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27+ Top Acrylic Paint Brushes Pros Recommend

27+ Top Acrylic Paint Brushes Pros Recommend

Today, I will tell you people about some paintbrushes. More specifically, the best acrylic paintbrushes.

For acrylic painting, it is highly recommended to use paintbrushes specifically made for acrylic paints.

These can enhance the paint texture, help you manage the paint stiffness, and aid you in different techniques.

Acrylic paintbrushes are the best to manage acrylic paints.

That is why it is so important to select the right kind of acrylic paintbrush.

Various companies are manufacturing multiple kinds of acrylic brushes with different attributes, types, prices, and specialties.

Make sure you know your requirement; you know what kind of result you want to end up with and what will go best with the type of acrylic paint you are using.

A deep understanding of the nature of your desired paintwork and the gut to make the right decision about the paintbrushes is all that counts.

However, do not worry.

I have used all of the brands listed below.

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best acrylic paintbrushes

Paint like a professional with these best acrylic paint brushes

The following best acrylic paintbrushes will help you paint better.

1. D’artisan Shoppe Acrylic Paint Brushes Set

d’artisan shoppe paintbrush set

The crème de la crème in the family of paintbrushes is the D’artisan Shoppe acrylic paintbrushes.

This brand of brushes is famous for its fine and hassle-free usage in painting because of its luxury and fine wood handle.

This fine handle provides ease and comfort while working on canvas on an easel. 

These brushes come with the right level of thickness and stiffness in terms of bristles.

They come with long-lasting quality, luxury cases, and they are travel-friendly.

The D’Artsian Shoppe Acrylic paintbrushes are of optimal weight.

All these features bring a user-friendly experience.

It provides neat paint lines due to the tightly clamped bristles. 

They usually come in a set of 15. Eleven of them are made from synthetic bristles.

While the rest of the four brushes are equipped with Hog hairs.

The set of D’artisan is very portable.


  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • 15 brushes in the case
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Durable
  • Brush Set comes with an elegant case
  • Variety of brushes with varying sizes and shapes


  • The synthetic bristles can be hazardous or toxic. 
  • Not environmentally friendly 

Check out the D’artisan Shoppe Acrylic brushes here!  

2. My Artscape Detail Paint Brush Set

my artscape acrylic paintbrushes

This brand will not disappoint you at all if you are planning to create broad and fine lines.

The brand comes with synthetic bristles, making them the right choice with a long life.

They are capable of maintaining their shape and stiffness for long-term use. 

They come with fine tips for precisions, anti-shredding synthetic hairs, are great for pint brushing, and are classy in looks.

The synthetic fibers of bristles prevent frizzing and splitting due to usage.

They are very popular for face painting as well. 

My Artscape brushes can be used for Acrylic Gouache as well.

They are used for a wide range of applications.

For example, they are readily used for nail arts in salons as well.

I have a friend who owns a nail salon.

They only use My Artscape brushes for detailed nail art. 


  • Great for detailed and neat art
  • Long-lasting
  • Widely used for other applications 
  • Perfect for pint brushing 
  • Easy to clean
  • Fine tips for precision painting 


  • Not good for broad strokes
  • Used for specified projects

I got my set of My Artscape here!

3. Hearty Bay Nylon Hair Acrylic Paint Brushes Set

heartbay best acrylic paintbrush set

If you are looking for decency with affordability, Hearty Bay Hair Acrylic Paint Brushes are the most apt brand.

Hearty Bay Nylon Hair paintbrushes are very popular for color mixing and creating a multitude of shapes. 

They come with sleek looks and are very chic in appearance.

They have anti-rusk nickel ferrules, and bristles do not shed.

In addition, they are easy to clean, as well.

I had the best time using them for ceramic acrylic painting. 

They can be used for nail art and miniature art as well.

Hearty Bay Nylon Hairbrushes are robust, and there is high artisanship involved in their creation.

I used them in multiple projects for acrylic gouache too.

In addition, I was in awe of the perfection achieved.  


  • Anti-rust ferrules
  • Aesthetically pleasing  
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Made for perfection


  • Not good for broad strokes 

Check price on Hearty Bay Nylon Hairbrushes here!

4. Benicci Artist Acrylic Paint Brush Case

benicci artist acrylic paint brush

If you often find the bristles of your brush fall out easily and stick to the canvas, then we have the solution for you.

Benicci Artist Acrylic brushes come with very strong ferrules with a head that provides double clamping to the bristles. 

This feature of Benicci Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes prevents shedding of the bristles providing longevity to the brush.

Benicci Artist acrylic brushes come in a set of 16 brushes of varying sizes and shapes. 

The most amazing thing is that you get a free art sponge and mixing knife as well.

This the hottest deal on the market.

Get this one set, and you can use them for a myriad of projects other than acrylic painting projects.

It is best suited for art students or newcomers in the field. 


  • Strong Ferrules
  • Double clamped bristles 
  • Elegant designs 
  • 15 Brushes 
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Comes with free accessories like the paint sponge, mixing knife and a palette 


  • Expensive in nature

Get the Benicci Artist Acrylic Brushes here!

