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20 Sketching Ideas You Can Actually Do

20 Sketching Ideas You Can Actually Do

sketching ideasThere are plenty of amazing sketch artists online, but some of them are a little above our pay grade. Fortunately, there are a bunch of great sketching ideas online that are perfect for beginners.

If you are looking for a fun way to build up your sketching skills, look no further than this list. It is filled with fun and exciting sketching opportunities that are great for beginners.

I hope that with these, you will find a way to enjoy yourself and develop your skills at the same time. It helps that you will end up with some pretty amazing final products to show off to those around you!

sketching ideas - spider1. Draw A Spider

—Some people aren’t overly fond of spiders, but this is one sketch idea that is great for beginners. You can enjoy getting some good sketching practice while creating this creepy crawly.

It comes with a series of simple steps that you can follow. This is a great way to get some practice in. You can show off your amazing new talents to all of your friends and watch them squirm.

2. Draw A Butterfly

—If spiders aren’t your speed, you might like this tutorial more. It walks you through making a truly beautiful butterfly using simple steps. This is one that is not only perfect for beginners, but has amazing results.

Everyone loves a beautiful butterfly, and this makes it easy for you to wow an audience with one. You will probably impress yourself with the skills that you end up gaining from this one. The final product is beautiful, and it is even perfect for coloring. Finish your sketch by adding a pop of color, and you will be amazed with it.

3. Draw A Simple House

–Every kid starts with this exercise to practice their drawing skills in school. This tutorial is perfect for helping you to get to work honing your talents. This better twist on an old classic is perfect for getting started. I

t is a very simple tutorial for beginners so you can rest assured that you can do it. It is a great way to start sketching and make something that is incredibly recognizable. This will help you to end up with the right results.

4. Draw A Banana

—You don’t have to draw produce to produce amazing content, but it is a good start. Drawing a banana is a fun and easy sketch opportunity to develop your skills. It helps you to refine your fine motor skills with a simple process.

We all know what a banana looks like, so this will help you to find good results. Enjoy building up your skills with this simple sketching process. You will have fun and learn a lot too!

sketching ideas - hand5. Draw A Hand

—In the world of sketching ideas, hands are not generally on the list. This is one drawing focus that gives many a reason for pause. It is something that people tend to think is hard, but this tutorial makes it easy for you.

You can take time getting in the zone with this amazing tutorial. It shows you how to get to work and develop a useful skill in no time. You can enjoy impressing artists everywhere with your amazing hand sketches!

6. Draw A Daisy

—Sometimes you just want to wake up and draw some flowers. This simple tutorial has your back when the urge to draw a daisy hits. You can enjoy this simple process that will guide you to make an adorable drawing.

You can expect to find some truly great practice here. It is easy enough to follow, but also has a great result. As far as sketching ideas go, this one is perfect for getting started. Beginners everywhere will love this one.

7. Draw A Bowl

—This is one of those art school classics that everyone loves to hate. As far as sketching ideas go, this one is perfect for beginners. You will have a great time practicing your skills on this easy guide.

It is not only broken down in easy steps, but allows you to follow along. This is a simple way to practice sketching that can be very helpful. Whether you use it as a warmup or make it your daily sketch, you won’t be disappointed. It is perfect for anyone of any skill level.

8. Draw A Puppy

—This is one great sketch opportunity to expand your skills with. It is slightly more complicated than some of the others, but it is still easy. The creator does such an amazing job of explaining everything simply and understandably.

It makes it easy for you to create an impressive puppy without being overwhelmed. You get great results and can work hard to build up your talents.

9. Draw A Mandala

—Mandalas are incredibly beautiful designs that people love. They are also incredibly helpful for people learning how to sketch. If you are beginning to sketch to improve your skills, this tutorial can help.

It makes it easy for you to work on refining your fine motor skills without too much complexity. The result for these drawings is always something that you will post online. They are just plain fun.

sketching ideas - shark

10. Draw A Shark

—Sharks are beautiful and ancient predators that explore the sea. With this tutorial, you can find an easy way to recreate them in style. You will enjoy working on creating this ancient beast that will make any drawing more exciting.

