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5 Easy Steps to Draw a Turtle

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Turtle

Learn how to draw a turtle in 5 easy steps. Follow along these images and unleash your ability to draw animals!

Step 1

draw turtle step 1

Start by drawing 2 round forms. One for the turtle head and the other for the shell.

Then, draw 4 more for the turtle’s legs.

Step 2

draw turtle step 2

Draw a circle for our turtle’s eye, a line for its mouth, and a curved line for to separate the top of the shell and the underside of it.

Step 3

draw turtle step 3

Draw a line that connects the underside of the shell to the front legs.

Next, draw another line for the underside.

Then, draw the tail and other back leg.

Step 4

draw turtle step 4

Erase some of the guidelines we drew in the previous steps.

Step 5

draw turtle step 5

Add detail to our turtle. For the turtle shell, think about how it’s round so we will draw lines that are curved. This helps gives the illusion that the shell is a round object.

The turtle’s skin is rough and has some scales, so we’ll draw some geometric shapes. We’ll draw black shapes and lines grouped together for the shadow.

The squiggly lines on the shell help give it an organic feel.