5. Mont Marte Acrylic Art Paint Brushes Case

mont marte acrylic paint brushes

Mont Marte acrylic art brushes come with convenience and ease.

Artists face many issues in terms of brush storage.

In the case of Mont Marte Acrylic Art PaintBrushes, storage is not the problem. 

They come with an elegant and unique case.

In this way, the damage is prevented.

This case keeps the brushes in the right position and prevents the bristles from bending.

You get a gorgeous zippered case with an ease to grab feature.

I usually use them when I am short on time. 

The bristles in Mont Marte Acrylic Art Paint Brushes are made from refined Taklon Hair.

Taklon hairs are synthetic fibers created especially for brushes used in the fine arts and makeup industry.

The wood handles are double-coated with clean resin to give extra strength and grip to the brush. 


  • 15 varying sizes
  • Elegant case
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Made from refined Taklon Hair
  • Strong shafts 


  • Taklon hair brushes are expensive in nature

Get Mont Marte Acrylic Art Brushes by clicking here

6. Artlicious Pocket Acrylic Paint Brushes Set

If you are a beginner in art, Artlicious pocket brushes are the best pick.

I remember using them myself when I was entering the industry.

I still recommend them to my students and interns working at art galleries. 

They are portable and do not occupy much space.

Bristles used in this brand come from nylon, sponge, and camel hairs.

This makes them the premier brushes to get your hands-on experience in art.

These brushes are also child-friendly. Artlicious Pocket Acrylic art brushes usually come in a set of 25 brushes. 

These brushes are of various sizes and types.

These types include flat, filbert, round, and many more. I got these high-grade brushes without trading a fortune.

They are easily affordable and worth it.

They are also very suitable for artists constantly traveling for work and art exhibitions. 


  • Safe for kids
  • Wide assortment of styles
  • Made with Camel hairs 
  • Set comes with 25 brushes
  • Wide variety of uses, sizes and shapes


  • Not made for expert use
  • For specified users

You can get them here!

7. E Boot Acrylic Paint Brush Set Case

E Boot Acrylic Paint Brush Set

This specific brand of brushes is the first choice of professionals in the field.

They are used for creations with precision.

These brushes personify superiority with their sleek looks of black shafts and silver ferrules.

E Boot brushes are designed smartly and are used for versatile applications. 

In case you want to strike an impression and give a style statement through your artwork accessories, E Boot can help a lot in this regard.

These assorted brushes are at par with other luxury paintbrushes in the market and have their own league in the realm of art with style.

High-quality ash wood handles are designed wonderfully with the true spirit of artisanship. 

Ash wood holds the bristles with the right stiffness.

This requires attention to detail to produce.

Most importantly, they are handmade.

All these are of fine quality.


  • Smart designs 
  • Oblique gripping surfaces for ease of use
  • Versatile applications
  • Protective tubes 
  • Fine quality 
  • Made for high quality artisanship


  • Costly in nature
  • Less affordability and access for beginners 

Get your style statement E Boot Acrylic brushes here.

8. Artify Acrylic Brushes Pack

Artify Acrylic Brushes Pack

These are the apt brushes for the broadest strokes to the tiniest details.

Artify acrylic brushes come in a set with a variety of different types of acrylic brushes.

These types include dagger, flat, wash, etc. Artify Acrylic Paint Brushes are the real deal. 

They come with a free flat brush. An exciting feature of Artify brushes is that the set organizer can be transformed as a pop stand as well.

This is what we call the full package.

Get your hands on this fantastic deal as soon as possible.

You will be amazed to hear that there is more.

You get a free art sponge, a paint-mixing knife, and an art palette as well.

I mean, what do we need more, right.

Check the link below. 

They are highly recommended for students.

This package provides the right value for money.

What are you waiting for?

Go and grab them.   


  • 12 brushes with an extra big brush
  • Wide range of brushing styles 
  • Set come in an quality case
  • The case can be transformed into a pop up stand
  • Free palette, sponge and knife
  • Made with non-toxic materials 
  • Safe for kids


  • Management of this set can be an issue
  • Not available easily 

Artify Acrylic Brushes available here!

9. AMAGIC Fan Acrylic Art Brush Set 

If you are planning to create some abstract water art patterns or you are about to create some greens with the best strokes, AMAGIC Fan acrylic brushes are ideal for you.

This set comes with 6 fan-style brushes with phenomenal merits. 

These six brushes are of sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

If you are in a mood to paint green lands and leaves, these fan brushes are the best.

They are versatile in nature and are very handy.

They are comfortable to use while painting on canvas on the easel.

These brushes are used for nail art too and other fancy kinds of art. 

They can be used for other kinds of paints as well.

The wood handles are double-coated to get the right sturdy nature to get the grip.

They also offer a money-back guarantee.

The ferrules are of the best quality to clamp the bristles tightly and prevent shedding. 

These bristles are refined from nylon hairs.

These nylon bristles are secured using high-grade aluminum ferrules.

In this way, the bristles never grow to lose and stay in the right shape for years.

This ensures their longevity. All these features make them the right choice. 


