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21 Fun & Brilliant Ways to Organize Kids Art Supplies

21 Fun & Brilliant Ways to Organize Kids Art Supplies

Are you searching for some amazing ways to organize kids’ art supplies? Organizing your art supplies is another approach that can make you a more productive person in your daily life.

An artist’s drawing tools should be in the desired place to make things better in the long run. So, do not wait any more, and let’s get started on these brilliant ways to help you get organized!

Here are 21 brilliant ways for them to organize kids’ art supplies. These simple but practical art supply storage solutions are ideal for your tiny artists, and they can maintain most of these innovative storage solutions independently. 

Basics to organize kids art supplies and crafts: 

Do you know properly organized and defined art supplies storage is a way to teach children a bit of management? I also use this technique to teach kids to clean up things and space where they work. An organized system of kids’ art supplies encourages and motivates them to do art projects and make fabulous creations. To organize kids’ art supplies most efficiently, it is necessary to understand a few basics (I have learned them the hard way!)

  • The hardest step to follow: Throw away any unused art supplies, especially ones that have never been used. (Donating never used art supplies online to a charity is the best way to eliminate these.)
  • Sort the art supplies into different groups of similar items to make things easier to find.
  • Determine your storage solutions according to the variety of supplies you have and use tags to label these storage containers and baskets.
  • You can use a caddy or tiered tray to store the most used supplies and buy art supplies online for replenishment.

21 smart and clever ways to organize kid’s art supplies:

Of course, having a wall rack with so many shelves and custom-painted jars and boxes is your expected way to organize things, but here I have gathered a few out-of-the-way ideas to make things more practical. Here are 21 innovative ways to organize your kid’s art supplies:

1. A cupboard with all-in-one storage:

cupboard with all in one storage

You can use a cupboard with many built-in shelves that can be ideally used as an art and craft supplies storage unit. Just remove its doors and drawers and paint it with bright and funky colors and place jars, baskets, containers, and boxes full of art supplies. Dedicate one or two shelves for art workbooks and sheets. You can label every single shelf for a particular type of craft.

2. Get an Art cart:

small basket art cart

I would recommend you to purchase an art cart with wheels, specially designed to store art supplies from any store. You can put small baskets on their shelves for different art supplies like markers, crayons, watercolors, stamps and stamp pads, scissors, etc. designate the topmost shelf of these carts for regular art supplies that your kids use regularly. On the second shelf, keep things that are not used so often, and on the last one, you can put color books, paint books, and their artwork. 

This is the technique that I have used and had been pretty successful for me.

3. Hanging Spot for craft storage:

organize kids art supplies with small shelves

You can hang small shelves or cabinets with glass doors to store craft items for your kids. But I would recommend, never hang these shelves too high that they become out of the reach of little hands.

4. Use Peg Boards:

pegboard organizer

Pegboards are used in different workshops to store and organize tools to quickly choose the most important one for them to use later. When you think about a pegboard for your child’s art materials, you’ll soon realize that it will help you arrange them in the best way possible.

Pegboards provide you the opportunity to set up a beautiful supply station for your kids. You can hang carts to keep jars and artwork books and use threads to hang art tools for your kids. One of the things that I like about the pegboard is that it is not that expensive.

5. Organizer over the door:

organizer over door

You can use different door organizers as the perfect art supplies storing option. I would say this storage idea is effective for small rooms where you find no space for placing an extra cabinet or any other storage option for art supplies.

6. Create a corkboard wall:

corkboard wall organizer

Place a corkboard wall where you can display amazing artwork made by your kids. You can place a table just in front of that corkboard wall and put jars and baskets with art supplies under and on the table.

7. Hanging organizer with transparent pockets:

organize kids art supplies with a hanging pocket organizer

These hanging organizers are perfect for art supplies that include scissors, paint bottles, crayons, glue tubes, paper cutters, paint brushes, etc. It is easily accessible, and you can provide an individual slot for every single item.

8. Glass/Clear Containers:

glass jar

You can use large clear containers or glass jars to keep your kids art supplies and crafts. Designate a table, a cupboard, or a cabinet to keep these labeled containers or jars. You can also place these jars and containers under your child’s study table or under their bed to accommodate most things in a limited area. 

The thing I like about the clear containers are stackable, inexpensive, and are pretty much available everywhere. You can keep markers, foam cutouts, sticker packets, beads, needles, ribbons, buttons, and many more items in these.

9. Shower Caddy for limited art supplies:

storage caddy

A caddy is perfect for you if your kids don’t have too many supplies. This is perfect for holding few jars, scissors, papers, glue, and basic art essentials.

10. Use drawer dividers:

storage dividers

Side table drawers and desk drawers are also nice options to manage artwork supplies in a limited area. Keeping art essentials in these drawers is so handy and within your child’s quick reach. Use small containers as dividers to organize essentials and avoid stacking craft supplies to quickly find the available items.

