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30 Amazing Repeating Pattern Designing Tips

30 Amazing Repeating Pattern Designing Tips
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Repeating pattern design is not the most commonly considered form of art that people tend to think of.

Still, once you give this one a try, you might be surprised by how much you love it.

This form of art is a careful combination of traditional art and puzzle-solving.

Many people find it to be a great exercise in skill, as well as incredibly therapeutic.

While anyone can do this style of art, there are plenty of things that make it easier to carry out.

We have compiled this helpful list of tips so that you can begin to design some amazing repeating patterns in no time at all!

Start Simple

—If you want to make a good pattern designing project, you should always start small.

The more basic the initial focus, the easier it will be to expand upon.

Finding a good center point for your piece will allow you to expand upon it effectively.

This makes it easier to make the design more intricate later on.

Use One Color

—While it might be fun to think about a highly complex variation of a design using multiple colors, it makes problems.

Though you can certainly graduate to this later, using a single color can have a much greater effect on this.

It is also better to keep it simple, particularly when you first start.

Practice With Easy Designs

—If you want to get good at repeating patterns, you need to practice.

The best way to practice getting things to line up and repeat well is to use basic designs to do so.

Instead of making a complex pattern to repeat, try something very basic until you learn how it all works out.

This will make it easier for you to do more complex designs.

Learn Different Ways To Repeat Pattern Designing

—Pattern designing works in a variety of different ways.

There are plenty of different ways that you can line up pieces to create a pattern.

Sometimes the pattern will go in linear stacks.

Other times it will be done in spirals that are designed to be stacked in unique ways.

Play around with designs and shapes to find what works for you.

Use Geometric Shapes

—One capitating way to go about making repeating patterns is to use geometric shapes.

This looks amazing. More importantly, it makes it easy for you to stack together various pieces for a better outcome.

You will love seeing them snap together like perfect pieces of a puzzle.

Don’t be deceived.

The result of this often includes something truly amazing.

Try Animal Designs

—A great way to make amazing designs is to use various animal shapes.

People love the way that these designs look.

They do an amazing job of making it fun to look at.

Since pretty much everyone loves animals, it is an appealing approach to this style of art.

You can have fun with a variety of animals in different styles.

Get creative and see what happens!

designing patterns - floral designs
Photo by Annie Spratt

Try Floral Designs in Your Pattern Designing

—Another hugely popular approach to pattern designing is to use floral shapes to make repeating patterns.

This style of shape is perfect for pattern designing because of how they work.

Flowers and plants are easily manipulated for this kind of design work.

Since they tend to be geometric in nature and are known for their repeated exteriors, they work well.

As a bonus, repeating patterns made with this kind of pattern are beautiful to look at.

Limit Your Exterior Detail

—When you make repeating patterns, you have to find a way to make them all fit together.

For this reason, it is generally best to make the outside of your design elements simple.

You can make the insides as complicated as you want since they won’t be touching anything.

Having a complex interior and simple exterior can lead to some truly beautiful designs.

Add Fun Elements Within The Pattern Designing

—Though you need to have a simple exterior to your design elements to fit them together, the inside is free reign.

You can have all kinds of fun adding complex designs within the pieces themselves.

This is a great way to make sure that you will have an interesting design to look at.

Using these kinds of designs can be great for making your patterns more exciting to look at.

Use Shading

—One great way to add more to your patterns is to use shading within them.

Shading is an effective tool that can take a simple pattern and make it shine.

Finding ways to do this in a way that adds to the overall pattern designing process is a great challenge.

It can make your designs have way more depth, which will make them look better as a whole.

Using shading techniques, you can add additional patterns within the existing pattern itself.

Find A Good Theme

—If you want to make captivating design elements, you need a good theme.

Various popular themes exist for these designs.

While you’re more than welcome to come up with something unique, some themes seem to play well here.

One incredibly common approach to this process is the use of sea-themed design elements.

Waves, in particular, are commonly favored.

However, there are plenty of different options that can come together effectively.

Use Various Shape Options

—When you first begin, you will likely end up with a preferred shape option.

Many people will go for edges or rounded shapes, with many leaning on them for multiple patterns. However, the reality is that you can use a collection of shapes and forms to make these patterns.

The more you practice, the more you will learn how to piece them together.

Print Out Your Shapes and Line Them Up

—If you are struggling to make patterns that fit together well, this can help a lot.