  • Money back guarantee 
  • 6 incredible fan style brushes 
  • Robust materials 
  • Long lasting and quality wood shafts 


  • Aluminum shafts can lose the quality by time

Get the right value for money here!

10. CP Art Acrylic Brush Set 

CP Art Acrylic Brush Set

There you go. Yet another amazing set of brushes with a variety of best-fashioned brushes for you.

They come in various sizes and shapes.

You can use the big fine brush for wider and long strokes. 

They can be very helpful when painting large solid areas of your canvas where small brushes can take a lot of time and can exhaust you in this regard.

I recommend you guys always look for a quality paintbrush, always look for strong and flexible heads. 

CP Art brushes come with the best quality heads.

They hold the nylon strands tightly.

The double crimped ferrule of brass ensures longevity.

These tightly cramped ferrules on the head prevent shedding and loosening of the strands or bristles.

When you purchase this set, your comfort, style, and ease is ensured. 

The high-quality wood handles are easy and soft to hold and provide the best grip on the canvas.

The shaft and the ferrules come in various colors to match your theme and style.

This makes these brushes visually appealing, as well. 

The CP Art Brand has also taken care of the maintenance and care of the brushes.

They provide you with stylish and secure zipper bags for these brushes.

In this way, the bending of the bristles is prevented.

You can stay tension-free about the damage of brushes. 


  • Money back guarantee
  • Value for money 
  • High grade Brass Ferrules
  • Durable 
  • Nylon Strands


  • Less affordable 

You can get these online here!  

11. Art Brush Towers Fine Detail Acrylic Paint Brushes 

Art Brush Towers Fine Detail Acrylic Paint Brushes

I remember once I had to do some miniature art for an exhibition, and I found it hard to paint them with standard acrylic brushes.

A colleague of mine recommended me the Art Brush Tower Fine Detail paintbrush set. 

I went on to purchase them.

After using them, I became a fan of these brushes. I aced at my miniature artwork exhibition.

These high-grade fine quality and sharp point-edged brushes come in a set of 7.

All of these have various applications in projects.

All of the brushes are clearly marked with sizes.

The sizes range from 000 all the way to 4. 

The bristles come from high-quality synthetic fibres.

The best thing about them is that the bristles stay intact and keep the head in shape.

The ferrules used are made of brass and are coated in chrome.

They provide a tight hold to the bristles and increase the longevity of the brush. 

In this way, the strands do not wiggle and stay in place without loosening.

The shaft is durable and comfortable to hold.

The brushes can be cleaned easily with warm water, and the head of bristles will stay in place.


  • 7 sharp point brushes 
  • 7 different sizes ranging from 000 to 4
  • Great for precision 
  • Double crimped ferrules
  • Comfort gripped handles
  • Multi-purposed 
  • Easy to clean


  • The point tipped bristles can be delicate
  • Delicate bristles are more prone to damage and change shape

Get your hands on this fine quality Art Brush Tower Set here. 

12. Art Advantage Acrylic Brush Set 

This is a set composed of 24 brushes.

This set includes 6 flat synthetic, 6 natural flat, 6 round synthetic, and 6 round natural brushes.

These brushes are not aimed to be used by professionals. 

This brush set is best for newcomers.

This set is priced reasonably and can be easily purchased by the students without spending a lot of money.

They are very apt to learning.

Although, many in the industry believe that inexpensive brush sets can hamper effective growth and learning. 

The inexpensive brush sets can create a very frustrating situation while painting.

However, in the case of the Art advantage Acrylic Brush set, the situation is the quiet opposite.

Although the set is reasonably priced, it provides the total value for money with the right quality. 

Many experts recommend the Art Advantage Brush set to newcomers.

There is the right balance in the materials used for bristles.

Half of the brushes are made using hog hairs, and the other half are made using nylon strands.

Both of the materials used in these brushes are sturdy in nature and do not shed.

The set comes with a roll-up holder case.

This makes the set handy and portable.

This makes transportation and storage effortless. 


  • 24 pieces 
  • Free canvas roll up
  • Protective coating 
  • Long handles


  • As these brushes are made with both natural and synthetic, there can be an non-alignment in results

Check out this brush set here!

13. Star Vast Acrylic Painting Brush Set  

Star Vast Acrylic Painting Brush Set

This is another set for the professionals in the field.

This set comes with well-assorted brushes to give you the right premier experiences.

The pack includes 10 high-grade brushes. 

If you are looking for a set of brushes, which includes every brush to complete a painting, Star Vast acrylic painting brush set is your destination product.

There brushes such as round, filbert, flat and many more. 

They can be used for other kinds of paints as well.

They are used for ceramic acrylic art and nail art as well.

What makes this set unique is that these high-end brushes are affordable.

They are priced reasonably; they come at 5 bucks a set.

This makes each brush priced at only 50 cents. 

I was just amazed after listening to this. Many other brands charge many more times for the same quality high-end product.

This is the right deal to take if you want the apex quality on a small budget.

The hair strands used in Star Vast brushes are not ordinary strands.

Hair strands are sourced from South Korea. 

