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Can you Paint a Mural with Acrylic Paint?

Can you Paint a Mural with Acrylic Paint?

Ask anyone, and they’ll agree: hand-painted murals look amazing. They spruce up a room in an instant, change up the whole vibe and feel, and you can customize them in as many ways as you can dream up! What’s not to love about murals? The real question is, can they be painted using acrylic paints?

Yes, they can. Murals can be made using a variety of different paints, including high-quality acrylics. However, as with everything, there are specific nuances to this answer. We will address all those concerns as we go along. First, let’s talk about murals and what they look like.

can you paint a mural with acrylic paint

What are Murals?

You might have read about murals or overhead your friends talking about them. But what are they really, and how do they transform your space?

In essence, murals are drawings that you make on walls. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, your children’s random doodles don’t count. Murals are pictures, but they are pictures that are drawn with an underlying reason. Murals have been around for as long as people have. You must have heard of or seen pictures of prehistoric cave drawings. Those are murals. They’re simply a way for people to leave traces of themselves on walls and flat surfaces. Of course, in the olden days, these pictures were used to communicate messages or reveal a significant portion of human history.

Over time, murals have changed according to trends and décor styles. Murals cover many public and private buildings’ insides and outsides, including churches, libraries, parliamentary houses, and more. The purpose of murals is to communicate a message, not specifically warnings, but some sort of story.

And if you’re wondering whether they have always been created explicitly on walls, the answer is yes. The word “mural” comes from the Latin word “murus,” which means “wall.” This is why murals are defined as pictures or artwork directly painted on a wall or ceiling. You might recall Michelangelo’s ceiling masterpiece. That is a terrific example of a mural.

Of course, not all murals are done that well or carry that much historical significance. Nowadays, you will find new parents painting murals for their unborn children or painting fun jungle scenes to entertain existing children. It’s not just parents. Many people want to add some personalization to their houses and decide to do so using murals. It’s a giant expression of your creativity, after all.

Who can make Murals?

Now that you know what murals are, you might be wondering who can make them. Is it only talented artists who can paint them? Are there people called muralists who come to your house and create them for you? Or can you make a mural on your own?

You can make a mural of your own at any time, on any day. All you need is patience, creativity, and a theme on which to go by. As soon as you’ve completed your first mural, you’re a muralist. You don’t need to hire a costly expert to do it for you. You don’t even need assistance!

If you have a good sense of the story you want to tell and which wall to tell it on, you’re already halfway there. You can look up which brushes you need for your specific room and the quantity to paint. But there’s nothing more to it. Becoming a muralist is not as intimidating as you might think.

All you have to do is start small. You can start in patches along the wall instead of trying to tackle significant portions all at once. What’s more, you can print reference pictures and trace them on the wall. This will help you understand where the lines and different shades of paint go as you move around. Be confident in your skills, and you’re good to go.

Should you DIY it or find an Artist?

Most of this question has already been answered above. However, if you’re wondering whether or not to hire an artist, the answer is that it depends on your priorities. If you’re making your first-ever mural and you want to do something complicated, you can hire someone to help assist.

You can also hire an experienced muralist to just make the whole thing for you, depending on how complex your idea is. However, it makes the room much more personal if you have additions of your own here and there, so think about what matters more.

Can you make Murals with Acrylics?

Now that you know how to make murals, let’s talk about whether you can use acrylics to create them. So, can you make murals with acrylics?

Yes, you can. However, you will need very high-quality acrylic paints that will need to be UV resistant if your mural is exposed to sunlight at any time of day. Otherwise, it will fade out over time, and your hard work will have gone to waste.

These types of acrylics are pretty expensive to get, so make sure you check your budget before you start. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can get ordinary household paint and start color blocking the mural base sections. This will make it easier for you to paint the acrylics on top, and they will stand out more, too. Choose the kind of paint that has a matte or eggshell finish so it doesn’t reflect light on the mural.

Keep in mind that if you have small children around, they will touch the mural with sticky fingers. Use a protective coat of clear varnish and add this to your mural once you’re finished. It’ll ensure that the mural stays protected and the bright colors stay as bright as when they were painted.

There you have it. You can easily make a mural using acrylic paints. Just be confident in your creativity, and you’re all set!

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