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55 Free Easy Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners and Experts

55 Free Easy Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners and Experts

With the right Photoshop tutorial, you can make magic happen. Photoshop is the kind of system that has so many features it is impossible to ever truly master it.

Fortunately, there are some pretty amazing things that you can do with it.

I love Photoshop because it truly feels like anything is possible, so I brought a few of my favorite photoshop tutorials together for you.

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photoshop tutorial

Get To Know Photoshop

—This is a great beginner’s photoshop tutorial that is perfect for people of all skill levels. It provides a quick overview of Photoshop so that you can learn more about what makes this amazing system tick.

Make Selections

—As far as helpful Photoshop tutorials go, it never hurts to have a little extra instruction on the power of selections. This is a crucial skill set to have, and this tutorial allows you to learn about what you can truly do with it.

Retouch Images

—Though this might seem easy for experts, it provides some easily overlooked fundamentals of retouching. Whether you are just starting or want a refresher, this is a great tutorial for you.

Get To Know Photoshop On Your iPad

—The official Photoshop app for iPad is officially live, and this Photoshop tutorial is perfect for getting you started. If you are starting up for the first time or you are transitioning to the iPad, this will be useful information for you.

Open Images and Work With Cloud Documents in Photoshop On Your iPad

—This tutorial is amazing for people who want to transition from desktop to tablet. In this class, you will learn about the ways you can keep creating regardless of what device you use.

photoshop cropped photoPhoto by Louis Brassard

Crop and Straighten a Photo To Improve Composition

—Many people who work in Photoshop work on the actual look and colors within the image. This tutorial is amazing for showing you just how easy it is to improve composition with image manipulation.

Improve Contrast and Brightness in a Photo With Levels

—Some people find that correcting images is half the battle. With this simple Photoshop tutorial, you can learn a more creative way to managing your contrast and brightness in photos.

Sharpen a Photo to Bring Out Detail

—This is one of those must-know bits of information when it comes to Photoshop use that is easy to forget. Whether you are learning for the first time or you want a refresher, this will help you make crisp images in no time at all.

Save A Photo In The Best Format For Your Needs

—Though working in Photoshop creating photos might be fun, the technical side still matters. If you plan on using your creations for anything truly impressive, you will need to know how to manage your format. You can learn all about it here.

Select Separate Areas With the Magic Wand Tool

—The magic wand tool is nothing short of… well, magic. This is an important Photoshop tutorial if you want to do any true image manipulation.

Save and Reuse a Selection

—This is one of those Photoshop tutorials that tend to blow people’s minds. You won’t believe just how helpful this feature is.

photo using layer masksPhoto by Lee Luis

Use Layer Masks to Combine Images

—Sometimes the image that you need is multiple images that you need to bring together. With this easy Photoshop tutorial, you can enjoy learning all about this creative technique.

Use Layer Masks With Selections

—When you are working in Photoshop, it is easy to get overwhelmed by how much functionality is available and overlook easy solutions. This helpful tutorial lets you drastically improve your working experience.

Add Photos Into a Composite

—This is one of those skills that you won’t use every time but can be unbelievably helpful. Once you learn it, you will want to use it more and more.

Match Color in a Composite

—If there is one true key to making great photos, it is color matching. With this helpful tutorial, you can easily learn how to get the color right every single time.

Create A Composite With Blend Modes

—Blend modes are one of the unspoken godsends of Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial, you can learn how to make a composite using this fun approach.

Remove Objects with Content-Aware Fill

—Sometimes you just don’t want certain things in your photos. Whether it is that awkward person in the background or just an unsightly oddity, this Photoshop tutorial helps you handle it.

using healing brush to retouch cityscapePhoto by Konstantin Hopp

Retouch Photos With The Healing Brush Tool

—The healing brush tool is an amazing asset, particularly for editing on the fly. With this helpful tutorial, you can learn all about making quick edits.

Remove Objects With The Clone Stamp Tool

—Sometimes you just need to be able to keep the ball rolling in an image and remove something at the same time. The clone stamp tool might just be your new best friend.

Make A Polished Image Background

—This creative tutorial can clean up your images and overall quality. Enjoy seeing just how this impacts the look and feel of your images with a few easy steps.

Use The Photoshop History Panel

—This is a helpful bit of knowledge for any Photoshop user to have!

Bring Light To Street Photography

—Ever see people post amazing street photos and wonder how they got that look? With this tutorial, you can enjoy making amazing street photos of your very own!

photoshopped wedding photoPhoto by Vitor Pinto

Perfect Wedding Portraits

—This amazing tutorial includes Photoshop tutorial content as well as photography content. You can enjoy learning how to take amazing photos and edit them so that you have beautiful images to remember the big day by!

