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How to Draw a Lion

How to Draw a Lion

Unleash your ability to master drawing a lion with this easy step-by-step tutorial. We’ll be drawing a side view of a lion walking.

Step 1

draw lion step 1

Draw an oval and a smaller circle on the left side of the larger oval. This is the head of our lion.

Step 2

draw lion step 2

Draw a larger oval to the right of the oval for the lion’s head. This is for the lion’s front leg.

After that, draw a smaller circle but larger than the oval for the head. This is for the back leg and the lion’s butt.

Step 3

draw lion step 3

Next, we’ll draw some simple lines for the lion’s legs and small circles to represent the joints in the legs.

Add a curved line from the lion’s head to the butt. This is the lion’s spine. From the butt, we draw a line to represent the tail.

Draw a rectangular shape for the lion’s lower jaw.

Step 4

draw lion step 4

Let’s lighten the lines. On top of the lines, draw a darker line.

Step 5

draw lion step 5

Continue to draw darker lines on top of the initial basic shapes.

Step 6

draw lion step 6

Draw the lion’s eyes, draw some dots on the lion’s muzzle, and a black shape for the nose.

Add the lion’s mane on top of its head. Draw in the hair on the end of the tail.

Step 7

draw lion step 7

Erase all the ovals, circles, and lines we used as a guide. If you want, you can draw in more hair in the mane.