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39 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Art Supplies

39 Brilliant Ways to Organize Your Art Supplies

Are you searching for some amazing ways for how to organize art supplies? Organizing your art supplies is another approach that can make you a more productive person in your daily life. 

An artist’s drawing tools should be at the desired place to make things better in the long run.

So, do not wait any more, and let’s get started on these brilliant ways to help you get organized!

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How to organize craft supplies on a budget

The following are a few different ways by which you can easily organize the craft supplies on a limited budget:

1. Storage Set 

storage set

You can buy storage containers that are made up of clear plastic.

Always go for the one that has a transparent appearance; otherwise, you would need an additional purchase of tape to mention the product.

I am talking about the same containers that you might use for the pantry.

However, it doesn’t mean that the same containers would only belong to the same purpose.

It can become a good option for you to store pipe cleaners, paintbrushes, glitters, paints, and other tiny items.

2. Re-imagine Built-it Shelves

built in shelves

It would be best if you contained shelves inside your home; therefore, you can easily consider it as a one-stop-storage option for your entire craft supplies.


Well, you can take the help of a professional who could easily re-imagine the same shelf space for you.

You have the option to make subcategories of shelves inside it.

For that, you have to ask the professional to remove the drawers, doors, and other essentials from the built-in shelves.

Based on that, you would effortlessly place different bins, baskets, and jars in the same place by adding your desired craft supplies.

You can also take the help of labels, which can help you use every spot for a designated reason.

If you don’t want to spend money on professionals, you would also consider doing it independently.

3. Use Milk Glasses

organize supplies with milk glasses

Milk glasses are not only to give milk to children at home.

You can take advantage of these glasses to easily organize and store your craft supplies.

Let’s say you have an office and workspace to do the same craft-related things; then it would be an excellent option to use the milk glasses.

It is always hectic to store craft supplies but if you organize them correctly using the milk glasses, your art studio will never get messy.

These glasses are not expensive, and you would easily make the job done for yourself without any issue.

Later, you could also transform it from one place to another.

The best part is that you can also purchase a beautiful tray and put all these glasses on it.

So later, you can also put it on your Table for an attractive appearance.

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4. Use a Pegboard 


You may see pegboard in different workshops to store tools or organize them in the best way.

So later, they could instantly pick up the one that is most important for them to use.

When thinking about the pegboard for craft supplies, you will quickly get the same assistance to organize them in the best way.

You can easily purchase the pegboard from any desired hardware store in your town.

The best part about the pegboard is that it is’ not that expensive.

You can consider the one for yourself, and make sure to cut it down further as per your size demands.

You also need to purchase the hooks for Pegboards, which is also not an expensive investment.

Now, you can hold bins, containers, or anything else as per your preferences that are good enough to hold support for your craft supplies in a single area.

Last but not least, you can easily paste the Pegboard anywhere inside the room.

5. Use a Wine Rack or Glass

organize supplies with a wine rack

Another amazing way by which you can organize your art supplies is by using a wine rack or glass.

In wine racks, you can easily store your art supplies securely and in the correct position.

Wine racks usually come in various designs and sizes.

The size of a wine rack usually determines how many bottles or glasses it can hold. 

A wine rack has a glass shape, so you can easily put pencils, pens or paint brushes in the glasses.

6. Use Plastic or Glass Jars

glass jars

Jellies or jams usually come inside a canning jar; therefore, you would have it in your home already in a considerable amount.

It would be evident that you throw those jars, but you need to store them to organize embellishments like thread, buttons, and many more after reading this.

While using the canned jars, make sure to use those that are made up of transparent plastic or glass.

Therefore, you could easily display them in any organized space for easy and better identification.

7. Use Paint Brush Bouquets

empty jars as paint brush bouquets

You have the option to use empty jars to organize or store pencils, brushes, and other sort of relevant craft supplies.

Depending on the sizes and shapes, you would get more than one empty jars and place the same size and shapes of pencils, paintbrushes inside them.

Meanwhile, you can use the empty jars’ bottom side by placing rubber bands or other small items.

In this way, you would save a lot of space for yourself.

8. Use a Shoe Organizer to Store Art Supplies

shoe organizer

So, here comes another great way to store art supplies and it is using a shoe organizer.

If you are looking for a space to store paper or loose canvases, why not you try a hanging shoe organizer?

It is an amazing art supply. 

And the best thing is you can cut the bottom of a few segments so that the large papers or canvas can easily be stored.

9. Use a Cabinet or Shelve

cabinet for organizing supplies

You may get used shelves or cabinets from any service provider who deals with such products.

The used ones tend to come in a cheaper amount, and you could decorate them with your creativity to store the kid’s craft.

The idea is to use the cabinet or shelves by hanging them on any void wall space available in your home.