The resilience in the hairs gives you the right stroke and keeps the brush head in shape and intact.

They are durable and equipped with the best shaft from top-quality wood. 


  • Premium bristles imported from South Korea 
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great customer care
  • Smooth application
  • Durable
  • 10 pieces 


  • Expensive in nature

Check the price on Amazon here!

14. Artify 38 Piece Brush Set 

Artify 38 Piece Acrylic Brush Set

This is what I call the one-stop destination brush set.

This 38-piece brush set by Artify has got you covered by all sides and means.

This set offers a wide range of brushes of all types.

These types include flat, angled, filbert, dagger, liner, etc. 

This wide-ranging brush set comes with bristles of all kinds.

All of these strands are of apex quality.

They are made from various materials such as synthetic fibers, nylon strands, hog hairs, Taklon hairs, and natural fibers as well. 

All of the materials are environmentally friendly and were manufactured, keeping sustainability in mind.

All the brush heads are perfectly clamped with a stiff hold of the bristles.

This sturdiness keeps the shape of the head in place and the fibers intact.

This prevents issues such as flaring, fraying, and falling out of the bristles.

All these brushes come in a roll-up wrap. 

This wrap is easy to carry and can keep the brushes in place.

This ensures that the bristles are not bending and prevents damage.

The wrap is made out of canvas and strikes a chic and stylish impression.

They are the right fit for artists.

It becomes a part of their classic dress code in a way. 


  • Lacquer coated wood shafts
  • Special canvas wrap included in the package 
  • 38 brushes 
  • Wide variety 


  • Management of the set can be an issue

You can get this 38 piece brush set by Artify by clicking here!

15. Loew Cornell Golden Taklon Paint Brushes 

loew cornell acrylic brush

Loew Cornell is a famous brand name in the realm of art supplies. It was established back in 1963; it is a US-based company.

They are very popular in the art community.

By the passage of time, Loew Cornell has established a trustable position among art enthusiasts. 

They deliver products worth considering for your work and exhibitions.

These brushes are widely known for their management of acrylic paint.

The strands in the Loew Cornell acrylic paintbrush comes from the famous Taklon hair. 

Taklon is a fine fiber produced synthetically.

They are of premium quality and remain in the right position even after years.

The silver ferrules clamp the bristle head tightly.

The shaft comes from the finest wood.

The polished wooden handle helps to attain the smoothest grip.

You can use these brushes for a myriad of projects with many kinds of paints. 

The Loew Cornell Golden Taklon paintbrushes are comparatively expensive.

However, they are a good investment.

Making a one-time investment in these brushes is the best decision.

The benefits and luxury features make it totally worth the cost. 

You can grab these luxury brushes and make them your style statement.

Loew Cornell Golden Taklon brushes are best suited for connoisseurs in the field of art.

However, it is not mandatory; all art enthusiasts can use them.  


  • The finest quality
  • Branded in nature 
  • Made with the finest and best materials
  • Taklon fiber strands used
  • High grade ferrules coated in premium silver 


  • Expensive in nature 
  • Not easily available for everyone
  • No affordable option 

Check the price on Amazon here!

16. Grumbacher Golden Edge Acrylic Paintbrush 

grumbacher golden edge acrylic brush

Another crème de la crème in the paintbrush family is the Grumbacher Golden Edge acrylic paintbrush.

Grumbacher is a well-known brand in art supplies manufacturers.

Grumbacher was established in 1905. Max Grumbacher, the founder, started the company with a humble beginning by making brushes at this kitchen table. 

It is a US-based company with its headquarters in Massachusetts, specializing in premium art supplies.

These brushes come in nine different sizes for multiple acrylic painting techniques and other kinds of paints as well.

These brushes pick the right and ample amount of paint at a time.

This makes them artist-friendly and good in paint management.

The brushes are equipped with brass ferrules.

What makes Grumcabher Golden Edge brushes is that they come with a spring installed in them. 

This feature makes them truly stand out from the rest of the brushes in the market.

I recommend you, people, to use Grumbacher Golden Edge acrylic brushes with the acrylic paint manufactured by Grumbacher as well.

You will be stunned to see the results.

Both of the products go hand in hand and create the perfect combo with collaboration. 


  • The highest and finest quality 
  • The most prestigious brand 
  • Variety of brushes 
  • Highly recommended by experts
  • Better paint management 


  • Highly expensive
  • Brass ferrules can get rust 

Check the price on Amazon here.

17. Da Vinci Acrylic Paintbrushes 

da vinci acrylic paintbrush set

Well, now I have the best of all and mightiest name among all brands, theDa Vinci.

The roots of Da Vinci can be traced back to the early 20th century. It was founded back in 1910.

This name speaks volumes with its vast range of high-quality art supplies. 

These products are truly the best in the game.

Why would they not be?

After all, they are manufactured by the brand named “Da Vinci” They great maestro of art himself.

Fine and high-grade material is used to produce art supplies.

They give you the facility of optimum acrylic retention.

Besides, the springing nature of the top-notch bristles gives you the best experience. 

These brushes paint our imagination on the canvas using different kinds of bristles.

