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How to Draw a Swan

How to Draw a Swan

Unleash your animal drawing skills by learning how to draw a swan. Follow along with these step-by-step images and you’ll be a pro at drawing a swan.

Step 1

draw swan step 1

Draw two ovals. The top oval is for the head of our swan.

The bottom oval is for its body.

Step 2

draw swan step 2

Draw two curved lines that connect the swan’s head and body.

Step 3

draw swan step 3

Draw the eye and beak.

Step 4

draw swan step 4

Draw curved lines for the swan’s wings and some football shapes for the group of feathers.

Step 5

draw swan step 5

Draw a “W” shape above the beak. This shape wraps around our swan’s head and connects the two eyes.

Step 6

draw swan step 6

Draw more feathers.

Step 7

draw swan step 7

Erase some of the guidelines from the basic shapes we drew.

Step 8

draw swan step 8

Add black to the beak area. Draw curved and zigzag lines that wrap around the swan’s neck.

Draw more feathers on the swan’s wings.

Step 9

draw swan step 9

Draw some water underneath our swan. Now we have an elegant and graceful swan!