It would be best if you do it in the kid’s rooms, as it will be a great and closer option for them to take the craft supplies and put them back.

You can also find these other ideas to organize kids’ art supplies.

However, make sure to hang it on a length where the hands of your little kids would easily reach.

The cabinet or shelve needs to be supportive to hang a considerable amount of lighter craft supplies.

Apart from that, you can also use the paper towel holder and attach it to the shelves’ upper side to let the children store ribbons, Kraft papers, etc.

10. Use a Pillbox


Medical stores or hospitals usually use pillboxes to organize medicines and other things.

So when a medicine is needed, they can easily use it by considering the category.

You may contain different craft supplies that are very tiny in size.

Therefore, the chances are higher than they would get easily lost.

To handle such situations, you have the option to use the same pill boxes to keep dozens of small craft supplies inside them.

Meanwhile, you can use labels to easily recognize the things placed in every compartment of the pillbox.

11. Make a Mobile Craft Cart

mobile craft cart

You do contain scrapbook pages, stickers, craft papers, markers, and other stash tools in your home.

It would be in a considerable amount, so you would not easily handle it for now.

What if you could make a mobile craft cart for yourself to handle all these things in an organized and aesthetic way.

For that, you may need an old end table.

You can reconsider its appearance and make the table into a cart that provides you with different storage units.

Meanwhile, you will also get a lot of space at the top side of the table, where you can put different other craft supplies.

12. Use of Everyday Items to Organize Craft Supplies

organize art supplies with household items

There would be a lot of items already in your house that you may consider useless.

However, these items could become a significant reason to easily organize your craft supplies in a better and easy way.

Most importantly, using everyday items would not cost you a single amount of money in the investment.

But wait, what are those everyday items?

Well, those items would be from the kitchen, bathroom, or anything else.

Let’s say the old dishes and glasses now and don’t have much value in your kitchen cabinets.

You can use these items to store the crayons, scissors, tip-pens, and many other items.

You can also take the help of a platter or tray to keep these individual glasses in a single place.

13. Recycling of Coffee or Paint Cans

organize supplies with coffee cans

Everyone does have coffee or paint cans available in their home.

Check out the garage area as most of the people tend to place them in the same area.

Now, all you need is to recycle these cans to organize different craft items like pins, buttons, pencils, needles, and many more things.

You would also keep the entire thing much better and prettier by using your artistic skills.

Yes, you could use different designed sheets to paste on the cans’ outer layer to make it a more enchanting look.

You could quickly put all the items inside it and place them in an area where other items are also available.

14. Use of Spice Racks

spice racks to organize supplies

When you are artistic, you can find different helpful ways in everything that is in front of you.

If we talk about spice racks, they are one of the best ways to easily store and organize the craft supplies in your home or office.

You can make a giant storage tower by recycling the spice rack for all your crafting related supplies.

You have the option to organize Glitters, beads, buttons, brushes, and other embellishments.

Most importantly, you can take the help of glass jars for a better and easier way to organize these items.

15. Use of Plastic Sleeves

plastic sleeves

Plastic sleeves are available in a considerable amount to store trading cards, photos, and much other related stuff.

However, you can also make it useful to store or organize the craft supplies.

These supplies could be anything like sticker sheets, stencils, and relevant products on every plastic sleeves section.

Moreover, you can also take the help of a binder box, which later allows you to hang it on the shelf or any other place.

16. Use of Wire Shower Caddy 

shower caddy

With a shower caddy, you tend to use it for organizing bathroom stuff like soap, razors, washcloths, etc.

However, it can be an amazing cheap alternative to organize your supplies.

For now, you can also make it useful to organize or store your art supplies.

You can easily hang it anywhere inside the room and put wrapping supplies or anything else that will fit in it.

17. Use of Card box

organize art supplies with cardbox

Stickers might be one of the handiest art supplies for anyone, as it brings a lot of support to every artist.

If you have a considerable amount of small stash stickers, then storing or organizing them would be easier with a card box.

You can quickly put different stash smaller sticker characters on the dividers available in the card box.

Later, label them and use it as an art supply organizer.

18. Use of Ply-Wood and Tin Cans

tin cans

The colored pencils and crayons would be the most essential part of your artwork.

Therefore, it would be so important for you to organize them as well.

Otherwise, things will get messy when it would be harder for you to find the colored pencils as it isn’t placed at the right spot.

For that, you can use the plywood and tin can, and make it in a way to categorize every color combination.

You can also use the Drawer handle to get a perfect support for picking it up.

19. Use of Drop-down Desk

drop down desk

Another way of organizing the art supplies is possible with the help of a drop-down desk.

I don’t know how you have used it in the past or have ever seen in someone’s home and their purpose to use it.