Make Your Photography Logo

—Many people forget that Photoshop isn’t just for editing photos. With this tutorial, you can learn how to make amazing logos in no time at all.

Turn Your Signature Into A Watermark

—One amazing thing that you can do in Photoshop makes watermarks. With this helpful Photoshop tutorial, you can make a watermark using a few simple steps.

Type In A Circle

—If you have ever looked at a logo and wondered how they do it, this tutorial might be for you. Using this simple tutorial, you can learn all about adding text to images in exciting ways.

Place Text Behind Anything

—This is one invaluable skill set to have for marketing. With this easy Photoshop tutorial, you will be ready to make a magazine cover all on your own.

Add Realistic Text to a Photo

—Sometimes adding text to a photo simply doesn’t look right. If you want to add text that looks like it is a part of the photo, try this one out.

tutorial of using light on dark photoPhoto by Daniel Tseng

Shine Light on a Dark Photo to Reveal Its Details

—This tutorial is a must-know for anyone doing photo editing. It can have a truly lasting impact on your audience.

Replace a Dull Background With a Fresh New Look

—This is a quick tutorial that will help you spruce up your content!

Make Your Photo Look Like Hand Colored Art

—You might not need this tutorial for daily use, but it is still pretty amazing. For the right project, you will love this cool look.

Add Smoke To a Photo To Create a Moody Effect

—Sometimes you just need to add a bit of mystery to an image. With this exciting smoky effect, you can change the look and feel of your image.

Create Dynamic Text Effects for a Movie Poster

—Whether you are making a fake movie poster, a real movie poster, or a meme, this is tons of fun.

Remove a Person From a Photo

—You might need this for general editing or to remove an ex from an old photo, but either way, it comes in handy. You will love how this Photoshop tutorial lets you completely manipulate images.

photoshop tutorialPhoto by Jon Tyson

Match Fonts From An Image

—This amazing skill will help you to become a better graphic designer!

Replace A Solid Color Background

—You can do some truly amazing things with this helpful tutorial. It gives you the power to make some truly impressive marketing images with easy steps!

How To Animate an Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

—Sometimes your illustrations just need a little more. This Photoshop tutorial gives you that.

How To Create a Poster In Adobe Photoshop

—You might normally just focus on editing photos, but this can take your process to the next level.

How To Create a Duotone Effect in Adobe Photoshop

—Some Photoshop tutorial content isn’t useful until you need it. Once you master this effect, you will want to use it in everything.

neon effect with photoshopPhoto by Sandro Katalina

How To Create A Neon Effect

—The modern marketing style wholly embraces neon effects. With this Photoshop tutorial, you can get your neon on.

How To Make An Animated GIF

—GIFs are all the rage for business and personal use these days. Fortunately, Photoshop lets you make them in style!

How To Create A Tattoo Composite

—You will love how cool of a skill this is to have. It is amazing how realistic they look.

How To Create A Motion Blur Effect

—This Photoshop tutorial is great for creating exciting images. The motion blur is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal.

How To Create An Underwater Text Effect

—Some Photoshop skills are a little cooler than others. This underwater text effect looks amazing. For the right project, you can make something seriously cool.

How To Use Photoshop Brushes

—This is a must-have skill for any Photoshop user!

Create A Web Banner

—Web banners are something that many people end up making at one point or another. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to make something that represents you well!

Path Selection and Editing

—This easy to follow Photoshop tutorial is amazing for teaching you all about path selection. You can expedite your editing process in no time at all with this helpful approach to Photoshop work.

Work More Efficiently With Smart Objects

—As you get more comfortable with Photoshop, it can help to improve your efficiency. Smart objects make it easy for you to get more done, and fast!

Adjust Perspective in a Photo

—Using this Photoshop tutorial, you can easily improve your photos with a few simple steps.

Add Creative Blur to Photos

—When it comes to basic but useful Photoshop skills, this one takes the cake. You will love seeing what an impact this can have on your photos!

fixing a group photo with photoshopPhoto by Court Cook

Fix A Group Photo So Everyone Looks Good

—Whether you are a Photoshop pro or casual user, this tutorial can save your photos!

Add Elements To A Landscape

—Sometimes you just need a little bit more than what you caught on camera. With this Photoshop tutorial, you can get the perfect image even if your photo is lacking!

Combine Black and White With Color In a Photo

—You will love the way that this amazing effect looks.

Adjust and Exaggerate Facial Features

—This subtle skill can make a photo of someone so much better!

How To Make an Embossed Effect

—In this Photoshop tutorial, you can learn this nifty graphic design trick!


You can spend your entire life playing with Photoshop and still learn new things that you can do. If you are looking to gain some new skills or just have fun, I hope that this list will give you a good place to start. Enjoy playing around with these, and have fun making great art!

What area of Photoshop would you like to improve with? Is there anything you would like to really know?