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How to Draw a Sloth

How to Draw a Sloth

Unleash your skills to draw a sloth. Follow along with these step-by-step images and learn how to draw a sloth easily.

Step 1

draw sloth step 1

Draw an oval for the sloth’s head.

Step 2

draw sloth step 2

Inside the oval, draw two smaller circles for the sloth’s eyes.

Next draw a larger oval for the sloth’s nose and a curved line for the mouth.

Step 3

draw sloth step 3

Draw a bean-shaped curved line for the sloth’s body.

Step 4

draw sloth step 4

Draw the sloth’s arms.

Step 5

draw sloth step 5

Draw a “Y-shaped” tree bark in front of our sloth.

Step 6

draw sloth step 6

Draw the sloth’s legs.

Step 7

draw sloth step 7

Draw a curved line that will act like the hairline for the sloth.

Draw the patterns around the sloth’s eyes and nostrils. Then, draw the sloth’s claws.

Step 8

draw sloth step 8

Erase the guidelines we made from drawing the simple shapes.

If you want a cartoony version of our sloth you can actually stop here.

Step 9

draw sloth step 9

Draw zigzag lines and jagged lines to represent the sloth’s fur. Add details to the tree bark.

As an option, you can draw leaves underneath our sloth.