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21 DIY Wall Painting Ideas for your Home

21 DIY Wall Painting Ideas for your Home

Life can be fun when you decide to add a little bit of creativity to it. With simple items such as paint, brush, tape, and a little imagination, you could give your home the sophisticated look it deserves. 

Let’s face it, you do not need advanced artistic skills; neither do you need to be an art enthusiast to get your home walls looking radiant. All you need is a desire to make the look of your home different with some of the best wall painting ideas.

You could give your dated walls a new look when you retouch them with a fresh coat of paint in a single uniform color.

But that would sum up to doing what everyone else is doing which leaves your home with the same boring appearance.

With the right type of paint, tools, and a good idea you can make your home stand out with some fantastic wall art.

Your bedroom, living room, and the rest of your home could be transformed in a few hours and with a little spending. 

Experts suggest that the most creative way to paint a house is to use more than one color.

It means that you could use horizontal split colors, straight lines, and blocks of color to give different shades to parts of your home.

However, for the most creative results, simply follow through on this article.

You will be presented with interesting ideas that could help you add sophistry to a small room, dining room, master bedroom, and other spaces in your house. 

wall painting ideas

1. Stripes

vivid stripes

Most modern room designs don’t seem to have a lot of space; maybe it’s due to an upsurge in the population density of urban centers.

But you can make your living room or bedroom look more spacious by painting the walls in vivid stripes.

You must do the preparatory work before splashing the wall with horizontal or vertical stripes.

Take time to do the marking, measuring, and taping of the interior wall.

This may take some time, but you want a great wall painting design.

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2. Use Contrast


You can use a great color combination to create contrast.

The traditional wood wainscoting is still a classic wall decoration idea but you can modernize this with paint colors.

You can use a darker color on the lower walls while you splash the upper wall with a lighter color.

This gives an effect that makes the room appear higher.

There are no restrictions as to where you can apply this illusion, but it will be most suitable in the hallway.

This effect could make a hallway, living room or bedroom look more spacious.

3. Rectangle design

rectangle design

The random rectangle feature is a wall painting idea that is not only cool but also modern and attention-grabbing because it’s a great way to add geometric shapes.

Also, this is not a complex design that requires expertise or great artistic skills.

Simply select your desired color scheme and splash the blank canvas with different shades of rectangles.

You must be creative with your designs. With a steady hand and the right color pairing, you will have great results.

4. A DIY ombré wall

blue ombre wall

You can creatively give your bedroom wall a pale blue ombre finish.

This is one of the most sophisticated wall painting ideas, yet it is a DIY achievable feature.

You could also paint a blue ombre wall in a bathroom.

This could give an effect that will make you feel closer to nature any time you want to unwind, but it also creates an awesome-looking wall.

5. Honeycomb


Shades of a honeycomb could give the room a very classy design and is a beauty to behold.

Creatively splash the walls with randomly placed hexagons but consider the use for the room before making the color selection.

Bright green colors could be ideal for the living room while the bedroom could be donned with a warmer color.

When randomly placed, hexagons could create an exciting effect.

6. Turquoise Ombre

turquoise ombre

The turquoise ombre wall paint could deliver the calm and soothing effect of the ocean to your home.

It is more like bringing the ocean view experience to your home.

Be sure to match the bright colors with natural accents especially in the bedroom or the bathroom.

7. Use Painter’s Tape to create a Custom Pattern

feature wall

You can actually make a big impact by sticking up the painter’s tape to create a custom pattern.

First, make a grid by taking measurements, make your marks and use tape.

You can use paints of separate colors to splash on your feature wall.

Feel free to be creative with as many colors as would catch your fancy.

8. Diagonals

diagonal wall paint

For an accent wall, you can paint a plain wall with diagonal lines.

Let’s say the wall is painted in plain grey. You can splash diagonal lines of different sizes and shades of corresponding colors to make the wall look livelier. 

The variation can be done with any room in the house, with the right type of paint, and with the most suitable color for the room.

This wall painting idea could pull off a sophisticated look on your wall any day.

9. Add Texture to the wall with a Patterned Roller

patterned wall

You can use a patterned paint roller to easily add a creative pattern to a wall.

This is a convenient DIY option that could give your wall a classy look.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to do this.

You can achieve this by simply matching the patterns on the previous line rolled.

10. 3D Box Design

3d box design

You can get your wall lit up with a 3D effect.

You can achieve a three-tone 3D box design by using painter’s tape to draft the lines and match the colors.

This will not only help you work faster, but it will also provide straight lines.

11. Divide Spaces with Matching Paint Colors

different colors

We all know how beautiful a room could look when separate walls in the same room are painted in different shades of colors.

You could also make a room look livelier when you paint different sections of the room with different but matching colors. 

