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How to Draw a Red Panda

How to Draw a Red Panda

Unleash your ability to draw a red panda by following these step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw red panda step 1

Draw an oval for the red panda’s head.

Step 2

draw red panda step 2

Draw a second oval for the body of our red panda.

Step 3

draw red panda step 3

Draw lines for the red panda’s legs and circles for the joints in the legs.

Step 4

draw red panda step 4

Draw the red panda legs using the lines and circles as a reference.

Step 5

draw red panda step 5

Draw the tail for our red panda and then its ears, circles for the eyes and nose, and a line for our red panda’s mouth.

Step 6

draw red panda step 6

Erase all the guidelines from the simple shapes we used to help create our furry friend.

Step 7

draw red panda step 7

Draw the fur on the red panda by using zigzag lines. Add the eyes, darken the nose, and draw whiskers.