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45 Homemade Easter Card Ideas (Easy & Fun)

45 Homemade Easter Card Ideas (Easy & Fun)

Do you want to save a bit of money and make your own Easter card? Here are some homemade Easter card ideas that will impress others!

These ideas for Easter cards are easy to make. 

Also, I will give different Easter greetings you can use to make your own Easter cards!

homemade easter card ideas

Easter Card Ideas

Bunny and egg stamps

bunny egg stamps easter card

You can try out various stamps to get the perfect look for your handmade Easter cards.

Using stamp sets, you can even use negative space to cut out a bunny from an egg to make a cute design like our example above.


embossed easter card

Make Easter card ideas pop with embossing.

You can combine stamps with embossing techniques to create fantastic Easter looks.

For example, take a look at this pin which shows an embossed reed landscape with bunnies in the front.

More embossing

homemade easter card ideas

You can even cut out your writing on the front and add it on top of the embossing.

This can create a fun and funky look that works with many other techniques.

Try mixing and matching with different methods you learn on our list!

Paint chip Easter eggs

paint chip easter egg card

One simple way you can make Easter cards diy is by cutting out Easter eggs from paint chip samples and arranging them on a card.

This can be a simple wreath, a basket of eggs, or maybe some eggs hiding in a forest.

These are excellent Easter card ideas for kids.

Textured paper eggs

textured paper easter egg card

Like the above, you can cut out pieces of textured paper to make eggs for your Easter cards ideas.

These have simple yet practical designs that can be done super fast.

Try to pick the perfect spot to punch out your eggs in the pattern of each textured paper for the best effect!

Using ribbon

easter card with ribbon

Adding a strip of ribbon across the card is always a nice touch.

Make sure to tie a bow, and maybe even add a little gem or sequin to give it some sparkle.

On this card, in particular, we can see the use of beautiful, 3D paper butterflies as well!

Bunny behinds

homemade easter card ideas

One of the cuter ideas on the list, you can try making a bunny behind out of paper cutouts!

It’s a bit easier to do than a rabbit face and makes for a great gag.

You can even make the tail out of a little present bow.

Cracked egg

cracked egg easter card

This is one of the more complicated Easter card-making ideas on the list, but you can make an adorable, interactive card.

By having one half of the cracked egg on an extra piece of card paper with a hinge, you can hide a little chick inside!

Abstract designs

abstract easter card

Try incorporating some abstract designs in your diy Easter cards.

The swirling patterns in ones like this bring hand made Easter cards to life!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the designs that most appeal to you.

Try a Cross

easter card with cross

For some, religious imagery is an excellent choice for Easter.

They’ll appreciate that you know them well and are attempting to connect to them on a spiritual level.

You don’t have to make the cross too complicated for it to work, making it a solid choice for a diy project.

Multiple cutouts

multiple cutout easter card

Try a pattern of multiple cutouts for one of many cute Easter card ideas.

This is especially great for kids who will find these fun to look at.

Consider different ways you can use cutouts in creative ways like the example above!

Try multiple patterns

multiple pattern easter card

This card is an excellent example of using multiple patterns to achieve a colorful effect on your diy Easter cards.

Again, the different designs seem to clash but work together here in a chaotic but pleasing way.

Use the negative space of a cutout

easter egg cutout card

These types of Easter egg cards use the negative space in a cutout of the card to show off the colors of the Easter egg below.

It’s a simple way to add some character to your greeting card without much extra work.

Use string

easter card using string

By cutting out and gluing down a piece of colored string tied in a bow, you can get a great 3D effect on your diy Easter card with homemade materials.

The string can be used to make a nest or for decorative effect!

Use a feather

easter card using feather

Feathers are another excellent accessory for cute homemade Easter cards, representing the nest that the eggs might be found in.

Making Easter cards doesn’t have to be too complicated! 

Add abstract writing

abstract writing easter card

Throwing in an egg or other Easter object with some abstract writing on it can add a certain charm and aesthetic to your handmade Easter cards.

