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59 Doodles to Draw in your Bullet Journal

59 Doodles to Draw in your Bullet Journal

Do you love to make bullet journal drawings? 

Do you love adding a few of your favorite people, places, and things to your bullet journal?

How about a bit of doodling? 

You can draw your own bullet journal doodles of your favorite things with just a little practice.

The good news is that I’ve got 59 doodles right here to get you started.

bullet journal drawing

Simple Shapes Character

simple shapes doodle

You can also go for doodles starting from a simple shape and building your character or doodle from there.

Lots of people use this technique to hone their skills.

Smiley Faces

smiley faces doodles

If you are looking for a cute smiley face to learn to doodle or all sorts of other cute faces to put on things, this post has got you covered.

Sushi Doodles

sushi doodles

Cute sushi doodles have a lot of creativity and unique shapes to try! Sushi comes in many different shapes, colors, and textures, all of which make for excellent doodle practice.

Plus, it’s so delicious looking it can make you hungry!

Kitchen Supplies

kitchen supplies doodle

Kitchen utensils, pots and pans, and cookware are all fun to draw with colorful shapes and colors.

Go for more vintage and colorful kitchen supplies for a more fun doodling experience.

Letters and Mail

letters and mail doodle

Letters and mail can make for charming motifs when you are bullet journaling.

There are many design choices for stamps, envelopes, and other mail motifs that will help you improve your drawing skills with simple drawings at first. 


plant doodles

Plants are exploding in popularity right now.

From succulents to houseplants, there are so many varieties to choose from.

You can use their growth and vines to make great framing devices around a bullet journal page.

How to draw: Plants

how to draw plants doodle

If you’re looking for more step-by-step plant doodles, this one’s got you covered.

Botanical doodles are really fun once you’ve got the hang of them.

Check out the countless other tutorials on plants to hone your skills.

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Header Doodles

header doodles

Headers, also called bullet journal banners, can make up a lot of the art in a bullet journal, so why not learn to doodle some cute ones?

This post has quite a few ideas to get you started.

You can even learn hand lettering to improve a simple banner into something great.


lemonade doodle

Ready for summer? Lemonade and other kinds of fun drinks can be fun to learn how to draw.

Check out how to doodle lemon slices and other fruit doodles to add to your image!


fish doodles

Check out how to doodle some cute fish?

We’ve all learned how to doodle the simple twist fish, but if you are looking for some more complex examples, look no further.

There are lots of fine details that can be added to make them look high quality.

Household items

household items doodle

Here’s a nice variety pack for those looking to expand their doodling horizons.

This one shows you the whole process starting with some basic shapes and following some step-by-step tutorials to get it right from creams to teas, books and lamps, and doodles of household items.

Balloon Doodle

hot air balloon doodle

Here’s a doodle of hot air balloons lifting a house like from the Disney movie!

Balloons are a great and colorful way to add some fun to drawings.

Unicorn Doodle

unicorn doodle

A mainstay of sketchbooks everywhere and the sides of school notebooks, unicorn doodles have lots of opportunities for color and imagination. 

Weather Icons

weather doodles

Doodling the little weather icons can add a bit of daily spice to your bullet journal, showing whatever the weather was that day.


summer doodle

Ah, summer, the most relaxing season.

So when you’re ready to break out the pina colada and popsicles, this is a great little pack of doodles to learn and be inspired from.


autumn doodle

Autumn is a charming season to get inspired by, with its vivid different colors and cozier fashion choices.

This set can get you started on doodling some of the basic Fall items.

Twigs & Branches

twigs and branches doodle

Twigs and branches are a fun way to show late autumn’s falling leaves and get that sense of the woods in your bullet journal pages. 

Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves doodle

Autumn leaves are a crucial doodle to get right as they can add a lot of feeling to bullet pages.

You can do them as windblown, falling, or just still. 

Fall Wreath

fall wreath doodle

For that final fit of Autumn spirit, you can go for a fall wreath, a whole circle of leaves to bring out of the heart of the season.


pumpkin doodle

Now we’re headed into Halloween territory.

Pumpkins are a great fruit to learn to draw and add flavor to both your Fall and Halloween entries. We’ve got a variety of styles here to learn.


gourds doodle

Gourds are a fantastic complement to pumpkins and work great around the Thanksgiving season.

Their colors are also spectacular if you were looking to doodle them in color.


aliens doodle

Who doesn’t like some fun alien doodles?

Of course, these are simple ones to get started with just a basic pen, but if you like UFOs and little green men, this is a great start!


potion doodles

Potions are great fun to add a sense of magic and sparkle to your page.

These are easy things to draw in a fun way, the best part being that it doesn’t take a long time.

If you color them, go for vibrant colors that can bring a sense of charm and joy. 


floral doodles

Flower doodles are fantastic, and a whole list could be made on different petal patterns.

Flowers genuinely have beautiful shapes and designs not common in other areas of nature.

Plus, the colors!


tea doodle

Tea is a wonderfully cozy and charming doodle to try out in a variety of different ways.

Make sure to get the steam right, as this helps bring out the image!

Cozy Tea Time

cozy tea time doodle

Want to add some pie, crumpets, and a teapot to your tea drawings?

Here are some tutorials on everything you could want to doodle for a cozy tea time.

Knitting and Sewing

knitting and sewing doodle

What better to go with a cozy tea time than some knitting and sewing doodles?

From needles to buttons, this small set will get you started on doodling textile supplies.


fox doodle

Aww, a cute fox!

