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27+ Amazing Female Body Painting Ideas with Pictures

27+ Amazing Female Body Painting Ideas with Pictures

If you’re a female and you want to add that fierce yet attractive touch to your vibe, getting your body painted would be a great idea. Here are some female body painting ideas you can try.

Did you know that 99% of the people that have gotten their bodies painted once are likely to get them repainted?

People, especially females who’ve gotten their bodies painted, feel it is empowering and doesn’t feel like washing the paint off anytime soon.

female body painting ideas

Painted Females

Body painting is a type of art in which artwork is directly painted onto the person’s skin.

People, especially women, are very fond of getting their bodies painted.

Unlike tattoos, body paintings can be washed off.

Usually, they last up to several hours, but after that, they start wearing off.

This means it’s your cue to wash them if you don’t feel like looking a mess of colors.

Women paint their bodies in all colors from the color palette for social occasions and show the world that they mean business.

Painted females give off an aggressive vibe, which is why women are so fond of body painting.

Somebody painting ideas are:

black and white face paint

Black and white face paint

body paint inspired by tribes

Bodypaint inspired by tribes

skeleton body paint

Skeleton body paint

cosmic body paint

Cosmic body paint designs

freaky body paint

Freaky body paint

x ray body paint

X-ray body painting

Body Painting Models

Sometimes getting your body painted has more to it than you initially caught.

Painted females do not necessarily mean going to a social event; sometimes, it means that the painted female is a body painting model.

Yes, body painting companies use models to showcase their ability and skill through their body painting models.

Body painting models also prove helpful in photographing diversity, culture, and different forms of art out there. 

In the media, you’ll see many body painting models flaunting their body paint ideas. You’ll see:

nature body paint

Blending into nature body paint

body painting clothes

Body painting clothes

color pop paint

Color pop body painting

intricate body paint

Intricate body painting designs 

corset body paint

Body painting corset

chromatic body paint

Chromatic body painting (See Kacie Chromatic Arts on Instagram)

wedding body paint

Wedding dresses

Body Painting Ideas

Many body painting ideas are lying out there for your body. You’ll find women painted as snakes, mermaids, and other beautiful creatures. You’ll also see women being showered in different colors to add an aesthetic touch to their bodies. However, if you have a creative mind, you don’t need anything else to spark body painting ideas in your brain – you can paint whatever you like; the sky’s the limit (or maybe not even the sky)!

If you’re a fan of glow body paint, have a look at some of these ideas:

skeleton body paint

Skeleton body paint

cosplay body paint

Cosplay body paint

mutation optical illusion body paint

Mutation optical illusions

serpentine body art

Serpentine body art

horror movie body paint

Bodypaint inspired by characters from horror movies

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Full Body Art

If you’ve once painted some part of your body, the chances are that you might consider getting full body art soon enough.

Nowadays, girls are more into body paintings than guys.

This might be due to their naturally creative personalities and to show the world that no one will bring them down.

If you’re a girl and you’re looking for body paint ideas, then here are some unique body paint ideas for you:

body painting clothes

Painting clothes over your body 

superhero body art

Painting your body like that of a superhero superhero

camouflage body art

Camouflaging with your background

body organs body art

Painting the insides of your body on your skin

animal body art

Painting animals and mythical creatures over your body

Body Paintings On Women

Mostly women go nude to get every part of their bodies painted; however, this isn’t necessary.

Only some part of your body can be painted as well, which would count as body painting.

You can get some ideas here

Many women get their bodies painted; instead of clothes, they wear paint and colors to flaunt their bodies.

If you’re going for entirely full body paint, then it’s best if you paint some clothes on your body.

You can paint your body using fluorescent colors to get a glow-in-the-dark kind of look.

Other body paint ideas include:

uv body paint

UV body painting

musical notes body art

Painting musical notes on your body

face illusion body art

Extraordinary illusionary face painting

landscape body art

Bodypainting landscapes

pop art body paint

Pop art body paints

Forms Of Body Art

There are many forms of body art, including body painting.