However, it can be a handy option to store many art supplies in a single place easily.

The best part about the drop-down desk is that it doesn’t contain a lot of your space.

When not in use, you can fold it up to save a lot of space for yourself.

How to organize art supplies?

As said earlier, organizing your art supplies has a significant impact on your mind to become calm, relaxed, and delightful.

For an artist, getting to a messy place is not a good thing.

Also, it makes many hurdles to think creatively when there is a lot of mess in front of you.

Whether it’s your essential tools for drawing or any other art supplies, you have to keep them in the right place to make yourself feel calmer and continue the creative process without any hurdle.

Use any of the following ways to organize your art supplies

20. Reuse Food Jars to Store Paints

food jars to organize paint

Food jars are usually considered the best way to store art supplies particularly left over paints.

At times, when we complete a painting project, a little amount of paint is left in the paint bottle which can be used in the next painting projects but we do not want to keep that large bottle of paint to store a little amount of paint.

In such a case, the best option is to use food jars.

Just put the paint in the jar, write the color or brand of the paint on the lid or jar itself and you are good to go!

There are several food jars available in the market; you can use jars made up of glass or plastic.

Whatever type of food jar you use, make sure that it has a tight lid over the top to prevent the air from coming inside the jar. 

21. Use an Old Lampshade

lamp shade

Another useful method by which you can organize your art supplies in a better way is to use an old lampshade.

If you have finished several painting projects, then instead of keeping them on the table and creating messiness all around, you can use an old lampshade.

Paint the lampshade in your favourite color and hang your paintings on a lampshade with the help of paper clips.

In short, using an old lampshade is one of the cheapest ways to organize your finished paintings.

22. Use a Shoe Box

shoe box

Shoe box is one of the affordable options when it comes to storing art supplies.

If you have piles of materials in your art studio lying here and there, why not reuse a shoe box instead of buying expensive art storage containers.

Pencils, paint brushes, glue sticks, erasers, sharpeners, and other such small materials can be stored in small storage containers but the large art supplies are perfect to be stored in a shoe box.

You can put the art materials that may be required for a single painting project in one shoe box and so forth.

You can put shoe boxes separately in your art studio or you can make a DIY storage organizer using recycled shoe boxes.

23. Marker Briefcase

marker briefcase

If you have plenty of markers in your art studio and you need to organize them nicely, using a marker briefcase is an ideal option.

There are various plastic marker cases available in the market but you can make a briefcase yourself at home. 

Usually a briefcase with two grids is perfect to hold every marker upright.

The best thing is not only can you store markers inside the briefcase but if you remove the grids or panels, the case also becomes suitable for keeping other art supplies. 

24. Rotating Craft Caddy

rotating craft caddy

Want to try something fun at home while organizing your art materials? Why not use a rotating craft caddy?

A rotating craft caddy is an amazing yet a fun way to organize your art supplies whether it is graphite pencils, markers, pens, paintbrushes, etc. 

The good news?

You can make a rotating craft caddy at home. It is quite inexpensive as you need to use PVC pipes for it which are also very inexpensive.

How to organize acrylic paint supplies?

Acrylic paints become one of the hassles items when they are not properly organized in any space.

Otherwise, you will end up finding the desired paint hardly whenever you would require it to be used for paintings.

However, I am here to help you with organizing your acrylic paint supplies in a better way.

So, let’s discuss the different ways.

25. Use of Small Metal Shelf

small metal shelves

Small metal shelves are available in the market in a considerable amount.

You would easily check out various stores and get the one for yourself in a cheaper amount.

Otherwise, you may also purchase it in the past for your bathroom or kitchen as it is also used in these areas.

However, the idea for you is to reconsider the metal shelf, clean it, and place it in any desired place.

Most of the shelves do come with two different portions to let you place a considerable amount of items.

You can leverage the two portions of the metal shelves and put as many acrylic paints as you want, depending on the storage capacity.

26. Use of Decorative Shelves

decorative shelves

Decorative shelves are also available in a considerable amount in the market.

You can also use them to easily organize the acrylic paint in your room or any other place.

These shelves mostly hang on walls, so you would also need to find the wall that is available to easily hang the same shelves.

It comes with different sub-compartment or portions where you can place different categories of acrylic paint supplies at the same time.

It might not be a good option to use these shelves when you have a lot of supplies, but it would not be a bad way to organize these products. 

27. Use of Tray

metal tray

The tray can also become a handy option for you to organize the acrylic paint supplies without any hurdle.

In your situation, you would have a lot of supplies available.

Therefore, you can use a different amount of trays for the same purpose.

In the last, make sure to use the ones that contain perfect handle support on both sides.

So that you would easily move it around from one place to another.

Talking about where to place the supplies, so it all depends upon you. 

