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24 Free Vector Grunge Textures

24 Free Vector Grunge Textures

Do you want to add a grunge texture vector to your images to create realistic grunge effects? Are you in search of the best and amazing free vector grunge textures? Lucky for you, this guide can help!

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What are Grunge Textures?

Grunge Textures are the textures that can give a unique as well as a professional look to the designs. They can be used in all kinds of creative design projects, from the web and graphic designs to business cards and banners to office presentations. Many photographers and graphic design experts use grunge textures in their designs.

While browsing the internet and social media platforms, you probably have noticed some great photos that not only shine bright but have a vintage look and feel in them. Are you thinking that how you can apply such effects into your photos too? Are you curious to know how much time will be needed to get such tones in your artwork? Take it easy! Thanks to Textures due to which the process of applying the effects on images and videos has become quite easy. With the help of grunge textures, you can change the opacity settings of an image and blend the effects in such a way that yields different unique looks.

If you get stuck at a point while choosing a design for your artwork, then try using the Grunge Textures as they can blend with any type of artwork whatever the design is!

How Are Grunge Textures Useful

The grunge textures are very useful for creating a textured look on the photos. You can use these textures in all types of graphic design projects, whether they are personal or commercial projects. Believe me, all these grunge textures can add an interesting vintage look to your photos. You can use them in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator at the time of editing and manipulating your photos. They can help you a lot in creating a cool portrait effect to your images.

There is a wide collection of vector grunge textures that are available on the Internet. Some of these textures are free to download while others are available in premium versions. Ok, so here is today’s guide, we are going to take a look at the best and free vector grunge textures to download this year. In addition to getting to know about the free vector grunge textures, you will also come to know how to blend these textures in your photos so they can look appealing and eye-catching.

Scroll down and grab them all!

dark background vector grunge texture
Dark Texture in Grunge Style Free Vector

To get a real-world feeling in your artwork, dark texture in a grunge style free vector is the ultimate choice. Dark texture in grunge style free vector is very useful for creating an old as well as rusted metal look in the backgrounds of the designs.

It is a pack of 10 textures that can be used on a large scale. It is simply fabulous to use for such graphic designers who want to make their work shine using dark shades.

Free Vector Grunge Plant Texture

Want to give a refreshing look to your designs? Free vector grunge plant texture is the perfect choice for this. It is a free texture and is super-light. Most designers use this plant vector texture to erode their designs.

To get an instant effect of the texture, you can use one layer but you can also create an intense look by using layers of the texture. Believe me, this grunge texture can simply take your work to the next level!

Grunge Colorful Splashing Vector

Want to make your design attractive by using a splash of colors? Why not use the Grunge Colorful Splashing Vector?

It is a free vector grunge texture that can add an abstract look to your photos with the combination of colors. The grunge colorful splashing vector is totally free and has millions of downloads on the Internet.

Grunge Arrow Vector Set

If you are searching for a vector grunge texture that can add a unique look to your images by using arrows in the background, then cheers! Use a Grunge Arrow Vector Set in your design project, whether they are personal or commercial. Including a wide collection of 10 high-resolution graphic files, it can not only create a cool effect but also look great in photo shoots.

A Grunge Arrow Vector Set is the best to give an authentic aged look to your artwork!

Free Grunge Blobs Vector Texture

Free grunge blobs vector texture is another texture in our list of free vector grunge textures to download in 2020. This texture is widely used in photographs, videos, posters, web banners, business cards, wedding cards as well as graphic designs.

This texture can also add a metal effect as well as an old photo effect. It is available on the Internet free of cost and is easy to download as it is available in JPEG format.

Grunge Scratches

One of the top free vector grunge textures that you can download easily is the Grunge Scratches. It is the best texture if you want to add a touch of street art to your designs, backgrounds as well as illustrations. Moreover, the grunge scratches can also give a real retro look to images.

Whether you are working on a personal project or making up the designs for your client, this grunge texture will perfectly fit your needs!

monochrome distressed vector texture
Free Vector Monochrome Grunge Texture

Want to add a monochrome look to your images? Do you want to make your designs look like the old farmhouses and cottages? The free vector monochrome grunge texture can do it for you.

Blue Snowy Grunge Texture

Blue Snowy Grunge texture is another vector grunge texture that is available free of cost. It comes with a unique and splendid splash of blue color with snow effect.

You can use this vector texture in your images, web designs as well as graphic designs. It is also perfect to use for the backgrounds of games and other related designs.