The brushes come with a head armed with the Kolinsky Sable Fibers.

These fibers are partially synthetic in nature.

D Vinci brushes are affordable.

They offer greater value for money.

The same brushes in terms of quality, fiber, and materials are priced at around $300. 

However, you will be amazed to know that these brushes come in a set of three, priced at only $40.

I am just awestruck.

This quality of affordability makes them a renowned name in the art industry.

The fibers used in the Da Vinci brushes are sourced from sustainable wood.

This makes them ideal for both work and the environment.

That is the main reason that Da Vinci has been in the game for 110 years.

They are the real trendsetters. 


  • Made with the finest bristles available, the Kolinsky Sable Fibers
  • Affordable luxury 
  • Iconic finishing 
  • Value for money
  • Sustainable materials used 


  • No cons. Yes! They are highly recommended. Go get them.

Find Da Vinci acrylic brushes here!

18. Princeton Artist Brush Co. Acrylic Paint Brush

princeton synthetic acrylic paintbrush set

Another big name in the art supplies industry is Princeton Artist Brush Co.

The journey of Princeton Artist Brush Co. began 25 years ago in Princeton, New Jersey.

It was the brainchild of Howard Kaufman.

He started this brush-making business in the basement of his home in Princeton, New Jersey.  

Princeton is famous for its fine fibers and innovative ideas.

Howard Kaufman was the president of another big art supplies company.

After leaving that company, Mr. Howard Kaufman started his own business known as “Princeton Artist Brush Co.

Year after year, Mr. Howard Kaufman, along with his family and team, continues to create improved products by adding a tint of innovation. 

Talking about the Princeton Artist Brush, they are perfect for newcomers.

They are slightly expensive though, but they are worth it.

In terms of quality and durability, Princeton brushes are still the popular choice of many young artists.

This one-time investment in Princeton brushes is worth spending.

It can provide you a good value for money.

These brushes come with hog strands and are easy to clean. 

They are equipped with strong brass ferrules.

The brass ferrules prevent the bristles from loosening and falling off.

These bristles are anti-shedding as well.

They offer free delivery if you live in New Jersey and a minimum shipping charge if you live outside New Jersey.

Princeton brushes come in all types of acrylic brushes, such as flat, round, filbert, liner, etc. 


  • Prestigious production and best quality 
  • Highly acclaimed use
  • Anti-shedding bristles 
  • Wide variety of brushes 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Highly expensive 
  • For experts only 

You can get your acrylic brush from Princeton here.

19. Royal & Lang Nickel Short Handle Acrylic Paint Brushes 

royal and langnickel short handle paintbrush set

Royal and Lang Nickel Short handle brushes are the right fit for the artists not working at a larger scale.

These are best suited for people doing painting as a passion or a hobby.

They usually come in a set of 10. 

They are of various sizes and shapes.

You also get a shading brush along with the set of Royal and Lang Nickel Short Handle brushes.

The stiff backbone is the bristles that provide you the confidence in your brush and help you create accurate depictions in your paintings.

These brushes come with rust-resistant ferrules.

The black coated ferrules provide a tight hold to the bristles.

In this way, the brush head stays in position and the strands intact and place. 

Although these brushes create small strokes by design, they still provide the right grip and ease of usage.

They are mostly used for fine detail work and are very helpful in making miniature art and nail art as well.

They are being used in the realm of miniature art for more than half of a century now, and over the years, the art communities have trusted them. 

Royal and Lang Nickel has been effectually serving the art community since 1950.

This makes Royal and Lang Nickel one of the pioneers in the brush manufacturing entities.

It is highly trusted by the young art community as well.

Again, the brush is slightly expensive. However, the benefits make this purchase worth it.


  • Fine quality 
  • Acclaimed usage 
  • Best for small strokes
  • Stiff and best grip
  • Ideal for experts


  • Expensive in nature
  • Can be brittle in nature

Check the Royal & Lang Nickel short handle brushes here!

20. Winsor & Newton Monarch Acrylic Paint Brushes 

winsor newton monarch paintbrush set

The biggest name in the art supplies industry is the Winsor and Newton.

Winsor and Newton is a company based in the United Kingdom.

The company is primarily known for its Cotman watercolors.

However, their acrylic paint brushes, known as the “Monarch Acrylic Brushes,” are very famous among the artists. 

Winsor and Newton are very few art companies to have a Royal warrant and were established back in 1832.

This makes Winsor and Newton the oldest Art supplies company in the world.

It was a great collaboration between William Winsor and Henry Newton.

The company is almost Two centuries-old and still stands out in the front.

This shows the commitment to art and passion. 

The Monarch acrylic brushes come in various shapes and sizes.

This brush is the first choice of all the artisans in the field.

These brushes are equipped with stiff bristles and provide the right grip to your hand. 

The wooden handles are polished with the finest resin to give a smooth texture and make it comfortable for the skin.

These brushes come with long handles to make the work easy in case of big painting and large artwork.

The silver ferrules hold the anti-shredding and synthetic strands. 