28. Use of Tiered Wire Basket stand

wired basket stand

Tiered Wire basket stands are mostly used by housewives to store or organize the vegetables and fruits in their homes.

However, it can also become one of the best ways to store or organize the acrylic paint supplies inside your home or office.

You would have different basket compartments to easily store every category of supplies in a considerable amount.

However, you need to decide the space before whenever considering this way to organize the supplies.


Because the weight of supplies would not allow you to pull them and transfer them to another space.

So, you would have to take out all the supplies again to transfer the basket. 

Therefore, it’s a good option to first decide the space and then put all the supplies based on their categories inside the stand.

29. Use of a wall cabinet

wall cabinet

A wall cabinet is one of the best ways by which you can store or organize your art supplies.

However, you can create a DIY wall cabinet to store or organize the acrylic paint supplies you can store several sizes of paint bottles, from a small bottle to a large-sized chalk paint bottle. 

You can buy a wall cabinet from an online store or you can create yourself.

The size of your paint bottles must be kept in view while buying a wall cabinet. 

30. Use a DIY Paint Storage Case

paint storage case

If you are running out of DIY ideas for organizing or storing the acrylic paints, then it’s a better option to purchase the case that is available in online stores or you can make it yourself.

You can easily put all the supplies inside the case and can also take it along anywhere else.

It’s a super cheap and quality product that can become a handy acrylic paint storage solution for you.

31. Use a Watercolor Palette

watercolor palette

If you are doing painting with the help of acrylic paint, then it’s evident to have different colors at the same time.

If you have to put the paint from scratch every time, then things will get more unorganized and messy for you every time. 

To handle these situations, you can easily consider the medicine case watercolor or acrylic paint palette to keep everything organized for you.

It’s dependent upon you to use the idea as per your creative mind.

32. Use a Nail Polish Rack

organize supplies with nail polish rack

Nail polish racks are also common things everyone would have in their homes.

Therefore, the use of the same racks can help you out to organize your acrylic paint supplies without much effort.

33. Use Cosmetic Organizers

cosmetic organizer

Cosmetic organizers come with good quality material to store brushes and other makeup products.

You could also use the same thing to organize the acrylic paint supplies.

How to organize art supplies in a small space?

34. Use of Hangers to Organize Fabrics 

wall hangers

Fabrics are mostly used when you do painting or other artistic stuff.

If you have a considerable amount of them and couldn’t find enough space to store or organize them, then the use of hangers are the best options for you.

Luckily, there are many hangers’ variations available online where you can get multiple-hangers stuck with a single hanger to hang lots of items without acquiring much space.

You can use them for the fabrics.

35. Use of Bins and Drawers

organize supplies with drawers and bins

Drawers and bins are available in a considerable amount in the market.

The doesn’t acquire a lot of your space and can easily organize or store many art supplies at the same time.

All you need is to buy one or two bins and place them in an ideal area of the room to store all the art supplies without taking much space.

You can also take the help of labels to give every compartment a name for the desired art supply.

36. Vertically store the Papers

paper storage

In the art supplies, you would see the paper as one of the major materials used.

However, you also have a considerable amount of paper stock at your home to easily use it every time you want.

You can take a small basket and organize the papers vertically to acquire less space.

37. Use of Open Containers

open containers

Open containers are also the best options to organize tiny sizes and shapes of art supplies when you have less space available.

Moreover, a pegboard that contains open and adjustable containers would be the best option for you in the same concern.

38. Use of Rolling Carts

rolling cart

If you don’t have any shelf for storing supplies, then a rolling cart would be the best option available.

You can put all the art supplies that you frequently use on the rolling cart and move it from one room to another.

The idea of organizing the art supplies is endless; you can put Kraft paper, pencils, paints, brushes, and all other stuff that you frequently use on each compartment available.

39. Use of Clothespin and Ribbon 

organize art supplies with clothespins

Sometimes decorating your room could also become a significant reason for you to store the art supplies.

For that, the use of clothespin and ribbons are the best option.

You can try your creativity to decorate your room and hang lots of art supplies in it.

The wall area would be the most outstanding option because it remains void even if you don’t have any space left inside the house.


Becoming an artist is not a big thing until or unless you don’t lack passion or interest.

However, it would make a lot of trouble in your artistic work when the supplies are not placed correctly.

If you leave it randomly in your room, it will later create stress and an unusual ambiance where you wouldn’t quickly get creative artistic ideas.

Apart from that, art supplies are very important to put in an organized way.

Why? Because you don’t know whenever you require it for work.

Therefore, not organizing it in the right place would create delays and hurdles for you just because you can’t find them.

So, if you want to know how to organize art supplies, just pick any of the above-mentioned storage ways!


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