cheap, then you’ll consider buying from the location of its manufacturer. 

The location of Copic’s main manufacturer is in Japan. 

The cheapest place to buy Copic markers is Japan. 

Buying from the source location would allow you to save money on extra shipping and import charges.

You can place your order through the company’s official website. 

You can also order from several arts or stationery stores in the country. 

However, if you are not currently in Japan, you may consider getting your order from online stores such as Walmart or Dickblicks. 

Additionally, you can go online and search “where to buy cheap Copic Markers”.

What is the Best Place to Buy Copic Markers?

copic markers close up

The best place to buy Copic markers is in Japan. 

This is because; Copic’s main manufacturer, Too Corporation, is located in Japan. 

As additional benefits, you will not have to pay extra fees including shipping and export charges.

However, most artists do not live in Japan. 

So, you may consider buying from some of the best Copic markers sites and stores across the world. 

You can buy markers online from stores such as Dick Blicks, Micheal’s Art Supplies, Tool Web Shop, or Walmart.

How Much are Copic Markers in Japan?

drawing cute girl with copic markers

More than any other country in the world, Japan is the cheapest place to buy Copic markers. 

You can easily find cheap Copic markers in shops, stores, and online across the country. 

Now, you want to know how much Copic markers in Japan cost?

Copic markers in Japan come at approximately $2-$3. 

You could even get them for less than the price if you find discount Copic markers on sale. 

This amount is about half the price you’d pay in countries like the US or Canada. 

You are getting cheap Copics in Japan because there are no shipping and transportation costs applicable. 

Hence, the cheapest Copic Markers are easily found in the source location.

What is the Cheapest Set of Copic Markers?

copic markers set

Copic Original Marker Sets are the original line of high quality. 

They have been used for decades by designers and artists across the globe. They provide a standard broad nib for thick strokes. 

Their electronic production guarantees consistency of both color and output. 

They are among the cheapest sets of Copic markers.

How Much Do 100 Copic Markers Cost?

different shades of copic markers

The actual price for 100 Copic markers would depend on a number of factors including the type, your location, and the current price quotation. 

But, we may look at the item, Copic Marker with Replaceable Nib, 100-Copic, Black. 

With 98 reviews, (4.5 rating out of 5 stars), this set of 100 Copic markers goes for $775. 

Is it Worth it to Buy Copic Markers?

drawing fruit with copic markers

If you are not stuck with a low budget, Copic markers are the best choice for colorful artistic designs. 

It is durable and can last for years or even decades. It is suitable for both professional artists and hobbyists. 

You’ll get a diversity of colors at your disposal.

The whole process, from the purchase to use, is highly simplified. 

Do you want cheap Copics? 

You can get discount Copic markers by buying Copic marker sets. 

Are you looking for where to buy cheap Copic markers? 

You can buy markers online or from stores around the world. 

Are you looking for where to buy Copic markers cheap? 

Then, you can get them from Japan or online stores.

Although the cheapest Copic markers would be costlier than the regular markers, the longevity factor and its full-scale innovative features are worth every dime you’d spend.  

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you may consider getting one.


Colors have always been used to depict emotions through painting, drawing, or sketching.

As time passes, some new and improved tools have been introduced in the market that has made drawings more realistic.

With a wide range of colors available in the market, making artistic drawings and sketching has become much easier and feasible for everyone. 

Copic Markers are one of the important art tools that may be the best choice for you whether you are an artist, designer, painter, or learner.

There are several tip and nib styles for Copic Markers so you can choose as per your artistic needs.

There are more than 358 colors available for Copic Markers so you can take your imagination to another level.

Moreover, the ability of Copic Markers to be flexible, precise, and vibrant makes them more desirable. 


What are you waiting for now?

If you want to give life to your imaginations or enhance your creativity, it is time to grab a Copic Marker from the official website of Copic, Tools webshop, Dickblicks, and a lot of other local stationery stores!