  • Set comes in varying sizes and shapes 
  • Comes from the oldest art supplies manufacturers in the world
  • Best quality 
  • Premium wood used
  • High quality in gold 


  • Out of reach for many artists 
  • Highly expensive 
  • Not easily accessible for everyone

Have a look at the Winsor & Newton Brushes by clicking here!

21. Jerry Q Acrylic Paint Brushes 

jerry q acrylic paintbrush set

Finally, we have an acrylic paintbrush for kids.

These fine brushes are made from nylon strands.

These strands are known for better color management and picking the right amount of paint.

These Jerry Q brushes and other accessories are a visual treat to the eyes.

They are so attractively and appeasing, by their vibrant colors and fine wood. 

The long wood handles are finely polished to give a smooth texture and a shiny surface.

The brushes come with soft but tight ferrules.

The company makes sure that ferrule edges are tightly pushed inwards and stuck to the wood.

This makes them ideal for child usage.

Jerry Q brushes are not specifically for kids.

They are also suitable for beginners in the fields and artists who do not work commercially. 

These features make them ideal for all.

These brushes and other products from Jerry Q are very affordable and are readily available.

They usually come in a set of 12.

They are of varying sizes and types.

The standard pack goes for around $ 12.

This makes it only $ 0.75 for each brush.

This is the hottest deal on the market. 

These products by Jerry Q are durable in nature as well.

This makes them the ideal package.

They come in various themes of cartoon characters as well.

Although Jerry Q Art Materials LLC is comparatively a young company in the art industry, it has still made a mark and has established a good market name and customer relationships over time.

Jerry Q Art Materials was established back in 2015.  

It is a USA-based company but has a big chunk of international customers. Jerry Q works with a vision.

All the Jerry Q products are made from sustainable materials and are non-toxic.

That is why they are perfect for kids.

They come with all safety precautions. 


  • Highly affordable in nature
  • Ideal for kids use
  • Modern and aesthetic deisgns


  • Not available internationally 
  • Shipping can be an issue

You can find Jerry Q Acrylic Paint Brushes here!

22. Lor Dac Acrylic Paint Brushes 

lordac arts paintbrush set

I usually refer to Lor Dac as the rightly priced luxury.

They are of premium quality and are affordable too.

They come in a set of 7. This set includes 3 rounds, 2 flat, 1 filbert, and 1 angular brushes.

This brush is an ideal package in terms of weight and stroke variety.

Lor Dac is a very common brand name among art enthusiasts.

Lor Dac manufactures the brushes according to the right standards by the American and European organizations. 

This makes Lor Dac the best standard brush across the world.

The set comes in a gorgeous case and can be a good choice to gift someone.

The beautiful case can be configured into a standing brush holder as well. 

Beauty with convenience, affordability, and utility, what else we want.

I recommend Lor Dac to all art enthusiasts.

The brushes are equipped with brass ferrules, which are anti-rust in nature.

The bristles of the Lor Dac brushes are synthetic in nature and are anti-shedding.

Lor Dac is a trustable name in the art industry.

Lor Dac is widely acclaimed and used across the world.

Another great thing about Lor Dac is that experts design all the brushes aesthetically. 

Lor Dac takes immense pleasure in being a maestro in the realm of luxury products.

This makes Lor Dac the ultimate style statement of elite artists across the world.

You should not be missing this luxury with affordability.

Get them as soon as possible. 


  • Best standard brushes 
  • High quality case 
  • Pop up stand interlinked with the case
  • Anti-shredding bristles 


  • Expensive in nature 
  • Brass ferrules are prone to rust 

Check the price on Amazon here

23. Blick Master Bristle Acrylic Paint Brushes 

blick master bristle acrylic paintbrush set

Blick Master’s approach in making the art supplies is second to none.

They are one of the very few brands around the world specializing in quality stroke brushes.

These brushes were created to give you the ideal stroke and to never miss the mark.

These artist-grade brushes are made to last a decade in terms of their performance and longevity. 

All the Blick master brushes are created from a master mold, and all the fine bristles are installed by hand.

This is called the impact of handwork and the ever-lasting influence.

This makes Blick Master Stroke brushes the right kind of brand to pass from generation to generation. These brushes are here to stay. 

Blick gives you a lifetime guarantee for their Master Stroke Brushes.

The ferrules of the Master Stroke brushes are clamped with hand.

Thus making the brush extra strong and fine in the details.

This is the true spirit of artisanship. 


  • Give the best and neat strokes
  • Decade lasting guarantee
  • Hand-made and hand clamped ferrules


  • Ferrules can get lose by time
  • Expensive in nature

Check the price on Dick Blick here

24. Dainayw Acrylic Paint Brushes  

dainayw acrylic paintbrust set

Here comes the best of all in terms of affordability.

Dainayw Acrylic Paintbrushes are the right choice if you are tight on budget but cannot compromise on the quality.

They usually come in a smart plastic set of 12.

All the brushes are of fine quality and are of varying sizes and for different projects. 

They can be used with other kinds of paint types and are the one-stop product for almost all kinds of art techniques there.

They are priced reasonably, easy to use, and are child-friendly as well.

These are ideal for beginners as well.


