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100 Best Digital Painting Tutorials to Help You Paint Like a Master

100 Best Digital Painting Tutorials to Help You Paint Like a Master

When you draw digital art, it can help to do guided tutorials.

By using these tutorials, you’ll create an amazing digital acrylic painting, learn the right way to create a digital painting step by step, discover the best digital painting tutorials, and more.

You will enjoy learning to create a variety of amazing things with these digital painting tutorials. 

They are perfect for building your skills and enjoying some truly amazing results!

You will have a ton of fun learning how to create some truly amazing things.

As a bonus, these tutorials are easy to use.

You can just find one that looks like fun and get to work!

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1. Beginner’s Digital Portrait Painting

–For those looking to get started creating digital portraits, this is a great place to start.

You’ll learn how to create a digital painting portrait step by step.

It’s easy to follow and a ton of fun!

This is one of my favorite tutorials I’ve used with my tablet.

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2. Hair Painting Tutorial

hair painting tutorial

–Creating good hair is something that can drastically improve the quality of the piece that you are working on.

These digital painting tutorials are so helpful when it comes to getting started.

This is a fantastic digital art tutorial that demonstrates different rounds of how to paint hair.

3. Painting Faces Tutorial

face painting tutorial

–For anyone who has struggled with drawing face, these digital painting tutorials are beyond helpful.

You’ll learn some great tips on how to paint digitally.

4. Digital Hair Coloring Tutorial

digital hair coloring tutorial

–In this digital painting tutorial step-by-step, you’ll learn how to paint digitally color hair.

You will love experimenting with these approaches to painting and coloring hair.

5. Painting Digital Geode Crystals

geode crystal painting tutorial

–This is the digital painting tutorial set you didn’t know you wanted.

It helps you find the right brushes and everything!

This is a short tutorial but amazing one to teach you how to digital paint.

6. Eye and Lip Shading Tutorial

–You will love seeing what a difference this makes in the appearance of your drawing.

7. Digitally Paint Skin Tones

–This tutorial promises you amazing skin tones in less than five minutes.

You will be amazed by the results.

8. Paint A Digital Nose

–Sometimes you just need to paint a good nose and this tutorial was designed to help with exactly that.

9. Digital Eye Tutorials

–You will absolutely love the variety of these digital painting tutorials.

It makes it easy to find the right set for you.

10. Digitally Paint Hair

digital painting tutorial - how-to-paint-hair

–This is an amazing tutorial for creating captivating hair on all of your original characters.

11. Paint Cracked Ice

–This digital painting tutorial might not be for everyone, but you have to admit it is cool.

12. Paint Lava

–Sometimes you need to draw paint lava for a good scene. You can learn how-to here!

13. Paint Fire

–When you want it all to go up in flames, look no further.

14. Paint Long Grass

–To complete any beautiful fantasy scene, this tutorial has you more than covered.

15. Paint A Stormy Sea

–If you’re looking to put some serious edge in your artwork, this one has your back.

16. Paint A Realistic Bubble

–Bubbles can add some seriously cool effects to just about any drawing.

Give this one a shot.

17. Paint A Shiny Crystal

–If you are looking for something to bring a little shine to a painting, start here.

This tutorial helps with that.

18. Paint A Beautiful Tree

digital painting tutorial - paint a beautiful tree

–This is one tutorial that will make you wish you could step into it.

These trees are fun to draw and beautiful.

This digital painting tutorial step-by-step will have you wanting to paint trees more often.

19. Paint A Stunning Leaf

–This tutorial helps you to make a beautiful digital leaf.

20. Paint Blue Magic

–Sometimes your painting needs a little extra magic.

You can manage that here to bring a spark to your art.

21. Blood Splatter Tutorial

–As far as digital painting tutorials go, this is one every artist needs.

You never know when you will want to draw some realistic blood.

22. Try The “Luna” Digital Portrait

–Portraits can be hard.

This tutorial is perfect for helping you to learn the mechanics of it with a step-by-step process.

23. Digital Painting Process Pictures

–If you want to be a digital painting pro, these digital painting tutorials are perfect for you.

24. Paint Any Hairstyle

digital painting tutorial - paint any hairstyle

–You will love all of the amazing hairstyles in this tutorial.

They can give your character variety and depth.

This is one of the few digital art tutorials that show you an incredible hack in 5 minutes.

