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What You Oughtta About Procreate Reference Layer

What You Oughtta About Procreate Reference Layer

Are you back after a break from your designing career? Have you been experiencing changes in the Procreate App (that you have loved the most) – the Procreate reference layer?

Well, change for the betterment is good, aren’t they?

But, I believe they can be haunting if you are starting out for the first time after a while and not sure about how the new feature works and impact your current work. 

If this is you, then you have to read this article further and explore the Reference procreate feature to start with your creative ideas right away. 

Which Procreate version will have this Procreate reference layer feature? 

The latest version of Procreate app (Procreate 5X’s) has a new feature called the “Reference Companion Tool” used to integrate reference photos into the canvas of Procreate.

But do you know how to use references in Procreate?

Using Reference Procreate Feature:

I can guide you in a very simple way. Here’s the process:

  • Open the “Action Panel” by tapping on the wrench present at the top left of the toolbar. From different categories appearing in your panel you have to select the “Canvas.”
  • Toggle the appeared “Reference” button “ON.”
  • Choose the reference you desire from “Canvas,” “Image,” and “Face.”
  • Use an Apple pencil or pointer finger to move the “Reference” window and resize the window.

And that’s all you are all done with it. 

What is Procreate App & what is it used for?

Procreate is software used by both professionals and amateur artists for illustration, painting, and drawing.

This App can be purchased from the App Store or the official website, and it is available for Mac and Windows.

Why does an artist need a reference image?

The reference image is a dynamic resource.

There are so many elements to dredge out from the depths of your mind, depending solely on sensory recollection is not the safest way to arrive at an exact representation.

Reference pictures come in handy in this situation.

But while using an app to create a drawing or painting, it is really hard to keep things straightforward. 

I can tell you from my personal experience that doing artwork in a tab, and opening and closing another tab with reference pictures to observe the details is overwhelming.

It is not possible to concentrate completely on your artwork while switching to the reference picture tab again and again.

Procreate has made things easier for artists, illustrators, and especially beginners artists to effortlessly use reference pictures.

What is the need for the Reference layer?

A reference layer is an advanced feature in Procreate used to keep your line work unchanged when painting it on a different layer.

It is an amazing tool specially designed for artists who like to color their tidy line art while leaving the line art alone.

This handy tool is for cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic book artists who wish to make their coloring process faster.

This moveable window of reference companion allows seeing the macro image in real-time and helps artists to continue working zoomed in. It is also possible for users to load in a separate image that can be used as a reference.

This feature is a way to keep focusing on the composition while painting the details in a picture.

The reference image makes it easy for an artist to get inspiration and color.

This reference image window is so handy in another way.

An artist can get a color drop from their reference image to make it more convenient to work on a detailed portion.

With this impressive feature, now users can view their canvas and their reference image conveniently.

How can you benefit from the Reference in Procreate?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the designing field, you can utilize this feature equally well and see a drastic improvement in your focus while working on a design.

With this feature of Procreate App, you no longer have to switch between tabs and lose your focus, which means you can bring perfect images, designs, logos that you have always desired. 

I would regard its time-saving ability as one of the major advantages that any user of Procreate App can get. If you don’t believe me, you can try it yourself, and I’m sure you’ll become the greatest fan of the application. 

Not to mention the ease of using and navigating that comes along with this feature specifically.

The overall App generally is amazing, and you’ll be able to have fun with it once you get used to using it.

Last but not least, you can have all the fun with this new feature and the wonderful Application, which is at your disposal.

Why is this feature added?

The procreate App team is constantly struggling to make their App the best and most convenient among the designers. 

I believe they analyze the current problems and offer solutions to help users get the most out of the Application.

The addition of this particular feature is a similar effort that everyone can get benefit from.

This means you can expect even more changes to make the App experience even more wonderful.

So, be ready for it.

However, no such changes are in the public announcement, so you might have to wait a bit longer for new features. 

Summing Up:

This amazing feature of Procreate reference is one of a kind.

You can install your Procreate App, and you’ll find it in the latest version.

Start practicing your designs with the help of the reference layer feature, and we are sure you’ll feel a difference – a positive one.

So, get to your tablet and design your new pamphlet, logo, brochure now!

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