These drawer dividers don’t take up a lot of room and quickly organize or store many art supplies at once. What you need to do is purchase one or two bins and put them in a convenient location in the room to store all of your child’s art supplies without taking up too much room. You may also use labels to assign each compartment a name for a particular art supply.

But from my experience, this hack would only work for a few days and you’ll be arranging things all over again.

11. Use a small cabinet hutch:

small cabinet hutch

An up-cycled hutch can be easily transformed into a compact art and craft supplies storage unit. Use covered containers, baskets, and jars for organized storage. Keep supplies on shelves inside cabinets according to their rare or often use. Add hanging storage to their doors for some extra space to manage more things in a small area.

12. Sleeve storage for photos, cards, and stickers:

storage sleeves

For photos, cards, stickers, stash die cuts, stencils, artwork, cuttings, and trading cards, plastic sleeves are ideal Use regular cardboard boxes or binder boxes to store sleeves upright on a shelf, table, or hanging storage.

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13. Serving pieces or tabletop tiered baskets:

tabletop basket storage

Want to have some fun when sorting your art supplies at home?

A spinning tabletop tiered basket or serving piece is a fantastic and entertaining way to store your child’s art materials. You can craft a spinning serving piece at home (if I can do it, anyone can do it). It is relatively inexpensive because it requires the use of PVC tubing, which is also relatively inexpensive.

This is one of the easiest and affordable options for organizing and keeping all your kids’ art supplies together. These serving sets and party platters organize art supplies such as scissors, colors, markers, paintbrushes, and markers. Choose platters that spin, add cups to sort the supplies, and grab your desired item from any angle.

14. Use planters and vases:

organize kids art supplies with planter and vase storage

You can use funky and stylish planters to store and showcase various kid’s supplies of different sizes. Tall paintbrushes, color pencils, scissors, glitter pens, and markers can be stored in vases and pitchers. You can also use squatty houseplant planters to hold pens and markers. These distinctly different art supplies look united and ordered on a bookshelf or tabletop when they’re grouped in like vessels.

15. Tool caddies are also useful:

tool caddy storage

Use tool caddies as a great storing option for kid’s art supplies. You can prepare customized tool caddies for children’s projects. These caddies are helpful to get everything organized and ready to go before start having fun, as well as a place for children to return materials when they’re done.

16. Mini-easels and clipboards:

mini easel supply storage

Clipboards and mini-easels are practical and attractive, making it simple for kids to pick up and start producing art anywhere, even without a table. These are lovely holders for blank paper and works-in-progress. Clipboards and easels can be used individually, but you can combine them for your kids to make a dynamic art shelf that varies daily.

17. Pails for storage:

pail storage to organize kids art supplies

Pails may also be used as organizers for kids’ art supplies. Add pockets to the sides to store small items like stamps, beads, buttons, pins, ribbons, etc. You can use these pails along with the other containers you’ve collected for your child’s cute art cart.

18. Shoe organizer to organize art supplies:

shoe organizer

Parents having small homes always remain worried about keeping their kid’s art supplies organized (which is a genuine concern). Using a shoe organizer to store kid’s art supplies is a wonderful idea to keep supplies handy and organized.

19. Magazine holders can hold your kid’s artwork:

magazine bin storage

Since flat products such as felt papers, foam sheets, and colored or patterned paper cannot be folded or stuffed, they can be difficult to store. These magazine bins are perfect for separate colored papers, worksheets, and paper scraps. You should have one for each group and make it simple for children to take what they require.

20. Never forget recycled containers:

recycled jars

Any container can be used to organize art supplies, just like mason jars. Pickle pots, sauce jars, jam jars, and other jars may all be cleaned, dried, and repurposed to store pins, beads, and other small products. Don’t toss out your light snack or coffee containers and use them as cheap art storage for kid’s art supplies. These jars and containers can hold small objects like pencils, buttons, pins, needles, bobbins, and embellishments also, but you have to place these items wrapping them in pretty cloth. Mark the containers to quickly find things that your kid needs.

21. Sandwich bags can be a good storage option:

sandwich bag storage

It is an easy, handy, and cheap storage option to organize kid’s art supplies in a limited space. These sandwich bags with a particular art supply can be placed anywhere in the cupboard, cabinet, basket, under the table, or inside your kid’s bag. This art supplies storage option is handy and best for your child’s outdoor art and craft activities.


In this guide, I have discussed an array of opportunities and potentially have some fun in the process until you start thinking beyond the box and getting creative with your storage solutions. These suggestions cover most of the art supplies used by children, and you won’t need even all of them.

I have personally used a few of these organization techniques, so I can say some of them are easy to implement, while others may take some time to complete. But one thing is confirmed: you and your child will have many memories instead of finding a storage locker to store them. Choose the option most applicable to your needs and available space, and use it to make crafting much more enjoyable for your kids!