Other forms of body art include tattoos, body piercings, scarification, branding, subdermal implants, so on and so forth.

Body painting is a form of body art that proves useful on multiple occasions, including PR events, music videos, advertisements, fashion shows, and other festivals.

Body Paint Artists

Just like any other piece of art, you’d need a body paint artist to paint your body.

If you want to search for a body paint artist to color your skin, you should expand your horizons by finding body painters near you through Google.

Usually, a body painting can last 2-8 hours, utilizing a standard water-based face and body art makeup.

But there are several techniques for improving the body painting’s endurance even further.

Can I Use Acrylic Paint to Paint My Body?

You must never use acrylic paint to paint your bodies because it is not meant to touch skin and can prove extremely harmful.

You can use oil paint to color your body.

If you’re looking to find some paints for body painting, Amazon provides a great platform to choose the body paint of your choice. 

Body paintings, like any other form of art, are incredible pieces of art.

They show the world that you have the courage and are strong-willed.

When it comes to it, you can find many body painters to paint your body however you like.

However, when you want to paint your body, make sure that you’re skilled enough – you don’t want to mess up your art.

Optical Illusions

If you want your body to give off an even more powerful vibe, you should consider getting painted in a way that gives optical illusions.

Only expert body painters can pull off this technique.

Look at some of these incredible optical illusion body paint ideas:

mutation optical illusion body paint

Mutation illusions

nature body paint

Blending into nature body paint

face illusion body art

Extraordinary illusionary face painting

Close-Up Of Female Hands & Female Artist Hands

hands body art

On the internet, you’ll find many close-ups of female hands if you’re considering getting your hands painted.

You can see some incredible hand close-ups here

If you’re into lantern art, you can get a Chinese lantern painted on your body – yes, that’s an option!

You can get a Chinese lantern painted on your hand, your chest, your face, your body’s your only limit!

If you’re into painting hands, you can get your hand marbled by dipping into floating non-toxic paint.

Grand Prizes – Body Paint Festivals

If you’re considering getting your body painted and getting a grand prize for it, we suggest that you look up the World Bodypainting Festival.

At this festival, you’ll find many body paint models casting calls and there to compete for the grand prize.

Body Painting Designs

If you’ve been an interior designer and have looked at many double bed designs and are now bored, now’s the time you shift your interest towards body painting.

If you’re a feminist, going for a feminist print while painting your body would be a great idea; here are some great feminist prints.

The art of body painting requires skill and patience; it’s not a piece of cake, and painting your entire body with creative art requires skill on the part of your body painter.

bold body art

If you’re the bold type, you’ll find some great bold body painting art ideas over here, including quirky design with which you share a personal connection.

Like every other art, the art of body painting must be intricately carried out and designed. 

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque

Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque is a 29-year old body paint artist from Santiago de Chile.

She uses her artistic skills to good use through the art of body painting.

Her body paint ideas are both cool and creepy at the same time.

Her exquisite body art gives the viewers an optical illusion of the body tearing apart. 

She employs intricate techniques of body painting to produce optical illusions that are in keeping with the white backdrop on the body to appear to be lacking parts and ripping the skin.

It also involves some intelligent methods for photography.

You can look at some of Jeampiere Dinamarca Poque’s horrendous body paintings over here.

Different Materials Used In Body Art

If you’re going for a piercing or an embedding, different materials like stainless steel, niobium, titanium, gold, plastics, and glass are used. 

If you’re going for body paint, you should go for latex or latex to paint human skin.

These paints are very affordable and don’t even leave any residue behind, unlike other body paints. 

Trina Merry

tina merry instagram

Trina Merry (@trinamerryart on Instagram) is an American artist that uses the human body as a surface or brush for her art.

She is famous for her trompe l’oeil street art performances that use human canvases to camouflage into the surroundings. She also uses people to sculpt them into objects using a single perspective point. 


By now, you must have made up your mind on the type of body paint that suits your feminine vibe the most.

And if you haven’t already, we’d suggest that you don’t wait.

The world is not your limit; you are your limit – don’t let anything else change that. Get yourself painted, girl!