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5 Easy Steps to Draw a Sheep

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Sheep

Learn how to draw a sheep in 5 easy steps. Follow along with these images and you’ll be a pro at drawing a sheep in no time!

Step 1

draw sheep step 1

Draw a vase-like shape for our sheep’s head. Next, draw in 3 round shapes for its body.

Step 2

draw sheep step 2

Draw a circle for our sheep’s eye. Next, draw a small vase-like shape for the nostril.

Then, draw in lines and circles for the placement of our sheep’s legs.

Step 3

draw sheep step 3

Draw the overall shape or outline of our sheep. Next, draw the ear.

Step 4

draw sheep step 4

Erase some of the guidelines of the simple shapes we drew in the previous steps.

Step 5

draw sheep step 5

Draw in the eye and darken the nose. Next, draw in the puffs of our sheep’s fur.

Adding in the shadows is optional. If you want to add them in, you can look at the overall shape of the shadow and fill it in with lines layered on top of each other.