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How to Draw a Cat

How to Draw a Cat

This is the easiest way to learn how to draw a cat.

If you can draw ovals and squiggly lines then you can draw a realistic cat.

Step 1

draw cat step 1

Draw four oval-like shapes. The top oval is for the cat’s head.

The remaining ovals are for the cat’s body.

Step 2

draw cat step 2

Draw our cat’s eyes, ears, and tail. Draw a curved line that connects the head to the body.

Step 3

draw cat step 3

Draw lines and circles to represent our cat’s legs and the joints in the legs.

Draw a curved line, which will be the front side of the neck. This connects the head and body.

Step 4

draw cat step 4

Using the guidelines from the previous steps, draw in the legs. Draw the cat’s nose and indent for the cat’s snout.

Step 5

draw cat step 5

Erase some of the shape guidelines we drew in the previous steps.

Step 6

draw cat step 6

Draw in the detail. We will use zigzag lines and squiggly lines to give the illusion of all the fur detail.