25. Feet and Shoes Tutorial

–Because let’s be honest, we all need it.

26. Beautiful Lips Tutorial

–This is for everyone who wants to make characters with luscious lips.

27. Hair Light and Shadow Tutorial

–Not all hair looks equal in every light.

You will love how this opens up your work and gives it more depth.

28. Basics of Hair

–This tutorial is amazing for helping you understand the general mechanics of drawing hair digitally.

29. Skin Highlights Tutorial

–Not all skin is created equally.

This will breathe life into your characters by adding more complexity.

30. Understanding Fabric Folds Tutorial

–This tutorial will help you to add a degree of realism to any artwork.

It helps you easily manipulate fabric.

31. Making Highly Detailed Hair

–This is one tutorial that helps you add realism to any hair.

You will love seeing these strands come to life.

32. Male vs. Female Eye Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - male vs female eye tutorial

–Sometimes you want to convey a certain look through eyes.

This can help you add femininity or masculinity as needed.

You’ll learn how to digital paint eyes in a way that distinguishes your characters.

33. Complex Mouth Drawing Tutorial

–If you are looking to paint a realistic mouth, this one is perfect for you.

34. Wolf Head Tutorial

–Wolves are amazing and majestic creatures that you should definitely be drawing and painting. Like, right now.

35. Dark and Light Skin Tutorial

–This helps you make sure that your characters have perfect skin across the boat.

They will thank you for it later.

36. Female Body Painting Tutorial

–There are times when you need to draw a female body shape, and this is perfect for it.

37. Cat Painting Tutorial

–You won’t want to miss out on this amazing cat tutorial.

You can make a cute cat to linger in any drawing!

38. Blending Tutorial

–You won’t want to miss out on this amazing blending tutorial.

39. Cloud Painting Tutorial

–Every good drawing needs some beautiful clouds.

These digital painting tutorials have you covered.

40. Elements Drawing Pack

digital painting tutorial - elements drawing pack

–These drawing tutorials are amazing for helping you to get painting amazing elements.

When it comes to painting earth, fire, air, and water, you learn how to paint digitally in the most effective way.

41. Crystal Weapon Painting Tutorial

–If you want to paint a cool crystal sword, look no further than this.

42. Practice Sub-Surface Scattering

–This is one exciting type of technique that can add so much to your art.

43. Jack-O-Lantern Tutorial

–You can enjoy this festive tutorial that will help you to make a cute pumpkin.

44. Cat and Lighting Tutorial

–Sometimes you want something that is practical and fun.

This offers you both in one.

45. Feathers Tutorial

–Painting beautiful feathers is a fun exercise.

You will love what you make here.

46. Paint A Magic Book

–Sometimes you need a little magic in your artwork.

There is no better place to start than this book of spells.

47. Octopus Tentacle Tutorial

–Not every painting needs an octopus tentacle, but some do.

48. Brick Wall Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - brick wall tutorial

–Walls are important for scenery, and this helps you to do it in style.

49. Digital Cupcake Tutorial

–If you’re looking to paint something sweet, this tutorial has you covered.

50. Magic Hat Tutorial

–If your character is going to do magic, they need to look the part.

This will help you get them there.

51. BB-8 Drawing Tutorial

–For all of the Star Wars fans out there, this tutorial is amazing for practice.

52. Dragon Eye Tutorial

–Dragons are amazing and terrifying fantasy creatures.

Their eyes are said to see straight into the hearts of artists everywhere.

53. Explosions Tutorial

–If you are making a good action piece, this is probably necessary.

Have fun making things blow up in style.

54. Line Art Painting Tutorial

–You’ll have fun bringing something extra to your drawings with these skills.

It makes for perfect painting work after.

55. Fur and Animal Nose Tutorial

–Get started with making pets in style using this tutorial. It is perfect for creating realistic animals.

56. Wolf Eye Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - wolf eye tutorial

–This is an amazing tutorial for making captivating wolf eyes.

This is great for wolves and any mythic beast you create.

57. Detailed Fur Tutorial

–You will love the degree of realism that this adds to any animal painting.

Fur drawing is a valuable skill.

58. Beautiful Bird Tutorial

–You can make a beautiful bird for practice with this detailed tutorial.

It is perfect for working on valuable skills.

59. Female Anatomy Tutorial

–This will help you draw beautiful feminine forms in a few easy steps.

