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Favorite Supplies From Artists That Use Acrylic Paint

Favorite Supplies From Artists That Use Acrylic Paint

Painting can be expensive, no matter what medium you use. Artists that use acrylic paint know there are many materials required for painting.

Most people think that an artist that paints with acrylic paint will need to find discounted canvases, tubes of paint on sale, or brushes that you buy one get one free in order to get cheap acrylic paint art supplies.

While these are all necessary supplies, you’ll discover in my interview with these acrylic painters, there are more ways to get cheap acrylic paint art supplies.

I share the favorite supplies from these talented artists that paint. You’ll discover that a good bit of them use things that happen to be in the house, that you immediately wouldn’t think would be a material required for painting.

These unconventional items are a great alternative if you’re looking for cheap acrylic paint art supplies.

Other topics related to acrylic painting:

What is acrylic paint used for?

Acrylic paint can be painted on various mediums like canvas, plastic, wood, metal, polymers, etc. Here is a list of most of the mediums that acrylic paint can be used for:

  • Canvas
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Foam
  • Silk
  • Metal
  • Clay
  • Paper
  • Fabric

Most artists will use acrylic paint to work on canvas, but it can also be used for painting on woodcrafts, painting on fabric, in kids’ crafts, painting on signs, and painting on glass.

Why do artists use acrylic?

Artists use acrylics because the paint can be used on many different types of surfaces and has a quick drying time. Also, acrylic painting is pretty easy to learn.

There are also different types of acrylic paint like fluid acrylic paint and thick acrylic paint.

Fluid acrylic paint is used in a technique called acrylic pouring where you can pour the acrylic directly on a canvas surface in a random way to create abstract designs and patterns.

Thick acrylic paint is used to build up rich layers of paint to create 3D effects. This technique is referred to as impasto painting and uses a palette knife to create 3D looking painting.

Now that I’ve talked a little bit about acrylic painting, what it is used for, and why artists would use acrylic paint, let’s dive into the favorite acrylic painting supplies from these artists.

artist that use acrylic paint

Acrylic Painters Favorite Supplies to Use

sam siegelSam Siegel

My favourite tool is a “round sable brush“!

kiranmai mallaKiranmai Malla

I love the big flat brush. It works so well for blending.

michelle washingtonMichelle Washington

My favorite tool to use for my acrylic paintings is my transparent pallet.

lesley boostLesley Boost

My favourite acrylic art tool is a wooden skewer or the wrong end of the paintbrush which I use to scratch into the paint to reveal the layers of colour underneath.

My paintings have many layers of acrylic paint, pencil and crayon beneath and the scratching reveals some great colours and adds texture which creates more interest in the painting.

artist that use acrylic paintCharlie Easton

Favourite tool for Acrylic Painting – a fishing tackle box, to keep lots of paint available, squeezed out, at all times.

artist that use acrylic paint
Dominika Grochowska

I still have to discover a lot about acrylic painting, but so far my absolute favorite tool is my home made palette. It’s a simple, rather big and flat food container you can easily find in supermarkets. It keeps my paints wet for weeks, which solved my biggest problem I had with acrylics.

mārīte desaineMārīte Desaine

My favorite tool for acrylic painting would be a white Uni Posca paint marker.

I use it for highlights and it works like magic, but I have to be careful as it also dries very quickly.

laura croninLaura Cronin

I love to use a normal butter knife on my paintings for the mountain looks instead of a palette knife! But that’s just my opinion!

yvetka art
Yvetka Art

My favorite tool to use for acrylic painting is my mind! The only other tools I use are the canvas, paint and fluid medium.

After a few years of practicing fluid acrylic painting, I realized that my favorite results come from having a vision and preparing the paint accordingly.

When I plan my vision, I can create a piece I’m happy with!

artist that use acrylic paint

Zainul Merchant

My favourite tool for acrylic paintings is the palette knife. I have quite a few and use mostly only knives to make work.

Becca TindolBecca Tindol

My favorite tool to use for acrylic paintings are AIT brand Russian Sable Detail brushes. They are the most reliable and durable detail brushes I’ve found to date and can really help me paint the smallest of details!

david cowDavid Cow

Brush, spoon, finger.


I would say palette has to be my favorite tool. For me the process of acrylic painting is all about getting the right shade of color to apply to my painting surface.

So naturally I spend a long time mixing different paints to find the perfect shade. Though given the fast speed with which acrylic paints dry, sometimes using palettes can be challenging. Nevertheless I still choose to mix the colors on palette rather than on painting to have the flexibility of discovering new shades before applying it to the final surface.


A blow dryer!


If you’re an artist that use acrylic paint and looking for cheap acrylic paint art supplies then you can see from these talented painters that using household items

It is always interesting to discover the tools that other artists use to create their work. If you’re an artist that uses acrylic paint, it is reassuring to see that you don’t need to buy expensive high-end supplies to create amazing acrylic paintings.

Finding and using items around your household is a great alternative to get cheap acrylic paint art supplies in an instant.

All these acrylic painters were extremely cool and gracious with their time. I’d like to thank them for that, and I want to recommend each of you to check out these painters’ Instagram accounts, which you can get to by clicking on each of the artists’ names.

Question of the Day: Which of the acrylic painting supplies listed in this article is something you would try?