For instance, the walls, the ceiling, and the floor can be defined with different colors.

You could still stretch this illusion a little further.

Imagine the striking effect you will have when two separate colors are used on one side of the wall.

That is when two different colors meet at the middle of a wall and not at the edges.

But care must be taken to ensure that the colors are of the same color scheme.

12.  Add Color On The Outside the Lines

smooth edges

You can infuse some life onto a boring wall by adding color to the outside lines.

You can achieve this by taping a Kraft paper template around the doorway.

Use a pencil to trace the outline. Then, with a small artist’s brush, paint the outline and you would have brilliant smooth edges

Proceed to do the entire painting with a wider brush.

You can create more beauty by adding accents that correspond with the doorway color.

13. Pay Attention to the Ceiling

dark color

Your ceiling must not be white. Paint the ceiling with a different color other than the usual white and make it stand out.

Also, you can become creative with your choice of color.

It has been identified that when the ceiling is coated with a lighter color than what is on the wall, the wall will appear higher.

On the other hand, if you paint the ceiling with a darker color, the wall will appear lower.

It all depends on the narrative you want to put out on display.

14. Match your Wall with the Furniture

match your furniture

You probably intend to follow these DIY hints so as to inject more life into your living, bedroom, or your entire home.

Chances are that you already have your desired furniture in the house; or, you plan to acquire some new pieces any time soon.

Whatever the case may be, paint colors that will match your furniture.

If for instance, you have a pink dresser in the room, matching the wall painting in pink will make a whole lot of sense.

Use monochromatic colors to bring out the beauty of your room.

15. The Circle Ombre

circle layout

When you need an exciting feature to fill up a blank wall, you could create a circle ombre on the wall.

This feature will be ideal for a hallway or a rarely used guest room.

You can achieve this by drawing a bold circle on the wall.

Divide it into multiple vertical sections with the painter’s tape. Paint each segment with different but corresponding colors.

After painting, remove the painters’ tape that divides the sections. You will have a beautiful new layout that is eye-catching.

16. Use Random Lines to Add Beauty to the Walls

wall accent

Blank and boring walls can be phased out with creatively applied random lines.

You can achieve this by spending 30 minutes to 1 hour each day on different sections of the wall. 

You can also dedicate a whole weekend to get the entire wall fixed with the right color selection.

You can create a modern two-tone paint wall accent around your home that would add fun to your living experience.

17. Retouch the floor

painted floor

You can enhance your room by brightening up the floor with paint.

Weak-looking worn-out floors can be transformed into something more captivating.

This process will cost less and you do not have to go through the trouble of refurbishing the floor.

You can apply different options to it such as a decorative pattern or a solid color.

18. Brighten Dull Corners

brighten dull corners

Odd corners in the room are often overlooked.

But you can add color to these corners to uplift the look of the entire room.

You can use angular patterns and bold stripes to provide a new appearance to these often ignored places.

You will not only have something different to work on, but it will also add to the overall appearance of your home.

19. Try a Different Trim Color

different trim color

It is commonplace to have the trim in white color but the trim doesn’t have to be white.

White trim looks good on colored walls but you can decide to be creative with this.

You can paint your trim in a color that is lighter than what you have on the walls.

You can also run the trim and the wall in monochromatic colors.

20. Paint a Fake Crown Molding

fake crown molding

Crown molding provides a classy finishing touch for rooms of almost any purpose.

Whether it is the master’s bedroom, the living room, or the guest room, crown molding provides a polished appearance.

You could save money if you don’t want to spend money to acquire one – including the installation and labor fees.

You can create a DIY fake crown molding with paint.

21. Paint A Kitchen Splashback In Unusual Colors

colorful kitchen splashback

You may want your kitchen to look sophisticated but at the moment you are low on budget.

You can recreate your kitchen with geometric painted splashbacks in different shades of colors.

With tester pots and masking tape, you can recreate smart wall painting ideas.

You can achieve this by scaling your design and marking it up on paper. Then, you can transfer it to the wall. 

Do not worry if you run into errors. If you run into errors, simply go ahead and do a repaint.

Final Thoughts

Most of the wall designs and ideas provided in this article can be performed by just about anyone.

With a keen focus on applying the techniques listed here, you can give your home an uplift.

You may choose to focus on refreshing a part of your house at a time or retouch the entire house.

Whether it is your living room, bedroom, or your entire home, you have been provided with some of the best DIY wall painting ideas.

All that you need are creative thinking and the tools – the paint, the brush, the tape, and if need be, a few more items.

The choice of design you want to have in your home is entirely up to you.

You could decide to get messy and play around with different color combinations or use tape to add patterns to your wall.

Whether you tone up the designs for a more eye-catching effect, or you decide to keep the look of your home modest, it is up to you.