60. Detailed Blending Guide

–You will love seeing how this improves the quality of your paintings.

It is a valuable skill to have.

61. Complex Shadow Light

–This will add so much to any drawing that you make.

These digital painting tutorials are amazing for improving your work.

62. Stick Figure to Full Figure Drawing

–This is one of those tutorials that will blow anyone’s mind.

63. Thick Body Types Tutorial

–This will help you to find the right size and proportions for thick figures.

These body types look amazing and are a ton of fun.

64. Realistic Hair Volume Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - realistic hair volume

–This tutorial adds so much to any character.

It’s a fantastic tutorial that makes you seem like a master at digital acrylic painting.

65. Color vs. Grayscale Tutorial

–You will love seeing the differences in shading.

This is helpful for bringing something extra to paintings of various styles.

66. Hand Variations Tutorial

–Drawing hands can be hard, but this makes it easy.

You will learn how to position them and create them with ease for perfect paintings!

67. Fur and Anatomy Tutorial

–You will love how this improves your animal drawings.

68. Head Lighting Variations

–This makes it easy for you to light faces from any angle.

69. Deer Girl Tutorial

–This is a unique character you will have fun creating.

70. Gamer Girl Tutorial

–Paint this amazing gamer girl with this step-by-step guide.

71. Galactic Officer Tutorial

–Enjoy drawing this fun science fiction character.

72. Archangel Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - archangel tutorial

–This fantasy drawing will help you refine your skills.

73. Realistic Eyes Tutorial

–This helps you paint eyes that look like they were photographed.

74. Paint Ghibli Grass

–For Studio Ghibli fans, this is a much-needed tutorial.

75. Simple Grassland Tutorial

–For your scenery needs.

76. Detailed Tree Tutorial

–This makes it easy for you to make perfect trees.

77. Glitter Tutorial

–Because sometimes your characters need a little sparkle.

78. Liquid On Skin Tutorial

–This is one incredibly useful tutorial.

It adds realism to any image.

79. Scary Jack-O-Lantern Tutorial

–You can have fun drawing this one and festive jack-o-lantern.

80. Strawberry Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - strawberry tutorial

–This is a great way to build up your skills and make something delicious.

81. Expressions Tutorial

–This one will help you to add amazing expressions for your characters.

82. Graphic Shapes Landscape

–Enjoy creating this captivating backdrop for your characters.

83. Pixelate A Drawing

–This is an important tutorial in the digital age.

84. Paint A Stone

–These are perfect for adding something great to your world.

85. Flower Drawing Tutorial

–This digital painting flowers tutorial will help you make beautiful flowers.

86. Gold Bangle Tutorial

–This can help any character accessorize.

87. Water Tutorial

–For all of your water painting needs!

88. Apple Tutorial

digital painting tutorial - apple tutorial

–When you just want to paint fruit, you’re covered.

89. Alcohol Bottle Tutorial

–In case your scene needs a drink!

90. Steampunk Device Tutorial

–Add something special for a steampunk scene.

91. Shading Gems

–Make your paintings sparkle with this one.

92. Candy Tutorials

–You can have fun making something pretty sweet!

93. Fruit Tutorial

–Make a bunch of delicious produce with these digital painting tutorials!

94. Flowers Tutorials

–These are perfect for making your scenes full of life.

95. Animal Hands Tutorials

–You can perfect your animals with these tutorials!

96. Hair Coloring Tutorials

digital painting tutorial - hair coloring tutorials

–Enjoy making great hair in any color!

97. Beautifully Detailed Tree Tutorial

–Make captivating trees with this easy tutorial!

98. Detailed Bush Tutorial

–Add this to your scenes for more detail!

99. Skirt Tutorial

–Enjoy painting the perfect skirt with this tutorial!

100. Coca-Cola Tutorial

–Paint the perfect bottle of soda with this one!


When you need a good way to get inspired and practice, look no further.

These amazing digital painting tutorials are here to help you refine your craft.

I hoped these help you on how to realistically digitally paint. Y

ou will have fun following these creative tutorials and making truly amazing art.

This is an excellent way to have fun learning how to draw a variety of different items.

Just have fun and see how amazing your work ends up being!

Also, if you want my recommendation on the digital tablet I use to paint and/or services that will help you grow your art business, go to my Recommendations page.

What do you like to paint?

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