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Ways to Increasing Instagram Followers That Nobody Tells You

Ways to Increasing Instagram Followers That Nobody Tells You

Do you want to know ways to increase Instagram followers? Have you already tried searching different ways and watching different youtube videos on how to do it, but nothing is working for you? Keep reading to the end as I share with you the ways of increasing Instagram followers that nobody tells you.

Instagram is one of the hottest platforms out there. With more than 800 million users and more than 500 million daily active users, it’s easy to see the allure of why you want to be on the platform. Increasing Instagram followers is something that can have a huge impact on your life in an instant.

I make more money from posting a single selfie than doing four days’ work
Gabrielle Epstein

I want to briefly outline the steps it takes to make money on Instagram. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, and this is one way to do it; however, every way to make money requires these first three steps.

increasing instagram followers

Increasing Instagram followers by doing the research

5 essential ways to increasing Instagram followers

Market Research

Market research is a very common thing that is overlooked on Instagram, but if you think of your Instagram like it’s a business than you know successful businesses always do their market research. Follow these steps below to successfully do this.

    1. Look up 20 accounts that have around 100K followers
    2. Go to all 20 accounts and write them down.
    3. Observe what type of content they are posting
    4. Pay attention to what content gets the most engagement
    5. Keep track of what times they are posting
    6. Take a note of how their audience is reacting to their posts
    7. See what call to actions they are using like “Hey, rate from 1-10”, “double tap and tag your friend”, etc
    8. Look at what their bio looks like

For your convenience, here is a printable worksheet for you that you can use to write down the 20 accounts.


Having great content is the backbone to a successful Instagram account and crucial to the ways to increasing Instagram followers. Because you already did the market research you already know what content gets the most engagement; therefore, all you have to do is model your content so it’s similar. For example, one of the things I noticed as I observed other lettering artists on Instagram explore’s page is that lettering that appeared to look 3D was performing well. I created lettering that looks like it is popping off my sketchbook. As of this date, I created four pieces of art in this style that has a combined total of more than 9,000 likes with more than 100 comments.

increasing instagram followers

Keep on the path and stay consistent


This is something you’ve probably heard many times before, and the reason for that is consistency matters. Think of your Instagram account as a tv show where people go to for whatever reason they do. If your followers can expect when your next post will be then they will know when to go on Instagram and check out your content. Use the information you gathered in your market research to help you determine how often you should post. If large accounts in your niche are posting every day, then post everyday. If large accounts are posting 4 times a week then do that. Whatever you decide, make sure you stay consistent.


Warren Buffet once said your net worth is your network. That’s true in business and for Instagram. The same people you did the market research on, are the same people you should contact through direct message. Reach out to them and provide them value. Message them and say hey how can I help you. Maybe you can offer them to design something for free or edit videos.

Be a part of the community

Once you’ve done the market research, have great content, post consistently, and network you want to be part of the community. The same way you offer value when you reach out to influencers is the same thing you want to do within your community. Search your relevant niche hashtag, go into the first 9 posts, like and comment something positive and something of value to them. Repeat this process for 8 more relevant hashtags and do this every day.

Increasing your Instagram followers requires hard work. If you want to build a following that supports you, that trusts you, and at the end of the day willing to buy from you then these steps are necessary for you to build a successful Instagram account. There are many quick and easy tricks to building a following, but this is the way that no one talks about that will get you real followers that are loyal and engaging.