The writing can mean lots of different things.

The main purpose is to add to the overall feel of the card. 

Go for a contemporary, natural aesthetic

contemporary easter cards

One classier style you can try is some neutral and beige tones on white for a highly contemporary look on easy Easter cards.

This style is great for friends and family for want a more tasteful card.

Trying using recycled card stock

recycled card stock easter cards

For the more environmentally friendly, you can use recycled card stock and make your Easter cards diy just a little bit better for the world.

These make simple and great Easter cards homemade.

Using a tag instead of a card

easter tag card

Try a tag instead of an Easter card craft to switch things up a bit, as these are great alternative diy Easter cards for kids.

These can be made just as memorable and fit right onto a bag or present, making them more direct!

Fold-out cards

fold out easter card

Try your hand at a fold-out card to make your handmade Easter cards more memorable.

They are super simple to do, and you can use special paper patterns to add more color.

Lookup a tutorial online and you should be good to go. 

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day! Check out these Mother’s Day card ideas for inspiration.

Leaving the negative of an object

negative space cross easter card

A great example of this is using a cross, which you can lay out on your card and spray paint, glitter, or whatever else over, leaving the object’s negative on your Easter diy cards.

This is a fun, high-impact way to get the look you want for your homemade Easter cards.

Painting inside an egg

flower painting inside easter egg card

Almost the inverse of the above, you can take an egg shape and paint only within it for your own take on homemade Easter cards ideas.

It’s just like painting an Easter egg but on paper!

Easter wreath

easter wreath card

Go for an Easter wreath with eggs for a classic yet charming look.

There are lots of variations possible here, so get creative with it.

The wreath can involve feathers, twigs, ribbon, and all sorts of other creative materials as well.


cross stitched easter card

Although more difficult than others on the list, if you are a fan of cross-stitching, you can even cross-stitch a small cover for a personalized Easter card diy.

Your family and friends will really appreciate the effort if you put the time into it!

Try gluing beads to your card

easter card using beads

Beadwork is another creative way to add a personal touch to your Easter card ideas, adding some texture and weight to your gift.

It can be a bit tricky to get the spacing perfect, you can sometimes just add to the charm.

Use textured paper

textured paper easter card

Textured paper or cardstock can add real dimension to your handmade Easter card ideas.

Not only will it make them pop, by mixing and matching a few different ones, but you can also give your cards real character.

Layering cutouts

layered cutout easter card

You can try your hand at layering cutouts for the more advanced crafters out there to create a scene on the front of your homemade Easter card.

It can be a bit tricky to lay them on top of one another properly but done well, the effect is stunning.

Layering negative cutouts

layered negative cutout easter card

You can try the inverse of layering cutouts for an even more advanced trick.

Using the negative space of layers of cardstock, you can create an image that goes ‘into’ your Easter card crafts.

Use ribbons for egg designs

ribbon easter egg card

You can use special ribbon or lace strings on easy Easter cards to make egg patterns.

This is a simple yet fun way to create creatively painted eggs on your product.

Ribbons can be used in all sorts of ways so don’t feel limited to just the example here.

Try your hand at water painting

watercolor easter cards

It’s never a bad time to try something new, including water painting for bunny cards for Easter.

A good water painting set is quite affordable, so if you have an artistic mindset, why not try your hand at a water-painted scene for your homemade Easter card ideas.

Use a cotton bud for a bunny tail

easter bunny cards

Adding a simple cotton bud for a bunny tail is easy.

It’ll also add a nice touch to your Easter bunny card.

Even simple additions like this often go a long way for simple Easter cards.

Putting it all together

homemade easter card with various techniques

If you are looking for a challenge, you can try putting various techniques together to make Easter bunny cards.

You’ll get an immense amount of freedom of expression by going all out on your diy Easter cards ideas.

This one even uses a clever basket-weaving technique!


half hinge easter bunny cards

By cutting your Easter bunny cards in a certain way, you can create this lovely half-hinge style.