Practice cutting out or printing out your shapes and physically lining them up. T

his will help you to focus on the ways that various patterns will go together.

If you are looking to gain a better understanding to influence your design down the line, this will help a lot.

designing patterns - think about edges
Photo by Teo Duldulao

Think About The Edges

—While there are no rules that your pattern must end flush against the edge of the paper, it helps the look.

Finding a design element that still looks good when partially missing is a sign of good design.

You can easily use this opportunity to manipulate your patterns in a way that makes them easily shared.

Play With Rotating Designs

—Some design elements can be rotated in ways that allow them to fit together.

While this is a variation on repeating patterns, it is still in the same vein.

It allows you to take your perfect pattern and breathe new life into it as you stamp over it.

Draw With A Focus On Filling Spaces

—To make great repeating patterns, you have to think about the gaps in your elements.

When you make a portion that bends in, you need one that protrudes to balance it.

Keeping this in mind will help you to make more complex designs.

Make Bigger Elements

—Though you can certainly use small design elements to work with pattern designing, bigger ones tend to be better.

This allows the shape to be understood so that it doesn’t all blend into a singular mess.

designing patterns - make designs within designs
Photo by Patrick Hendry

Make Designs Within Designs

—If you do it correctly, making interior designs that repeat can be a very cool effect.

This makes it easy for you to focus on getting the most out of complex designs.

Your elements will interlock on the outside and relate to one another on the inside.

Try Inverting Shapes

—One great way to make repeating design patterns is to make shapes that fit well when inverted.

When you use this approach, it is easy to focus on getting the most out of a design.

It will also turn your design into neat rows that can be very appealing.

Make Them Fit a Frame

—Most people are focused on just making their pattern expand anywhere, but frames matter.

If you want to present your pattern in a specific setting, it can be very cool to align the design with the frame.

This can bring together an incredibly polished effect that you will love.

Make Them Directional

—A fun twist with repeating patterns is to make them directional.

While all designs will automatically interlock, it can be fun to guide the audience’s gaze.

Find ways to force the audience to move their eyes along the pattern for fun.

designing patterns - use familiar shapes
Photo by Arno Smit

Use Familiar Shapes

—There are some popular repeating pattern elements like the houndstooth pattern.

You can leverage these existing fan favorites to create something unique.

By leveraging interesting changes inside the elements, you can have a lot of fun with a generally easy pattern.

Play With Words

—If you are feeling particularly adventurous, consider looping letters and words in your design.

This will make it possible for you to put messages that can be read in multiple ways throughout.

If this seems like too much to you, that’s fine.

It’s just a fun way to add something extra to your design.

Be Aware Of Your Tools

—Some tools are simply better for making good designs.

Since these designs are known for having to interlock, you generally want a smooth finish.

Focus on choosing the right tool to make it work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

—You might be dead set on making a masterpiece every time, but this is limiting.

Allow yourself to explore and play and fail with these kinds of designs.

It makes it easier for you to stumble upon genius.

Consider Multiple Elements

—When you get very good at repeating patterns, you might decide that you want a new challenge.

Using multiple kinds of elements to repeat the pattern just might be the opportunity that you are looking for.

Consider Using Stamps

—This is easier with digital art than regular, but it can help perfect designs.

If you make a digital copy of your design elements, you can easily paste it across your work to make it perfect.

This will save you from human error, so it looks right every single time.

Make It A Vector

—If you plan on using your design elements in multiple projects, consider making it a vector.

This will allow you to manipulate it and alter it more effectively for future projects.

Use The Right Color For The Design

—If you are making an adorable print of baby-friendly animal patterns, you don’t want to color them blood red.

Make sure that your colors suit the elements within your drawing for a better overall look.

You’ll be happy to see it all come together.

Make Your Lines Sharp

—If you want true success and a clean design, your lines need to be smooth and sharp.

This will make it easy for your elements to fit together appealingly.

You can start with a sketch, but always make them smoother before continuing.

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Repeating patterns can be an absolute blast to work with.

They present a unique and therapeutic opportunity to create something truly amazing.

Many people are surprised to learn just how much fun it is.

You can make these designs as complex or as simple as you want.

At the end of the day, this is an artistic process and you are in complete control.

Have fun challenging yourself to make exciting new patterns for fun!

What new thing about pattern designing did you not know after going through this article?