Black Splash Stains Vector Grunge Texture

Another free vector grunge texture is the black splash stains vector grunge texture which can add a unique and soft look to the designs. All these textures in this pack are available in PNG format and are quite easy to apply to the designs.

Many photographers and graphic design experts are using these textures for the background of images, posters, banners as well as wallpapers. Moreover, they are also very popular to use as the background of websites. This vector grunge texture is an ideal option to use in personal as well as commercial projects.

colorful rectangle vector
Colorful Rectangle Grunge Texture Vector

One of the high-quality and free vector grunge textures is the colorful rectangle grunge texture vector that can add a striking look and feel to your designs by including color combinations. It can add a rough and abstract touch to the images.

Puzzle Background

Looking for a vector grunge texture that you can use in your projects free of cost? If you say yes, then you should try to use a Puzzle Background Vector Grunge Texture.

This free vector grunge texture is suitable to be used as backgrounds as well as overlays. It can give a subtle texturing to your artwork. Believe me, puzzle background is the only vector grunge texture you will ever need!

Grunge Vector Texture (Black and White)

If you are looking for a vector grunge texture that you can use as a black and white background to give a horror effect, then stop your search as Grunge vector texture is an ideal option for you.

Perfect for personal and commercial designs, this grunge texture is completely free and comes in the category of grunge and rust. It is available in the JPEG file format and adds a creepy look to the images.

Tree Background Vector Grunge Texture

It is a free vector grunge texture with a tree in the background that adds a vintage look to the artwork. Believe me, this free vector grunge texture is an ideal option if you want to give a retro touch to your designs.

Grungy Texture Free Vector

Available in high-resolution dimensions, the free vector grunge texture is used to create a texture of walls in the designs. It is mostly used as backgrounds of images, banners, posters, business cards as well as the website landing page.

This texture is available in light blue and white colors. The Grunge texture free vector also includes a wide range of colors that can bring life to your artwork.

Floral Background Grunge Texture

Floral background Grunge Texture is a simple texture that you can use for several kinds of designs. It can give a look and feel of flowers to your artwork, giving a natural touch.

Gambling Vector Grunge Texture

For your background design, we have another vector grunge texture in our list of free textures. It is known as the Gambling Vector Grunge Texture.

You can use this texture in personal and commercial design projects but always make sure to check the terms before applying the texture on your artwork.

Abstract Background Vector Texture

This free vector grunge texture is carefully made using the homemade textures so that you can give a vintage and an abstract effect on your photos. It also contains a colorful splash of colors.

leaves background vector grunge texture
Leaves Background Grunge Texture Vector

Leaves Background is an amazing grunge vector texture that can give a unique look to your images and other artwork. It is a pack of 25 grunge texture backgrounds as well as high-resolution images that simply add an industrial look and feel.

Film Grain Texture Free Vector

Another free vector grunge texture is a film grain texture. It is very popular among graphic designers and photographers.

Arrow Shoes Vector Grunge Texture

Another texture in the list of the best free vector grunge textures of this year is an Arrow Shoes Vector Grunge Texture. It is the perfect texture to use in your artwork as it can blend with any type of design.

If you are not sure what type of texture you should use in your designs, then try to use the Arrow Shoes Vector Grunge Texture as it has its own unique look and feel!

Pink Vector Grunge Texture

Want a grunge texture for your presentation or website background? Pink vector grunge texture can add a unique look to the designs. This texture is very much in use these days by web and graphic designers.

Free Grunge Element Vector Texture

If you are short on time to find the perfect texture for your artwork, then do not hesitate to use the free grunge element vector texture. It is a free high-resolution texture that can help you to create a unique pattern in your designs.

Modern City Sketch Vector Grunge Texture

Modern City Sketch is the best texture to use as a background of magazines and newspapers. You can also use this free vector grunge texture in brochures and company banners as well.

Splash Water-Colored Texture

The last free vector grunge texture in our list is Splash Water-Colored Texture which adds a unique effect on your designs by adding an abstract touch.


The demand for grunge textures is increasing as time passes due to the technological advancements in the field of photography. Now, photographers and graphic designers are using several kinds of textures to showcase their artwork.

So now, you have come to know about the top free vector grunge textures that you can download for your web and graphic designs. These grunge textures can fit into any design project. You can download these vector grunge textures for free.

So, if you are a beginner in the field of graphic design, you can use these textures as they are so easy to use. In short, if you want to bring out the best in your artwork, you need to use the vector grunge textures.

Do you use vector grunge textures? What type of art or designs do you make?

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