Next, you can look up how to make an Easter card with this style.

It’s straightforward to do and creates a distinct look.

Add flowers

easter card with flowers

Flowers are a great way to include a spring flair to your diy Easter card ideas when making your Easter cards handmade.

They are often simple to add as cutouts or similar and can add a lot of impact.

Double fold-out

double fold out easter card

If you are looking for a stunning design for your homemade Easter card, you can try your hand at the double fold-out.

It’s not too complicated and makes a big impact.

Just look up a good tutorial and you’ll have a real winner on your hands.

Use buttons

easter card with buttons

Clothes buttons can be a great accent idea for Easter cards.

They add a little charm to your happy Easter card ideas.

Try to coordinate the colors to work with the card overall. 

Framing a picture

framed picture easter card

A good technique to try is to frame a stamp or picture on your home made Easter cards with construction paper or similar underneath to create a more elevated look.

This technique can be used on a variety of different projects, so keep it in mind whenever you’re wondering what to do.

Elevated card stock

elevated cardstock easter egg card

Adding thick, elevated card stock to make your own Easter cards can really strengthen their look.

This example uses multiple layers to create many dimensions, adding to the card’s design.

Watch for symmetry

symmetrical easter egg card

These symmetrical style Easter cards to make at home are easy to do but provide great handmade Easter cards to make.

The well-organized nature presents a store-bought feeling while still having a lot of personality. 

Egg nests

egg nest easter card

Egg nests using string or twigs are great Easter card ideas to make rustic, homemade cards.

They add some texture to a card that makes them much more memorable to the receiver. 

For fun, you can add some feathers or other bird motifs to add to the nest look. 

Making an egg sleeve

egg sleeve easter card

You can go for an egg sleeve using an extra slip of paper for your Easter card making so that it looks like the eggs are nestled into the card itself.

It’s not too hard of a technique yet adds a considerable flair to your card.


easter card with butterflies

Although not directly related to Easter, the spring vibes of butterflies make a great choice that will pop for an easy Easter card.

These are cute Easter cards to make for those who love the beautiful bugs!

Fully-embellished cross

embellished cross easter card

If you are feeling very fancy with your Easter card ideas to make, you can go for a fully-embellished cross.

This could include a ribbon across the back and some decorations in the front. 

Ombre effects

easter card with ombre effect

Although another difficult technique to pull off, an ombre effect can add to Easter cards to make at home.

It’s when one color fades into another color gradually, which can be seen in this example. 

Basket weaving

easter basket easter card

You can use either wood chips or straw to weave a little basket pattern for the front of your handmade Easter card.

This can add some character and is sure to be noticed.

You can do the weave pattern in a different area then cut it out and glue it to the card if that’s easier. 

What to Write on an Easter Card

happy easter tag

There are a few different categories of Easter card greeting you may be interested in, so I’ve mixed in some classic, some homemade religious Easter card ideas, and some hopeful ones:

Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter and God bless.
  2. Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter.
  3. Cheers to a happy, hoppy Easter to you!
  4. Sending you warm wishes and good tidings this Easter.
  5. Hoping you have a wonderful, heartwarming Easter.

Religious Easter Greetings

  1. For this season of rebirth, wishing you and your family a fresh and renewed year ahead.
  2. Praying for a happy Easter for you during this time of our risen Lord and Savior.
  3. In celebration of the miracle of Easter, wishing you a blessed time.

Easter Greetings of Hope

  1. After this challenging winter we’ve had, here’s wishing you a happy and renewed spring after Easter. 
  2. Cheers to new life and new opportunities. Happy Easter.
  3. The flowers are soon to bloom and the trees are budding. So, let the snow in your heart melt and open yourself up to the world again. Happy Easter.


I hope these easy diy Easter cards help you be a bit more creative around the holiday. 

There are various Easter cards ideas from handmade bunny card ideas, Easter egg ideas, and many others. 

I hope you have a festive time crafting your own diy Easter card ideas!