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Can Skillshare Get You A Job?

Can Skillshare Get You A Job?

Whether you are a fresh graduate thinking to impart your knowledge to juniors or a seasoned professor searching to expand your online teaching career, Skillshare has got you covered. A lot of people wonder if Skillshare can get them a job.

Skillshare pays the instructors for their teaching services. The better your Skillshare classes’ content, the more students you will attract and earn a higher income.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online platform targeted at learning new skills.

It brings together experienced professionals and individuals passionate to learn.

Skillshare has been successful in its mission, with thousands of classes on a range of topics attended by millions of users.

The Skillshare has a low subscription fee of $8.25/month, which offers the member access to all Skillshare classes

How does Skillshare work?

The skillshare platform is a unique collaboration between instructors and students.

Compared to a fixed curriculum course designed by educational institutions, the instructors teach students based on their experience.

Practical learning is the secret behind its success. 

As the name suggests, if you have a skill and want to share it with others, join this platform today.

Other than getting paid for your services, you will earn a reputation from satisfied students.

This will give a head start in your teaching career.

How to teach online courses on Skillshare?

The process to start working on Skillshare is relatively simple and easy to do.

It begins with identifying your strong subject. You can decide on a topic based on your existing profession or pick a hobby.

For example, a businessman can give a course to avoid start-up mistakes to entrepreneurs.

An engineer can explain how to do a repair job, or you can teach people to paint.

As a beginner, you can first take online courses to brush up on your skills.

You can learn and teach at the same time!

After thorough research regarding your topic and the niche competition, you can make a video lesson plan.

Skillshare students prefer short online courses of 20 to 30 minutes broken into 2 to 5 minute pre-recorded videos.

You don’t need specialized equipment, just good quality video recording to demonstrate and explain the subject. 

Next, publish your online course, promote it to acquaintances and start earning.

What job skills can you learn on Skillshare?

There are over 25,000 Skillshare classes available now that keep increasing every minute.

You can even take an online course on ‘How To Teach on Skillshare.’

Your instructor will explain the art of effective communication through video files and the best techniques to design your online course.

All these courses are high-quality content, and these skills can be added to your resume to offer other companies.

There are four main categories on Skillshare, which are further divided into the specific subject matter.

The platform offers workshops that group related topics from different instructors.


Creative topics have endless possibilities.

You can learn to design and create multimedia content.

People interested in video animation can learn video editing tools.

Passionate writers can brush up their language skills.

There are countless courses to become a photoshop expert.

Fashion lovers can learn the entire process, from sketching to pattern making and sewing, finally putting up a fabulous fashion show.


Whatever industry you are in, business skills are essential.

You can learn or teach product management, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and freelancing tips and tricks.

People struggling with their business can discover ways to improve their customer service and pivot their business model to adapt to the virtual environment. 


Regardless of the ample time we spend on our electronic devices, we still need help when our screen freezes in the middle of a zoom meeting.

The trend towards digitalization is rising exponentially, and we can all learn how to use our devices.

Taking Skillshare classes, you can learn how to use all the features of your phone and laptop.

Learn to optimize your devices. For tech-savvy people, there are web development and software languages courses, even classes on game design.

You can study data science to enter into the research and development field.


It is a vast category where you can gain job skills such as expert level cooking.

There is a variety of arts and crafts classes.

Additionally, you can learn interior design, color theory, makeup, and grooming techniques.

Learn flower arrangements from a professional decorator and provide flower decoration services in your neighborhood.

Health and fitness is a popular choice by most students.

Online classes are available for self-help and improvement, increasing awareness and motivation.

You can study different languages from their native speakers.

Can you make money from Skillshare?

The best thing about Skillshare is that anyone can teach and earn money.

You don’t even need a paid membership plan to start training.

Skillshare classes works on a monthly payment plan plus an annual subscription option.

Each month, the revenue from premium members is pooled together to pay the teachers. 

How much do you make on Skillshare?

There are two ways to make income on Skillshare:

Teacher (on average)$0.05 – $0.10 per minute users watch
Top Teachers$10,000/year
Referral Incentives$10/referral

Online Courses:

The payment is based on the course you are offering.

The amount depends on the number of minutes watched by the users.

On average, a teacher can earn $0.05 to $0.10 per minute.

Teachers with popular courses earn $500 to $1000 if 10K minutes are watched by their students.

Top teachers make almost $10,000 in a year.

Referral Incentive:

Skillshare provides instructors with links to promote their classes and other instructors’ online courses.

Each premium subscription due to your referral will earn you $10.

Other than monetizing your valuable skills, you will gain confidence and develop your skills further.

You get the opportunity to meet numerous students from all over the world and gain an insight into teaching that is impossible through traditional methods.

If you are still hesitant, take a free subscription to learn a few classes and decide if you are up for the challenge.

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