  • Best for newcomers 
  • Set comes with brushes of varying sizes and shapes 


  • They might be that good with acrylic paints as the brand claims
  • Quality might be compromised due to cheap rate 
  • Less value for money

Check the price on Amazon here

25. Adi’s Art Pro Acrylic Paint Brush Set 

adi art pro acrylic paintbrush set

Here comes another ideal yet affordable package.

The famous Adi’s Art Pro brushes.

The smart set comes with 10 brushes of varying sizes and requirements.

The package brings in five types of acrylic brushes with some free stuff as well.

Yes, you heard it right. 

The amazing package brings in a free paint sponge, a little mixing knife, and an incredible paint palette as well.

This makes Adi’s Art Pro the go-to brand for beginners and professionals as well. 

They come with synthetic nylon bristles with sliver ferrules for extra strength.

They are durable, and their fuss-free nature makes them easy to clean.

The case can be turned into a holder as well. 


  • Set comes with variety of brushes 
  • Free things included such as mixing knife, paint sponge and an artist palette 
  • High grade silver ferrules 
  • Fuss free and highly durable as well
  • Best for all; professionals and beginners 
  • Ideal for kids use
  • Premium quality case 
  • Case can be turned into a holder 
  • High value for money 


  • No Cons. Yes! I highly recommend Adi’s Art brushes. Get them through the link below.

Check the price on Amazon here

26. Artist Specialty Shop Set of Acrylic Paint Brushes

artist specialty shop filbert acrylic paintbrushes

Here comes a brand that is here with a specialty.

Artist Specialty Acrylic Brushes is known for its iconic filbert type of brushes.

Filbert brushes are known for their soft strokes with neat results. 

These brushes are easy to clean as well.

The wood used in these brushes is Ashwood.

This wood is of premium quality.

Just like Christian Louboutin, shoes have the unique identity of having red soles and bottoms; the Artist Specialty Shop has brushes with shafts and handles of white color. 

These white-colored shafts are coated win clean resin.

This provides extra strength and lasting shine.

The bristles used in these brushes come from Taklon clamped by silver ferrules. 


  • Specialized Filbert brushes 
  • Custom ordered and made brushes
  • Premium quality 
  • Ultimate style statement for artists 
  • Designer brushes 
  • High grade Ash wood used 


  • Not for everyone 
  • Highly expensive in nature  
  • Not accessible for everyone 

Check the price on Amazon here

27. BOSOBO Acrylic Paint Brushes 

bosobo acrylic paint brushes set

The ultimate luxury experience in acrylic painting is rightly achieved by a 20-piece set of nylon hair acrylic brushes.

These brushes are known for their optimum sturdiness and the right grip to go. 

This makes them ideal for achieving precision.

The nylon strands are ideal for picking the amount of paint and managing it well on the canvas.

They are made for true art enthusiasts and the best of professionals.

They have their unique touch by being equipped with golden ferrules. 


  • Optimal grip 
  • Known for high precision 
  • Made for professionals 
  • Golden Ferrules
  • Visually appealing and smooth texture  


  • Not affordable for everyone 

Check the price on Amazon here

28. Soucolor Acrylic Paint Brushes 

soucolor acrylic paintbrush set

Soucolor is another credible brand making brushes ideal for miniature and detailed art.

They come with the highest quality of nylon bristles, making the pointiest and sharpest tip.

The bristles stay right in the position by golden ferrules.

These ferrules provide the ideal grip, stiffness, and strength for fine miniature art. 

They are used for nail art as well. The shafts by Soucolor come in blue color mostly.

The blue shafts glow brightly due to clean resin coating.

The role of resin is very crucial. Application of the apt coat of resin can influence the grip. 

Resin is applied in close supervision of the experts, and all the brushes are passed through various quality checks.

Soucolor uses high-degree sensory cameras to detect imperfections in their quality assurance scans.

This is called detail with sophistication under strict supervision.


  • Highly acclaimed for miniature and fine detailed art
  • Famous for nail art as well
  • Clean resin coated shafts 
  • Assembled under expert supervision
  • Passes through various quality checks 


  • Not affordable 
  • Resin layer on the shaft can be brittle

Check the price on Amazon here

I would love to tell you, people, now about the kinds of Acrylic Paint Brushes.

After knowing about the brands above, it is very important to know the types of acrylic paint brushes.

There are generally five types of acrylic paint brushes used by artists. 

The list includes their brief specifications and what they are commonly used for.

In the realm of art, the veterans are-uptight to using the right kind of brush for the right kind of art and keeping the desired outcome in mind. 

However, let me tell you one thing about art: there is nothing such as the art police.

So, make your ideas on canvas and hands-on experience without any boundaries.

Now l will start with the types of acrylic paint brushes in the industry.

So, without further ado, let us go. 

Angled Acrylic Paint Brush

The angled acrylic paintbrushes are also referred to as Slanted Brushes.

These kinds of brushes come with an angled or slanted tip to get the best precision and detail.

They are very popular among artists in creating the perfect curves. 

They are also used to make lines and shapes varying in thickness and coverage.

