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How to Draw a Canary

How to Draw a Canary

Learn how to draw a canary in 5 easy steps. Unleash your animal drawing skills with these step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw canary step 1

Draw an egg shape that is cut in half for our canary’s head.

Next, draw a round shape for the canary’s body. Then, draw a triangular shape for the tail feathers.

Step 2

draw canary step 2

Draw a circle for the eyes of our canary. Next, draw a triangle for the beak.

Then, draw in the feet.

Step 3

draw canary step 3

Draw the wings. Always draw the big shape of things first, and then we can add the details of the wing in the upcoming step.

Step 4

draw canary step 4

Erase most of the guidelines we drew from the previous simple shapes we made for our canary.

Step 5

draw canary step 5

Add in the details of feathers and draw in a tree branch for our canary to stand on.