This tutorial is simple enough for anyone to follow, but also offers some truly amazing results. For fans of sharks or other sea creatures, this is one tutorial that you won’t want to miss out on. It is perfect for advancing your skills.

11. Draw A Majestic Dolphin

—Some people prefer dolphins to sharks, so I want to accommodate that. This tutorial will help you to sketch a beautiful dolphin in an easy series of steps. You will want to focus on following along, but remember you can pause as needed.

This is one tutorial that will help you make something very impressive with a series of simple steps. Don’t miss out on your chance to have fun with this easy tutorial that is perfect for beginners. You can create something that is fun and exciting without reaching beyond your skill level.

12. Draw Some Skulls

—This is an amazing and incredibly easy sketching opportunity with fun results. You can expect to create not one, but seven different sketches in total. This helpful guide moves you through the process of creating fun and adorable skulls.

It is not only easy to do, but a ton of fun. You can enjoy making these any time of year, but they are more fun close to some holidays. Enjoy making fun designs in no time at all!

13. Draw A Snowflake

—Some sketching ideas are incredibly popular, and this is one of them. Snowflakes are beautiful and unique, which is why so many people love them. You can have fun drawing this winter art with a series of easy to follow steps.

You will get a beautiful image in the end that you can show off. It will provide you with a great way to improve your abilities and make something fun at the same time.

14. Draw A Teacup

—Sometimes it pays to start simple. Sketching ideas can range in complexity, but this one is nice and simple. It is an excellent way to warm yourself up for a day of sketching. For beginners, it offers an easy process and impressive result.

You will have fun refining your skills as you work to get the most out of this process. It offers keen insight into a variety of important sketching skills. It is also simple enough to do quickly if you are low on time.

sketching ideas - paisley

15. Draw A Paisley Design

—Patterns and designs make for amazing sketching practice. This simple tutorial is here to guide you through creating the perfect paisley. It is not only a fun way to pass time, but incredibly therapeutic to work on patterns like this.

You will love drawing this design almost as much as you like coloring it when it’s done. It is an effective way to get some daily practice with absolute ease.

sketching ideas - rose16. Draw A Rose

—Roses are incredibly popular and drawing them can be a ton of fun. In the land of sketching ideas, this is one that you will love having. Many people think it is hard to draw roses, but this tutorial makes it easy.

You will find yourself thrilled with this easy and fun tutorial. You will be absentmindedly sketching roses for ages when you are done.

17. Draw A Unicorn

—If you want to make something truly magical, look no further. Sketching ideas can be a little boring, but this is anything but. You will have fun making something mystical and wonderful by following this tutorial.

It guides you through a series of simple steps without making it too hard for you. More importantly, you will end up with a truly amazing final product. This is fun for people who are looking to expand on their sketching skills!

18. Draw An Eye

—This is one tutorial that you will love working on. It breaks down drawing a stunning eye. Eyes are incredibly popular in the land of sketching ideas because they are so practical.

These sketches can bring an element of realism to your drawing skills. You will have a great time creating this beautiful look, and it is completely easy to do. All you have to do is follow the steps and let your true talent shine through!

19. Draw Pikachu

—Fans of Pokemon will love this tutorial. It teaches you a quick and easy way to sketch Pikachu in no time at all. You will enjoy how easy it is to follow these instructions. This is one that is truly perfect for beginners.

Better yet, you can impress all of your friends with this amazing drawing. Making Pikachu is something that always works as a crowd-pleaser. Don’t hesitate to make this your next party trick.

sketching ideas - tree20. Draw A Tree

—This is one classic sketching opportunity that everyone seems to love. Trees are beautiful items that people love drawing. This easy to follow tutorial is perfect for helping you to bring life to an imaginary world.

You can enjoy refining your skills and working to improve your sense of realism while sketching. You will have a great time creating this simple and beautiful design.

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When you are working on improving your talents, it is helpful to take tips from the experts. These tutorials were designed with artists like you in mind to help you grow your skills. If you want to get better, the most important thing to consider is practice.

These perfect and simple tutorials can help you to follow a series of steps with amazing results. Finding something that you want to draw can be hard, but there is something for everyone in this list. You can focus on getting in your daily practice and make some fun pictures that you just might want to put on the fridge. Don’t hesitate to get started.

What’s your favorite thing to sketch?