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How to Draw a Raccoon

How to Draw a Raccoon

Unleash your ability to draw a raccoon. Follow these step-by-step images to learn how to draw a raccoon.

Step 1

draw raccoon step 1

Draw a rounded trapezoid shape for the raccoon’s head.

Step 2

draw raccoon step 2

Draw ears on the raccoon’s head.

Next, draw two circles for the eyes, a circle for the nose, and a curved line that looks like the letter W for the mouth.

Step 3

draw raccoon step 3

Draw a curved line that connects to the bottom of the raccoon’s head. This is for the body.

Step 4

draw raccoon step 4

Draw the legs of the raccoon. Next draw its feet.

Step 5

draw raccoon step 5

Draw the raccoon’s arms and hands.

Step 6

draw raccoon step 6

Draw the raccoon’s tail.

Step 7

draw raccoon step 7

Erase the guidelines from the basic shapes we used to create the raccoon.

Step 8

draw raccoon step 8

Draw in the patterns on the raccoon’s face, the pupils, the stripes on the raccoon’s tail, and the hands and feet.

If you want a simple cartoony drawing of a raccoon, then you can stop here.

Step 9

draw raccoon step 9

Let’s add a little bit more realism to our raccoon and draw curved and zigzag lines for the fur.

Doing this adds much more life and cuteness to our raccoon.