We’ve got a few animals coming up next here to help you fill your pages with life and soul.

We love this fox for its adorable style. 


cats doodle

A blank page is always intimidating. But adding a cute animal is one of the different ways you can get started fresh.

Cats are, of course, one of the best cute things, as both household animals and witchy creatures, leading to potentially endless doodles. 

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bear doodle

Bears can be scary in real life, but here we have a cute doodle that doesn’t turn quite into a teddy bear.

It’s pretty neat, actually, and you don’t have to be a great artist to make it work. 

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bat doodle

Heading back into a mix of Halloween doodles, we’ve got this great tutorial on how to draw a bat.

Lovely creatures in real life, bats have kind of gotten a bad rap when they’re kind of fuzzy and cute.


cauldron doodle

If you’re hoping to lean more into the witchy vibe, a cauldron is a must.

You can add some green or purple smoke to liven it up or even show some ingredients floating on the top.


halloween doodles

A cute set of Halloween doodles, if you’re looking for a simple ghost, broom, or witch’s hat, here are some great options.


coffee doodles

Who doesn’t love a good pick me up in the morning?

There are lots of ways to draw coffee, so we’ve found a tutorial that hits a whole bunch of them, whether you want Starbucks to go or a coffee machine at home.


sweater doodle

Sweaters! The perfect Fall accessory and comfortable all year round.

Learn to doodle sweaters easily with this easy tutorial. 

Koi Fish

koi fish doodle

Koi fish are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing fish used in countless drawings and paintings.

You can learn to doodle one easily using the instructions shown here.


planet doodles

Are you interested in space? Planets can be awesome to doodle with their bright colors and rings.

You can mix and match them too with moons and other celestial bodies as fun drawing ideas.

Witch Hat

witch hat doodle

You can’t go out without your witch hat if you’re in the Halloween or witchy mood.

So here are some step-by-step doodle tutorials to add one to anything you have in mind.

Witch Broom

witch broom doodle

Besides a witch hat, you’ll also want to learn to doodle a witch broom!

These pair so nicely I couldn’t put one in and leave out the other.


candy doodles

Who doesn’t love a good bit of candy, especially around Halloween?

It’s often the best part. Here are some simple and colorful confections to get you started.


tool doodles

This one is a great variety pack for all the tools you could possibly need to sketch.

From wrenches and hammers to power tools, this doodle pack has it all!

Food Slices

food slice doodles

Remember how we said you might want to add slices to some of the other doodles, like lemonades?

Here are some great examples of how you might go about doing this.


campfire doodles

Ready to go camping?

A campfire, perhaps with logs around it or with roasting marshmallows on top, is a fantastic motif to try your hand at.

Remember to learn about tents and trees too!

Crystal Ball

crystal ball doodle

A crystal ball can be a little difficult to capture since it’s just a circle.

But, with this doodle, you can add a bit of spice and magic to make a crystal ball work for you.


mushroom doodle

Beyond other plants, mushrooms are amazing to doodle.

Their great variety and charming structures are a great way to add a bit of fun to any page. 


cupcake doodle

Who doesn’t love Cupcakes?

Their layer of frosting plus a layer of cake means you get ample opportunity to show off your cupcake bullet journal drawing skills.

Plus, there are lots of possibilities for color.

School Supplies

school supplies doodle

When it’s back to school season in September, what better way to mark it in your bullet journal than with some doodles of school supplies?

They’re also useful for a school journal to fill in the sides.


crystals doodle

One last witchy thing to add to the list, crystals! The basic crystal is easy enough to figure out the shape as they use a straight line.

But, here, we have a variety of different shapes and sizes to capture the differences between a few different types.


whale doodle

Whales are one of the most regal sea creatures and can create a splash on the page.

Use them in your bullet journal spreads for a little under the sea fun.


backpack doodle

One of the most crucial pieces of school supplies, backpacks are a bit tricky to pin down when it comes to doodling, so here’s a bit of a helpful tutorial.

Paper Plane

paper plane doodle

Paper planes are another fun one to draw, especially with wind or a trail coming behind them to give the eye some direction to follow on the page.


bee doodle

Bees are wonderful to draw, and this is one of my favorite ways to doodle them.

Whether you want them with a flower, around honey, or near their hive, there are lots of situations a bee works in.


pancake doodle

Mmm, delicious stacks of pancakes.

Who doesn’t want pancakes for breakfast?

And before you get too hungry, you can learn to draw them with this quick how-to.

Pizza cats and hot dogs

pizza cats and hot dogs doodle

We just couldn’t pass up this cute doodle! It’s cats as pizza slices and dogs as hot dogs!

What a fun doodle to add to your repertoire. 


cherry doodles

Just a great-looking doodle, the double cherry doodle is a classic piece of art that has been used in countless ways.


lighthouse doodle

Did you know, lots of people collect lighthouse paintings and figures at home?

They are a massively popular collector’s item, and some people even get to know all the lighthouses in their country.

Vintage Doodles

vintage doodles

If you like old things, this variety pack is for you.

You’ll be able to capture a bit of the old European or Americana vibe with these vintage doodles.

Sea Creatures

sea creature doodles

Who doesn’t love all the critters of the seas?

There are a few options here, including an octopus and a crab.

Art Supplies

art supplies doodle

Finally, let’s finish it off with the very supplies you’ll be using to doodle. A doodle of art supplies!

We’ve got quite a variety here to show off your love of art.

This completes the list of bullet journal drawing ideas. 

Is there something on this list you haven’t seen?

Feel free to let me know!