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How to Draw a Cheetah

How to Draw a Cheetah

Unleash your ability to draw a cheetah. These easy-to-follow step-by-step images will help you draw this fast feline in minutes.

Step 1

draw cheetah step 1

Draw 3 ovals. The first oval on the left is for the head, the second and third oval are for the cheetah’s body.

When you trying to draw something difficult, it is always easier to start drawing it as simple shapes.

Step 2

draw cheetah step 2

Draw guidelines for the cheetah’s face. Imagine a plus sign that is wrapped around a ball. You’ll see how the horizontal and vertical lines of the plus sign are curved.

Draw the lines for the top of the cheetah’s head and its neck.

Next, sketch a curved line from the second to the third oval.

Then, draw lines for the cheetah’s legs and tails.

Step 3

draw cheetah step 3

Draw the cheetah’s face, ears, and a little fur on the cheetah’s neck.

Step 4

draw cheetah step 4

Draw the cheetah’s legs. Use the guidelines if you need them to help you draw the legs.

Next, draw some whiskers for our cheetah.

Then, draw its tail. Add a little fur to the cheetah’s belly and tail.

Step 5

draw cheetah step 5

Erase all the guidelines.

Step 6

draw cheetah step 6

Draw the spots on our cheetah. Add some fur to the face and lines for the inner ear.