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How to Draw a Peacock

How to Draw a Peacock

Unleash your ability to draw a peacock with these easy-to-follow step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw peacock step 1

Draw a circle for the peacock’s head. Next, draw a larger oval for the peacock’s body.

Step 2

draw peacock step 2

Draw a curved line that goes from the peacock’s head to its body.

Next, draw another curve at the end of the large oval. This will be our peacock’s feathers.

Then, sketch in the legs and ground.

Step 3

draw peacock step 3

Draw in the beak, eyes, and curve for the top of the neck.

Next, draw in some curved lines for the feathers on the peacock’s body.

Step 4

draw peacock step 4

Draw in some hairs that will go on the peacock’s head.

Next, sketch more details for the peacock’s beak and eyes.

Third, draw in feathers for the peacock’s wing.

Step 5

draw peacock step 5

Draw zigzag lines, curved lines, and oval shapes for our peacock’s feathers. Draw in a bit more detail on the hairs on the peacock’s head.

Step 6

draw peacock step 6

Erase the guidelines that we don’t need anymore.

Step 7

draw peacock step 7

Draw in more feathers. Add some grass to the ground.