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How to Draw an Octopus

How to Draw an Octopus

Unleash your skills to draw an octopus! These step-by-step images make it easy and fun!

Step 1

draw octopus step 1

Draw an oval for the octopus head.

Within the oval draw two smaller circles. These are the eyes of the octopus.

It helps to imagine the eyes as a pair of goggles that are wrapped around the head.

Step 2

draw octopus step 2

Draw a rectangular shape below the head. This will be the octopus’ body.

Step 3

draw octopus step 3

Draw one octopus tentacle. Think of the tentacle as a cylinder shape that gets narrow at the end.

Step 4

draw octopus step 4

Draw the remaining octopus tentacles.

Try to make the tentacles bend and curl as much as possible. This makes the octopus more lively.

Step 5

draw octopus step 5

Erase guide lines from the basic shapes we drew to help us draw the head, body, and tentacles.

Step 6

draw octopus step 6

Draw the details on the tentacles.

Step 7

draw octopus step 7

Draw the eyes and the octopus head flap that wraps around the head.