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37 Spring Drawing Ideas (Easy & Fun)

37 Spring Drawing Ideas (Easy & Fun)

Do you want something easy to draw that conveys the spring season? Are you looking for spring drawing ideas that you can draw in minutes?

There are many spring season ideas you can draw.

Let’s get started with easy ideas you can do right now that will help you how to draw spring.

spring drawing ideas



When you think of spring drawing, then drawing a garden is a must!

A garden includes all the signs of spring.

The flowers blooming, the grass growing, and the plants and the trees towering the landscape.



Seeds are a simple thing you can draw that will show the spring season.

Plus drawing seeds only takes minutes and can be used on homemade greeting cards or craft decorations.

Garden Tools

spring drawing idea of garden tools

You can fill your sketchbook with doodles of garden tools.

This easy spring drawing idea alone can fill pages and pages of your journal or sketchbook.



I love how small yet epic pond drawings can be.

They are a spring drawing idea that can convey so much.

From the small water area to the lily pads, to the stone rubble, tall stalks of grass, flowers reaching for the sky, and so much more, ponds are their own mini-worlds.

The best part of all this is all aspects of ponds are easy to draw!


how to draw rainbow

When you try to draw a spring drawing, a rainbow must be in it.

Rainbows are the magical sign of the spring season.

In addition, anyone that knows how to draw an upside-down letter u will also know how to draw a rainbow.

That’s why a rainbow is an easy spring drawing to make.

Everyone knows how to draw a rainbow, but this tutorial brings something extra.


cartoon kids at graduation

Graduation usually happens during spring, and that’s why it’s a great spring drawing idea.

It’s a timely event that echoes the start of something promising, which is what spring is.


how to draw the sun

Drawing a sun is an easy drawing you can do that signifies the spring season!


spring drawing idea of kites

Kite drawings filling the sky is an innocent and fun spring drawing idea.

You can really show the energy and the motion of the kites by the way you draw the kite tails and kite strings.

They are easy to draw and yet can convey the joy of the spring season in a wonderful way.


picnic basket on blanket

What would the spring season be without a picnic?

When you’re making drawings of the spring season, then drawing a picnic scene is a must!


how to draw a campfire

More people start to do camping in the spring season.

Drawing a camping fire is an easy spring drawing idea.

You can draw a simple camping scene with a fire on logs.

Or you can draw a more detailed campground with people around the camp fire.

Or you can even add tents, maybe an RV camper, or even some animals or a lake.



Ladybugs are another surefire sign of the spring season.

They are colorful and easy to draw.

You can draw them large to show the intricate patterns on their bodies or draw them small on plant leaves.


how to draw grass

Grass is an important element for many spring season scenes.

This tutorial makes it easy for you to get creating in no time!


how to draw a bunny in a basket step 16

When looking for a spring drawing idea, why not try drawing a bunny in a basket?

A rabbit is synonymous with the spring season, and the basket is a nice indication of the Easter holiday.

Plus a bunny in a basket with make a cute drawing on homemade holiday card.


cartoon bee

Where would flowers be without bees?

Bees are responsible for the flowers blooming.

In other words, we wouldn’t have the magic of spring without them!

They are easy to draw and can be drawn in so many different ways.


cartoon boy playing baseball

Baseball is the sport of the spring season.

If you’re looking to draw something other than flowers then try drawing simple characters playing baseball.


how to draw rain

Everybody thinks of the rain when it comes to the spring season.

Drawing rain is a simple spring sketch idea you can do in minutes!


house plant

A houseplant is an easy spring sketch idea you can draw while you’re thinking about other things.


boat painting

The spring season is the start of people going on boats.

With a few lines, you can have an easy drawing of a boat.


how to draw a rose

Flowers are great spring drawing ideas, and a rose is one of the most iconic flowers you can draw!

Here’s an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a rose.


how to draw a sunflower

Spring is filled with blossoming flowers and everyone loves sunflowers.

They are beautiful and generally indicative of a better time.

Drawing a sunflower is a great springtime sketch!


how to draw a tulip

As far as spring drawing ideas go, learning how to draw adorable tulips is fun.

You can enjoy getting the most out of this simple spring drawing whether it is for fun or presentation.


how to draw a deer step by step

A nice way to have your spring season drawing filled with flowers complete is by drawing a deer.

Learn how to draw a deer with this step-by-step tutorial that makes it easy to draw this woodland creature.


How to Draw Cute Dogs Easy Step by Step

Dogs are popular animals.

There’s nothing like drawing a dog to go along with your spring season sketches!

Cat in a Box

how to draw cat in a box

You might like cats more than dogs.

Learning how easy it is to draw a cat in a box.


how to draw a bird

Birds chirping in the air is an early sign of the spring season.

Learn how to draw a small bird in this easy tutorial.

Enjoy giving it a shot!


how to draw a daffodil

Daffodils are beautiful flowers to draw as a spring drawing idea.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to draw a daffodil of your own!

A Shoe

how to draw a shoe

Shoes are a symbol of people walking, jogging, or running.

They can also be a spring season drawing idea.

You can draw a pair of shoes or draw some dirt and a mini garden in the shoe!

This easy tutorial can help you with that.

Holding Hands

how to draw holding hands

Like flowers blossoming in the spring season, holding hands is a sign of love blossoming in the air.

Drawing them might not be that simple, but it sure is fun.


how to draw clouds

You can make an easy spring sketch by drawing clouds and the sun in the sky.

Enjoy learning how to draw them with this easy tutorial!

Oak Leaves

how to draw oak leaves

As spring makes flowers and tree leaves blossom, drawing these are a great thing to include in your spring sketches.

Learn how to draw oak leaves here.

A Beach Ball

how to draw a beach ball

Spring is the time when people start to go to the beaches.

It’s also a great spring drawing idea to sketch a beach scene with a beach ball!

A Lake

how to draw a lake

If you are looking for an excuse to draw a simple spring scene, then look no further!

This is an easy tutorial that can help you set the scene.

A Beach

draw beach

This is a perfect and easy scene to draw to goes well with the beach ball suggested above.

This is one tutorial that is easy and will make you want to dive right in!


draw waves

The ocean is a beautiful scene to draw.

You will have a ton of fun drawing these waves.

They are a great go-to drawing to decompress!

A Heart

how to draw a heart

Spring and love go hand in hand.

What better way to show a spring season drawing than sketching love itself!

A Bird Nest

how to draw a birds nest

If you want to fill your sketchbook with spring sketches, but you want something that is simple then a bird’s nest might be the best!

Spring is the time for the start of new life, and there is no better simple way than drawing a few eggs with a nest.

A Feather

how to draw a feather

You can draw flowers along with these feathers to showcase the spring season.

You’d be surprised at how fun feathers can be to draw!


If you’re looking for how to draw the spring season, there are many simple ideas you can draw that will showcase spring.

Whether you’re looking to draw a few things that capture the spring season or a whole scene that gives the vibe of the season, this post has many great ideas!