Slanted brushes or the angled acrylic paintbrushes are very helpful while working on the easel.

They are absolutely the right choice when you are learning to create shapes and angles while standing.

It can be used to create mixed art and a multitude of other art as well.

They are fun to use as well.

Acrylic Wash Paint Brush

Well, you ever look at the set of multiple paintbrushes, and you notice that there is a very big brush in the set.

That is the Acrylic Wash paintbrush.

Wash paintbrushes can save a lot of time.

They are used to paint the large areas of the painting quickly. 

Acrylic Wash Paint Brushes are mostly used for solid tones in large parts of your painting without any pattern before.

These brushes are very thick as well.

The thick layer of bristles helps you pick more paint. 

This quality of wash paintbrushes makes them the right choice when you want to apply a solid base or coat of color.

They provide the maximum coverage out of all kinds of paintbrushes.

They can also be used to pick up the excess paint on any part of your canvas. 

Flat Acrylic Paint Brush

This kind of paintbrush resembles a wash paintbrush a lot.

The characteristics that make it different are that the bristle, which are typically not as rounded around the edges, and flat brushes are not as thick as the wash paintbrushes. 

This offers more control over the brush.

These kinds of paintbrushes give you the best wide strokes.

They are quite helpful when you are working on a large surface of your painting.

They give the ideal coverage.

However, the problem with flat paintbrushes is that they are comfortable while working on a canvas on an easel while standing.

In this regard, the angled paintbrush is more helpful. 

Fan Acrylic Paint Brush

Wondering how you can create eclectic abstract water patterns, trees, and grass.

Fan paintbrush has got you covered.

As the name implies, they have a fan or round-shaped tip.

They are the best for painting greens, blending backgrounds, and skies. 

Also, they can be used to enhance the darker portions of the painting by adding refined highlights.

They can also be used in abstract paintings, creating long brush strokes, and choosing media journal art. 

Round Acrylic Paint Brushes 

These kinds of brushes come with a soft rounded edge.

Round paintbrushes provide you the maximum control over different kinds of detailing in acrylic painting.

The narrow handle design of this brush provides you the ease of work and control.

It feels like you are just holding a pen or a pencil.

It is widely used to create both the wet and the dry effects in painting.

These can help a lot in managing the flow of the paint as well.

Acrylic Paint Brush Product Information

D’artisan Shoppe13.3 x 3.9 x 1.5 inches12 ounces
My Artscape Detail Paint Brush Set6.69 x 0.2 x 0.2 inches0.064 ounces
Hearty Bay Nylon Hair8.03 x 6.73 x 0.39 inche2.08 ounces
Mont Marte Acrylic Art Paint Brushes15 x 6 x 1 inches1.15 pounds
Artlicious8 x 0.3 x 7 inches3.52 ounces
eBoot9.72 x 9.37 x 0.43 inches3.52 ounces
Artify9.2 x 4.3 x 1.1 inches3.98 ounces
Amagic12.6 x 2.48 x 1.18 inches5.9 ounces
CP Art7.8 x 5.7 x 1 inches12 ounces
Art Advantage3.38 x 3.38 x 15 inches12.8 ounces
StarVast 8.5 x 3 x 0.3 inches0.16 ounces
Artify 38 Pcs Paint Brushes13.9 x 3 x 2.8 inches12 ounces
Loew-Cornell0.7 x 0.4 x 8.7 inches0.8 ounces
Grumbacher Goldenedge12.75 x 0.58 x 0.58 inches0.48 ounces
da Vinci15 x 2 x 15 inches1.12 ounces
Princeton Series 63000.8 ounces
Royal and Langnickel11.6 x 2.4 x 0.4 inches0.32 ounces
Winsor & Newton0.27 x 0.27 x 11.51 inches0.32 ounces
Jerry Q Paint Brushes2.75 x 0.2 x 7.75 inches1.1 ounces
LorDac Arts 9.5 x 4 x 1.2 inches4 ounces
Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brushes‎24.38 x 11.18 x 1.02 cm68 Grams
Artist Specialty Shop6 x 2 x 14 inches6.4 ounces
BOSOBO Paint Brushes6 x 3 x 0.4 inches2.4 ounces


There you go my people.

I have shared all the deep insights about acrylic paint brushes and my experience too.

As I mentioned before, I have used all of the above brands.

However, I am going to say that please keep all the considerations in mind.

All the above mentioned are at par with each other.

They are unique in their own ways.

Please select your brand, keeping things in mind like what is my budget, the kind of projects I need it for, the kind of result I want to achieve and most importantly, value for money.

I cannot stress this factor more.

Always remember to look for value in money for the product.

Do not go for the cheapest product.

The cheapest product might not be the best.

Look for the value of money by considering the longevity, durability, utility, benefits and price.

Always consider a product in the long run.

This way of choosing the art supplies will benefit you in multiple aspects.

As I have provided you, people, a detailed overview and the brand choices as well, go on and make a wise decision.

Remember that the brush is going to help you put your imagination and thoughts on the canvas.

Make sure the product you choose is worth it.

With that being said, Good Luck! 

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