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How to Draw a Jellyfish

How to Draw a Jellyfish

Unleash your skills to draw a jellyfish with these easy step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw jellyfish step 01

Draw an oval-like shape. This is for the main body of our jellyfish.

Step 2

draw jellyfish step 02

Draw a rectangular-like shape without the top line. This is for the “tail” of our jellyfish.

Step 3

draw jellyfish step 03

Draw a curved line on top of the rectangular shape. Our jellyfish should have a mushroom shape at this time.

Step 4

draw jellyfish step 04

Within the rectangular shape, draw flowing shapes that are almost like flower petals.

Step 5

draw jellyfish step 05

Erase the shape guidelines we don’t need.

Step 6

draw jellyfish step 06

Redraw the curved line in the main jellyfish body as a waved line.

This will help our jellyfish look more lifelike in the end.

Step 7

draw jellyfish step 07

Similar to the previous step, lets redraw the bottom of the flower petal shapes as waved lines.

Step 8

draw jellyfish step 08

Draw a shadow underneath the waved line in the main body.

This will help make the “tail” appear to go inside the main body area.

Step 9

draw jellyfish step 09

Draw curved lines on top to help make the surface appear round.

Step 10

draw jellyfish step 10

Draw lines for the jellyfish tentacles.