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How to Draw a Seahorse

How to Draw a Seahorse

Unleash your animal drawing skills and learn how to draw a seahorse like a pro! Follow these step-by-step images to learn how to draw a seahorse easily!

Step 1

draw seahorse step 1

Draw a circle for the seahorse head.

Draw a curved carrot shape for the seahorse body.

Step 2

draw seahorse step 2

Draw a curved plus sign on the seahorse’s head. This will help us draw the seahorse’s eyes and nose.

Step 3

draw seahorse step 3

Draw an oval in front of the seahorse’s head. This is for its nose.

Draw a triangular shape for the fin.

Step 4

draw seahorse step 4

Draw two curved lines to connect the nose to the head.

Step 5

draw seahorse step 5

Draw two ovals for the seahorse’s eyes.

Next, draw a curved line to connect the head to the body.

Step 6

draw seahorse step 6

Draw a jagged line around the seahorse. Avoid drawing a jagged line around its nose and fin.

Step 7

draw seahorse step 7

Erase all guidelines.

Step 8

draw seahorse step 8

Draw the details of the eyes, nose, the jagged texture of the seahorse, and the seahorse fin!